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Do you believe in this saying: The Past Always Comes Back to Hunt You?
Well I do and it's killing me -____-

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lol!!! Sometimes it hunts me, and sometimes it haunts me. That's why I try to make it difficult for people to find me online by using different emails and names for everything I do. :p

What is your past doing to you right now? o0

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It's hunting me.

1. The test that I took last month (feeling really nervous right now. Results just came out and I haven't seen it yet)

2. Two Exes just come out from their graves... <<<<< most hunting


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graves is just an expression...
after 2 years of no communication they just pops out
One in a sort of nice (weird) way another one is in a really cruel way o_O

My test stop hunting me :|

I hate it when I missed some opportunities. Sometimes I am really confronting myself like "Why didn't you say yes?" or "why not?" or "You are missing something great!"

I hate hunting pasts :(
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