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25 props, 168 posts



386 props, 165 posts

If you have more posts than props that's just sad.Don't worry I'll give you your first!

38K props, 5K posts

and just as quickly, it disappeared. :P

16K props, 5K posts


1K props, 458 posts

0 Props....I wonder if I diss you will it be -1?

13K props, 2K posts

I dislike you Zeon. :) Diss for gangsta and diss for you.

25 props, 168 posts

thanks buttman. a shadow fighter tanks4 da post.

1K props, 458 posts

Buttman there is something wrong with your avi. You should not take pictures of your mom and put them on the inernet.

26K props, 12K posts

Dude that was just mean.

1K props, 458 posts

Exactly thats just how I am.

25 props, 168 posts

you are so wrong man. why would someone make there mom have to cheat? f you Zeon the Stupid.
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