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44K props, 6K posts

Jay_Rawker: Are you interested to win a secret prize every day? Then make sure you let us know right here in this thread.

DarkAng3L: Once you've signed your name wait for one of us to tell you to start getting props, so that way we know how much props you started with.
(HINT: a good and effective way to get lots of props is to prop someone else. Most of these proped Urbaniacs will prop back, offering you the chance to win this competition)

Jay_Rawker: At the end of the day we are going to count (or simply do the Maths) to see how many props you've managed to get in one day and that person will receive a prize.

DarkAng3L: I am going to provide the prize, which is going to be different every day.

Good luck and start getting those props!

(This contest was inspired by this question and the following idea:

2K props, 306 posts

am in...

2K props, 442 posts

ok im in

24K props, 2K posts

I'm in

44K props, 6K posts

Okay, I'm wishing that this becomes popular as it was back in the good ole days.
Here's the deal: I'm making this tournament based.

Everyone that wishes to participate must post here or message me. I will pick out a winner every 2 days, 4, and 7 days.

If you are in the lead by any of these days you will get a prize! Then your total props you gained during those days will be recorded and for every prize day you will receive a prize as long as you stay on top. This is kind of hard to follow. Example:

If you are number one after two days, you win a prize and you will be put off to the side with the number of props you accumulated. These will not go up any higher after you received your prize. Now, every 2 days you will receive the same type of reward until someone else beats your record for two days. Questions, gram me or ask away here.

18K props, 5K posts

I understand perfectly. I hope this is gonna be popular!

I am in.

44K props, 6K posts

One mo thing, when I do the standings I will need at least 6 people. So if magic finishes his two days with a certain amount of props I can't give him a prize until I get five others to do the's only fair.

53K props, 6K posts up

20K props, 2K posts

ill play

37K props, 1K posts

Raise my props and maybe win something, sign me up.

27K props, 5K posts

I'm in I geuss.

44K props, 6K posts

Alright all of you should of gotten a gram.. Good luck.

Anyone can join at any time

13K props, 4K posts

I'm in!!! ^_^

30K props, 3K posts

ill sign up!

53K props, 6K posts

when does it end??

44K props, 6K posts

Hamo: you will need to get props

Os: you will know. It ends every 2, 4 and 7 days. If you win you still keep playing until your
Are taken out of first place.

44K props, 6K posts

One more thing, to participate you must behave. I will periodically ask love about every one of you to see if your allowed to participate.

20K props, 750 posts

I want gum!

13K props, 4K posts

Good idea Jay. :)

44K props, 6K posts

Okay listen up. i know i said to win you need 6 people to get a prize..i changed it to 5. but i added something else. the prize will be decide by the average of props of the group participating.

44K props, 6K posts

I got the standings for the first five people that signed up..


53K props, 6K posts we do now??

53K props, 6K posts

keep getting props?

37K props, 1K posts

How much is he leading by?

27K props, 5K posts

Os has samatha proping him so he's going to win. So yah instead of worrying about props im dropping out. I reached 10k might yesterday.

44K props, 6K posts

Yes, keep propping...

And os is leading by double digits....26 props
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