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Beatniks were a group of artists in the 1950's. They were non-conformists who used their art to express their emotions, which was usually against society. They were outcasts and proud. As the 50's ended the Beat Movement gave birth to the Hippie Movement. Although they were similar in a "hate the establishment" sort of way, their methods and dress were quite different.

What is an Urb Beatnik?!

On Urb, the Beatniks are the funkiest members on the site. Funk-Ahhh-Delic ALT is the main group for these members. The Beatniks on Urb are people who grew wary of the same ol' battle of good versus evil (although some of us still keep our allegiance with one group or the other). Beatniks aren't all good nor are they all evil, their love for the arts keep them grounded. They are often ridiculed for their free spirit and accused of being a Hippie but only the ignorant do that.

146K props, 22K posts

We are not Vigilantes, they too play a vital role in the good vs. evil struggle. All in all, an Urb Beatnik, like the original, rejects all conformity and plays by their own rules.

What's Funk-Ahhh-Delic ALT?!

Funk-Ahhh-Delic ALT: The ALTernative to the Mundane, is a group that was founded by Love Child and Afro Chic truly. We are a small group filled with newbies and older members who are retired Heroes and Villains. We pledge to keep Urbanville funky by participating in contests, Gallery/Chronicles submissions, writing in forums, playing games, etc. Most of our members rock the Beatnik disposition but we have others who choose otherwise. We don't force our members to choose our disposition, ever.

So if you're tired of the never ending battle between what is good and what is evil, maybe it's time to go to the place where the berets and sunglasses are free.

146K props, 22K posts

Come check us out at the Arts District and sign your name on our charter:

SOME famous Beatniks include:


Remember, Beatniks do it BETTER! If they ask what "it" is, tell them EVERYTHING!

I hope to see you soon! Even if you aren't a Beatnik, stop by my Hep Cat Chill Spot and HOLLA!!!

Remember Hep Cats and Squares...

All are welcomed to join!

Keep it Funky!

The Mistress of Funk

P.S. Beatniks do it Better!

P.S.S. I like to randomly prop Beatniks so if you receive a prop from me, you'll know why!

P.S.S.S. ALL of my urbo pods are for 1 urbo, so if you see something you like drop an urbo in the tip jar and enjoy your pod! *smiles*

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hahaha, justr kidding your one fat kat and I don't mean kitty

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Rack, Have one of MY brownies! You wont have any problem eating them with that monsterous mouth! lol!



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Beatniks arent the best. They're as equal as everyone. Sure all they do is paint all day instead of saving the world from villains who seem to prefer sleeping rather than doing evil but they're still equal...

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Guessing a Beatnik didn't paint your avatar then ManDude?
Unless said Beatnik was blind.

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Who knows I wasn't paid to paint it so I didn't.
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