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Not many people really know this but when I was on a plane from the uk instead of the regular nuts we received goobers in a green package. Which sparked the name Green_Goober and the 05 is my favorite number ;) so whats the story behind every1 elses names?

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Nice.What about Waltergut?...Na Im just kidding.

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Well its a long story. I grew up on a kitten farm and all we had to eat where small rations and we drank our kitten milk. I would wake up every morning at 6:00 and go milk those kittens until my fingers bled.

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I eat childrens souls

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That would be EYC's orogin...

P.S. I had a account but I accidentally used girl parts. As a newbie, I had no money or idea on how to get new ones so I got a new account and used a name so EVERYOONE would know my gender, ManDude. In retro-spect I should've picked EagleEye or BlazeWolf but oh well.

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@GG That would be EYC's orogin. Plus you said at the top of the thread that you got your name from nuts...

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Albatross is derived from my favorite epic poem "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" and the bird that he shoots. I am a sailor in real life and have always loved these birds that provide good omens.

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I saw the words ALTER EGO and I was hungry so I put Altergut and I thought it was pretty swelly name so I kept it!!!

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Dragon1 because I was bored lol. To be honest, I don't know the true origin of my alter ego. Fact, I don't even know how I got in this thread, I was playing one of the games!

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my English teacher got lazy one day writing my name down and put T and then the little 2 that means squared. so i made the most of the nickname since it stuck

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well mine was gogo_pcheeks _chito gogo is my cousin (we gave him that nickname) pcheeks was MY nickname and chito was my bros nickname we all put our nicknames

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mine comes from a football play called Zidane and the number 66 is random
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