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get ready heros for the time has come you wont know what has hit you. get ready.

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tsk tsk don't people ever want a nice safe town just tsk tsk but really a big tsk tsk to the beatkins i know i'm one but still i see them around but not in the fourms well i see them sometime

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I won't know what hit me probably for two reasons:
1. Usually my blood alcohol level is above the legal limit
2. You can't hit hard 'nuff for me to notice.

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Good plan...prepare a big surprise attack and right before you launch it, tell us to be ready for it.

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don't be an idiot we're gonna crush you

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hehehe.... Nice to know delusions never cease :)

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I'm surprised the Supa didn't do the famous zero crack all the villains have been doing. I ain't siding with the Hero's but I ain't helping the villains. I'm going to enjoy the show.

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As a beatnik you should be siding with the villains, as the heroes do work for "the Man".

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Who's "the Man"?

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you really are a Fool eh? lol

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I was hoping for a "You the man", but unfortunately you didn't pick up on that :(

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"You the man" 8*&@#*^#$&@$^&$^#&%^$358756427856471746712396rgfhdsagfhygyegefygyfgqw6

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blah blah blah.

This is really boring me to something, not sure what. But it is making my eyes leaky and it is very disconcerting.

Could someone please come up with an insult or witty come back worthy of the streets?

I really hate to say it, but I miss the Frizz. Goat help me...

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Goddess I'll entreat you to a witty comeback real quick due to the fact I don't usually come to the streets. Dude has your reading comprehension skills became that of a preschooler? Also I don't think that villains would pass up a chance to call themselves the man or woman if given a chance eh?

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I actually enjoy Fall. Cool temps, beautiful colors. Yes... heroes like Fall. Bring it on.

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We like winter too :) It's fun!

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Won't stop you from gettin your butt whooped!

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You're only/barely human!

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I don't need to hide it. *unzips* there's my love. and it aint for you. Princess.

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Ahhhh. Like Mr. Hat, and Mr. Slave from southpark.

You fit in well.

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Hopefully people will learn that hopefully is one word...


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LOL Funky.

Silly villains never learn.

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oh you wont know what will hit you it will be like you turning around because you hear someone call MrAnderson and then i punch you in the face thats what its going to be like except for all heros
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