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Getcha' smack talk on. This is heroes vs. villains, yall. Yell, whisper, sit quietly in a corner of a room and watch other people yell, we don't care. Just get to the smack talkin'.

Come on Hobbes! Get over here, Van! Where are you Dersa, DudeMan, all you guys?

This is a hero vs. villain smack talk room, and if you don't like it, get out.

I want some name serious name callin' yo! Let out all that anger!

Who wants to break the ice?

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I have an opinion that disagrees with a villains!

And, I posted it in the smack talk room!

That's the Heroes vs. Villains Smack Talk Room.

And you are CRITISIZING ME for saying something mean.


Let me say that for everyone else who misread this thread name as "My Little Pony Book Club".


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as for your slight deviance comment i am a villian deviance is and destruction are my thing.

so get out of my way or just get run over, backed over, and run over again.

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Is this the first time you have played a RPG?
You seem to be taking this rather personally.
Go take a breather cry baby.

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It's very hypocritical to be accusing us of being unheroic. Because surely in whining about how mean we are and how nice we should be, it makes you seem like a bit of a baby, and certainly not a high-class villain.

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Don't see how that is hypocritical, funky.
Heroes= heroic, good, lifting.
Villains= Evil, bad, degrading.

Therefore whining for not getting our way could be considered a villainous action.

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This is really quite funny.

Read Dan's last two posts.

He said in the first:

"I always wondered why that zeros like you never had a woman, now I see why, to much time spent looking down on the rest of the world in your self centered, deranged,diluetd sense of reality that you fail to notice there are other people on the planet that actually have emotions and feelings.

Thought you zeros were supposed to be building up self esteem and confidence not tearing it down ,thats what you bright and shinys are supposed to be doing."

And in the second:

"as for your slight deviance comment i am a villian deviance is and destruction are my thing.

so get out of my way or just get run over, backed over, and run over again."

He critisized us for being mean (in a smack talk room) and then told us distruction was his thing and he would run you over.

Finally, some actual smack talk, even though it was a bad attempt.

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you idiot you are all up in arms, and it took a few simple words,thought cowgirls werent supposed to cry.

you dont have to scream daddy will sit down and pay you a little attention until the football game comes on then you will have to go on quiet time.

well if you want me to read you the my litlle pony book to you ,go sit in the middle of the highway, I'll be there just to see you get run over a couple of times.

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Dude, do you expect us "zeroes" to be nice, loving, and tender to the villains? Of course not, especially not in a smack talk room.

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never said i wanted you to be nice ,tender, caring and what was that last word you used loving*yuck*, this isnt prision i dont want love form a man.

its just funny to see you get your feathers all ruffled up, now go stick you head in the concrete and think.

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Dan, that post was completely...

need I say it?


You just went hypocrite on us, and upon realizing you made a mistake, you tried to make a pathetic attempt at a comeback. I was obviously not crying, I was laughing at you.

Cowgirl? Daddy? I never said I wanted you to read a book...

Where are you getting this from? Do you have the same ammount of reading skills as you do writing?

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oh now you want to attack my education.

lets see you brought up the my little pony book.

I made the comment cowgirls dont cry it seems as if i am calling you a girl.

yet your feathers are ruffled so far around your neck you couldn't see that I was calling you a child, thats where the daddy comes in.

seems you dont have the reading skills of a 4th grader they would have figured out very quickly that I was being sarcastic, a very good tool in uprooting zeros.

yet you want to question my intellegence.

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For the little pony thing-

I never denied mentioning it, I denied asking you to read it.

I realize, with my 3rd grade reading skills, that you were being sarcastic. I just had no idea why you called me a cowgirl when it was not relevant to the conversation.

You do realize that even 50 year olds have daddies? You aren't calling me a child. You're calling me a person with a father.

I do question your intellegence, that is, if you have any. I want to. Because I know I have the upper hand.

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I concur, it is difficult to question the intelligence of someone without any.

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you have the upper hand, in your dreams.

well when you mentioned it, you implied that you wanted it read,why else why bring it up.

I understand I'm in a smack talk room,but it seems that you dont.

50yr olds that still live at home with daddy and from what I'm reading you are speaking from experience.

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Dan, you never mentioned anything about the person living with the daddy.

I never implied for anyone to read the book. I said:

"Let me say that for everyone else who misread this thread name as "My Little Pony Book Club".


A better way to imply for you to read it would be to say:
"You should read My Little Pony."

I was smack talkin' this whole time, I don't see what made you think that.

I gotta go, you and Funky fight it out.

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I can't be bothered to deal with his idiocy...

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fight with funky, there is not enough soap and water to get the stink off.

besides hes still waiting on his left handed whooper and you zeros need to be out looking for those counterfeit BMWs.

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I think I'm capable of figuring out what to watch out for on my own, thanks though.

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one could actually be yours

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I tire of this nonsense..

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My thoughts exactly.

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Can we end this? It's becoming a waste of time and finger energy...

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your a waste of other peoples air, do us all a favor and hold your breath.

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Actually, the correct word is 'you're'.

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thank you for the correction on my grammer.

I am expending to much of your energy, well I thought you zeros had an endless supply,guess i thought wrong.
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