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A Villain Family..Corrupt? Shocking? Who'd a thunk?
What other things have stunned you today? Snow is White? Water is wet?

Yes, it is like a football game..when the team of 3 is winning. To stay with the sports analogy, Watch a game. There are thousands of folks wearing the team colours, but only the ones on the field are actually the team. The rest are fans and supporters.
The heros have nothing's just a dry, empty husk of former glory.

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suckyflatball, give it up.

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The heroes have nothing left? Where did that come from?

I don't just mean family, I mean all villians, becoming a disorderly mob, just like vigis are/were.

Do I really have to go there AGAIN?
Are you hard of hearing?


You have waaaaaay more active, urbowaring vills than heroes. OF COURSE YOU ARE WINNING THE WARS.


How do we have the 15 and you have the 3? I realize you have 5 great vills in the top, but you also have the rest of the villian mass which accounts for the other half of your points. Heroes have neither because:
a.) I say it again, we do not have active urbowars players like the vills do at the moment because of the wins in the wars.

b.) Not very many of heroes are still heroes, because of the stupid vigis winning the wars.

So we do not have top guys in the wars or guys that support like vills do at the moment

Do you get the point? This isn't about the wars! Read this again before reply...

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what is it about then?

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It started out about wars, but i've had to repeat myself at least a thousand times...I tried to move off the subject but Mr. Montgomery here was apparently wanting to stay there...

This is about why heroes=zeros or not, and it was a conversation between Van and Dan, then Montgomery came in and started on about the wars, and so after proving my point, Dan and Van should be going back at it again soon. So I was just kinda waiting for them to jump back I just already said what needed to be said, and he kept bringing up the wars...this isn't about the wars, we're done with wars. Van and Dan...come out come out where ever you are

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I will credit him for that, it's not about the wars. The Urbos war are just a reflection of the total picture.
You also proved my point for me.
Heros are a husk. You said yourself, most bailed out. For the sake of this conversation, discount the masses of Dispo jumpers.
Take just the top 10 or so of each Dispo (not just war, overall). There's nothing left of the hero Dispo. Slow Forums, no warriors, no crews, and the HA is in worse shape than the LoS and Family were.

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the wars are applicable to not be in first after your little cheerleader, hoobes, was running his suck all over the forums.

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wow melon, your posts are progressively making less and less sense.

Montgomery, sadly, yes, the hero dispo is not in very good shape. But the remaining heroes are quality, not quantity.

Vills also had a lot of bailers, too though. Now that they won the wars the unfaithful vigis are hopping back on the bad guy bandwagon.

I am a faithful hero, always have been, I am not going to bail out now but rebuild what was lost.

You can't deny we have some good heroes, but the hero dispo, like the vills and others, was wrecked because of vigis. Now villians are rebuilding because of wars success. That's why I don't like the wars.

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30 days on here and you don't like the wars? or are you a multi-accounter?

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It always comes back to the age thing...

Yes, in fact I am. Not in the bad way you think.

I had an old account I used a lot about 2 or 3 years ago, had some fun, but got off for a huge chunk of time. Wanted to get on, but my stats stunk for the ammount of time I had played. So, I created a new account. I do not use the old account anymore.

I don't like the wars for that reason : they all want a stupid prize, all switch around dispos like there's no tomoro.

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I think we've hit common ground here. There is a solid, steady core in each Dispo. Some of that core has gone inactive for various reasons, not all related to the site.
I started with the Villain and will stay there, regardless. They helped to make me what I am. If I did change Dispo, I'd feel obligated to start a new account and let this one fall fallow.

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Dearest Kampo,
Yes, I am 100% aware that I am a vigilante, if you would have read ahead you would have seen the conversation...

Heroes do have a core, which is faithful heroes. But the outside of this core, that is where the jumpers come in. And you expect some jumping. But mass amounts of jumping can really "wreck" a group, and by that I mean drop numbers very low, lose lots of activity, become less and less known, and become a big joke around here. And no one wants their dispo to go thru that.

P.S. I am also completely aware of that, we were talking about mainly past months as the vigilantes rose to the top.

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Look, I'll save you the hard work of reading back,

I am a hero, I accidentally selected vigilante, but now because of the wars I cannot change my disposition. I am a hero. Always have been always will be.


PS. Don't call me a dispo jumper, it really was an accident

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Dearest Kampo,

I'm sure you read ahead and were just "trying to get the point across"...I just thought that no one would say "You do realize you called yourself stupid" or "Again you do realize you are a vigilante right?"
if they had read ahead. But maybe that's just me.

I never said that vigilantes were this giant hero problem, we were talking about how the wars have made vigils a lot greater in number, and that some of the once strong heroes have switched their disposition. It has actually happened to every disposition throughout Urbanville, but I feel as if heroes were hit hard by this.

No, I am not blaming a fall of heroes because of urbowars, not all of this fall is because of it. You know how the cycle goes, some people quit playing, some join. It usually evens out, but sometimes too many leave/join, causing a big up/down.

Vigilantes are a group of individuals, that's why I called the jumpers vigils, a large group became vigils recently.

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Ps. The reason I said don't call me a dispo jumper was not because you had, but warning you not to in the future.

Most of the time I tell everyone I am not purposely a vigilante, they tend to think I became a vigil on purpose and then wanted to switch dispos to a hero.

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1. O sorry I misread what you said.

2. I did say that, I don't deny it, but if you read what I said, it wasn't a huge problem. But it is a problem.

3. :D I am aware am an individual...
And if you would have read would I said, I was speaking about the past and how vigils were the current popular dispo then.
I keep up with the wars, not many vigils are now heroes compared to villains.

This is kinda like arguing with a stump. You keep bringing up the same thing I already talked about. It's an echo. I'm leaving the thread, don't bother writing back

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ok heres an arguement we all need to make across all dispos, this could be the last urbo-wars then what how are we going to make the dispos stronger if there is dispo jumping because of the wars then what would happen if they cut it out all together or maybe hold it once a year then what all we would have is basically the forums battles and assults and games and not a true interactive site,which is basically what the forums are all about,and from what I have seen reading into the beginning of this site in the forums ,very few have lived up to the sites true nature have fun, make friends ,so be it enemys as well but at all times stay funky and back to the point zeros=heros its just that it seems the zeros bail when most needed, letting us villians to run around and it doesnt look like the kamorons can stop us either

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Haha, I told myself I wouldn't post here again, but I can't help myself.

Now that I think about it, I know that when I repeat myself yet again, you will somehow try to rephrase the question and lecture me about something I have already talked about in a post again. I'm just gonna save my breath...

Are you honestly even reading my posts?

I already said that I...okay, okay, I'm stopping. It's not worth wasting the breath. Err..fingers, since I'm typing...Read back over your post then read mine.


I beg of you.

Not really.

This time I'm seriously not posting here again.


Ps. I would appreciate if you did not say "what the hell" in public

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Why heroes = Zero Very simple, if you're not a villain you're just another victim

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Unless of course, you're a hero and protect the innocent from villains!

Wow.. I go away for a couple of days and everyone forgets how to role play? LOL

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protect the innocent sure looked like you was beating up the laws the other day their supposedly innocent beating them up for bringing back a sidekick or putting flowers in a yard*yuck* and then you beat em up how is that protecting the innocent they were doing their civic duty, me on the other hand I catch them planting a flower in my yard, I run them and the flower over with my riding lawnmower then rinse it off with my nieghbors waterhose

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oh and kampo the villians becoming the new vigis never you fence sitters can stay where your at eating our dust were still spreading chaos and destruction while you all just watch
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