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OK this is the new face crew thread. The other one was getting crowded so post in here instead of the other one.

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What job?

I haven't gone to my work for days now. -_-

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Taj Tours :) They paid me aswell. My high school said they aren't allowed to pay me :P

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lol I had to do work experience at a very boring place -.-
The only thing I done was shred paper and go through files.

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Is it?? I had to file travel invoices most of the time. It was quite boring. However, I learnt a few new things and gained new skills. (Y)

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I havn't done my work experience yet, thats next year though my brother has.
He had to work in a Primary school teaching basic engineering since the place he wanted to go doesn't accept students for work experience anymore. He got there and ended up doing all the paper work and not teaching. Fail much, but oh well.

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Hiya ^_^

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So how bout them Patriots?

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Can i join?????????????????????

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*kicks over a bin... Then runs*

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*Pulls Ultra's Shirt*

You won't get away!


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Guess Who.

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No reply in over a year. I feel sad

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now thers 2

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This is awkward.

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I wanna join

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ooh, ooh, me too, me too

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sure guys, u can join.
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