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My fellow Urbaniacs, I have been inspired.
Some of you may be aware of an event called "National Novel Writing Month", wherein hundreds of thousands of particpants around the Globe write a 50,000 word novella within the span of a month.
After talking with some influential person(s), we have come up with an idea for an "Urbanville Short Story Writing Month". As a form of contest.

Heres how it works: Myself and a number of other judges (Who shall remain un-named to prevent cries of favouritisim and bribes) shall act as judges.

You, the dear particpants, will lovingly scribe for us one short story of at least twenty thousand words and send it to

Deadline is April 1st, 2009.
Entries will be graded on spelling and grammar, quality of work, and relation to Urbaniacs and Urbanville.
I look foward to looking at your fully flexed creative muscles!


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I might enter this contest

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Great contest Thanatos! Good luck everyone!

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I may have been remiss in the original post.

You see, I didn't mention that there was a fabulous PRIZE!For the winner.

Also, it would do my poor, unlovable heart good if you would please.
Post your intent to participate, here.

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Short stories of 20,000 words? MORON! I shall show you the award-winning SHORT STORY of all TIME:



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Please - I did that in two weeks. Then Cirucumstances have conspired to keep me from finishing my fifty thousand within the one month period.

I'm going to have to give that entry a 1/100. Your spelling is impeccable, but you lack a beginning, and middle, believable, sympathetic characters (or any characters at all, for that matter).

Twenty thousand words is the minimum.
Also, you lack puncuation at the end of your sentance, there, in addition to a subject.
Oh, and watch your capitalisation.
And while your story could, convievably be urbaniacs-related, there is no way to ascertain that for sure.

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It took you TWO WEEKS to copy my story? DOUBLE FOOL MORON STUPIDO x 2! Bwah ha ha ha!

Here's my ABSOLUTE KOOL sequel:

"The ABSOLUTE KOOL, Henchling Kelvin, wrote a story with a minimum of twenty thousand words. It was SO KOOL that all of Goatville CHILLED OUT. And then Thanatos5150 was eaten by kobolds. THE END"


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Kobolds ate my baby! I hear that is a very fun system.

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Hmm, I might join. Guess I need to start writing.

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Well, this is unfortunate.

I'm sitting here on April Third, 2009 AD (+9GMT), and am seeing absolutely no entries posted.
Looks like this was a crash & burn.
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