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show our respect to the people who died in 9/11 say a special prayer. If you know someone that died we will all blass them.

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No disrespect intended to anyone as I nearly lost a dear family member that day, but why is this one particular day so "special"? There have been other 'attacks', yet Americans moved past those within a year or two, yet this one, we dwell on for many years--it's practically running our country and lives anymore!

Honestly, I'm tired of '9/11'. Why don't we hear about Columbine anymore? Or, how about World War events that cost many MORE lives than 9/11? Hurricane Katrina was more recent, took lives, and ruined hundreds more, yet it isn't mentioned nearly as much as that one day in September. Does anyone recall the Olympic Park Bombing? Timothy McVeigh anyone?

This isn't the only time that Americans have had an attack of one sort or another. How long will we dwell on the past?

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Let's try to keep this from becoming political or it will have to be deleted...

However, to answer Sykick, every single time our country has ever been attacked in a major way it becomes a permanent memorial. Ever heard the phrase "Remember the Alamo"? You think Pearl Harbor is famous because it's pretty? You know what the national anthem is about, right? 9/11 is remembered (and will be for a LONG time) because it was the largest attack on the continental US in history (to say nothing of how it permanently changed the country's view of the world, and all fellow NY's psychies).

That's why. The other things aren't forgotten, but they didn't affect the world in such a drastic manner. This isn't about the past, but remembering so the future hopefully won't ever see such a horror again.

Yeah, I lived in Manhattan, and yeah I knew people that were lost.

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I saw it on TV
I'm so glad England have never experienced anything like that.

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sorry guys:(

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It's ok dogman.... it's just a difficult subject for this type of site. I appreciate the fact that you wanted to say something positive to honor those who fell.

Let's think about all the innocents and those who try to protect them who have fallen all over the world. As opposed to Urb where we're all just having fun (villains included hehehe...), true evil does exist and is actively trying to destroy good in the world.

Thankfully Urb is free from that and keeps it FUNKY!

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haha ok

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Katrina was a natural disaster sy, two diffrent things, I lived in N.Y. for 26 years, with a direct view of the towers from the roof of my house and my job, and on plenty occasions i was next to them, september 11th was the pearl harbor of our time. the people in the buildings, the cops the firefighters, amd ems personel that we lost that day was a sin to say the least, i could go on for days about this, the pentagon, and the flight that faught back, but i will end this post with this.
May they all rest in peace.

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I honestly think that people do not realize exactly how many people it effected.Not only the people who lived there, or had family there. But how many people know what happened to military and their families all over? It effected alot more than just the people at ground zero.
I was near Ft Hood, Texas (largest military base in the free world) and I can tell you life has never been the same there since. And there was thousands of children (and spouses)who did not see 1 or more of their parents (or loved ones)for many nights afterwards..
There were many young soldiers who never thought they would live to see a war, sitting on tarmack with all their gear loaded, wondering where they were going and if they would ever make it back home.
Anyone ever think of those people? 9-11 affected alot more people then most realize.

Yes I do think some of it has been publicized too much and some parts I think not enough. I will always remember the night before and the day of 9-11 as long as I live

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9/11 Was Very Bad.
Not Funny At All Very Sad.

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I Agree.

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Yes it was bad but to talk about it would help the healing process.
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