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By definition, a nomad is a person with no fixed residence who roams about; a wanderer.

Traditionally, nomads would wander about in search of food and water.

On urbaniacs, I like to think of nomads as doing whatever it takes to survive. Nomads do their own thing. They don't have to get involved with the hero vs villain struggle. Unlike vigilantes, they don't always care about doing the right thing or punishing wrongdoers. All nomads care about is nomads. There is no code and no rules.

Some people think nomads are loners. That is not necessarily true. In fact, most nomads travel in groups. In order to survive, help is often needed. Some nomads can choose to be loners, but most do not.

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its funny how you explain to EVERYONE who a nomad is because they arent very known or thought about...

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I think about Nomads becuz of their diminishing numbers and who rare they are!
I give u Props Thing

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iced how is it funny? maybe people want to know.

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Nomads aren't the only ones that people don't understand. Many people don't have a clue what a Beatnik is, either. And, a good number of people have the WRONG idea of what a Vigilante is.

It's not that Nomads aren't "thought about"; it's that people simply don't know what it is. Nothing funny about that nor TheThing educating people.

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I'll bump this back up.

The newbies look for information about the site, and that is what this thread is for. Threads about beatniks and vigilantes would be useful also. Everyone knows what a hero is and what a villain is, but we already have threads about them anyway...

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Hmm... Hadn't thought about a thread about Vigis. If you don't mind someone copying your idea, I'm going to post one. ;)

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wow what an explains THX

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Well Urbaniacs definition of Nomad is the biggest band in Urbanville. Their distinct style is commonly known as "Punk Funk". Punk Funk is a wicked blend of Punk, Hip Hop, and Funk. Led by their fearless lead singer Terrible Erratic Bloke, and backed up by band members John, Maj, and Kutter, you can hear some of their wicked beats as you explore your way around Urbanville.

Well im a band member and a nomad lol.

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Nice find, John. I believe the Urbaniacs definition you are talking about is for the band NOMAD, not the dispo nomad.

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Im a nomad!!!!!!!!!!

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Means freedom

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How do I become a nomad

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Nvm found out
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