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This is for a project in my English class... It is not necessarily done, but I thought I would post it here for Urbaniacs to review.

If you have read Of Mice and Men, you will appreciate this poem more. If you haven't, it might be a slight SPOILER.

It will take up more than a few posts, but here it is:

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Two men who walk a road long treaded
Miles from where they're meant to go
Quite farther gone from where they're headed
A state that man has grown to know

Their eyes shine bright all through the night
Of stormy dusk and Doubt
You would agree, it's quite a site
To see these men about

They aren't alone
But solitude is quite well known
By this daring, dreaming duo
That so far from home has flown

Now they arrive
At a town where Doubters thrive
On killing others dreams,
Before they can truly live

All the Doubters often stare
At their dreams and careful care
Thinking it a foolish quest
'Till One bothers to request

"Is it true?
Do you stock your happiness in dreams of fortunes that are lies?
How unwise!"
And here one dreamer now replies:

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"How unwise?
Take a look with open eyes
No, look closer, once again
It's the only chance we're given to remove our lives of pain."

The man then thought,
How carefully their dream was wrought
And how his own few dreams had died
So he replied,

"Wait then, old friend
Would you leave me to such a gruesome end?
May I please hitch such a ride
On your dreams, for mine have died."

The dreamers told him, "Hop on in,
But don't speak of this again."
He was so speedy to agree,
And now two dreamers became three

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But they ran into another-- a Doubter once again
Determined to tell them that their dreams must quickly end
They patiently stopped to explain
But the Doubter kept on say'n'

"I've seen this before!
Dreamers constantly come through that door.
They never find true rest!
What makes you think you are the best?"

"We're not the same!" the dreamers said,
"We've got each other, and that's enough!
That's more than can be said for you.
We'll show you that our dreams are true!"

The Doubter thought all on his own,
About how he was quite alone.
It stirred his heart; he felt compelled
To see what promises their future held.

So then he grew bold enough to ask,
"May I join you in your task?"
They said, "Sure, there's room for more!"
And that's how three became then four

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So the four went on their merry way
Dreaming dreams from day to day
Dreams of fortunes quite untold
Dreams of daring, dreams of bold

But one dreamer wasn't smart
And quickly he was led astray
To stop the beating of a heart
Of one that Doubted him, They say

"He must be stopped," all Doubters shouted,
"He can't just kill us 'cause we Doubted!
We must kill him 'fore he strikes once more
You dreamers are a gruesome four!"

But the dreamers knew he meant no harm;
There was no need for such alarm
It was an accident, that's all
Just like a wreck, or nasty fall

But they also knew nothing could be done,
The doubters would lynch him before the sun,
Could set beneath the ground that day
So one dreamer was then to say,

"There is not much hope for our fellow dreamer,
But if we leave now, I know,
Just the place where we must go
To end this thing 'fore it begins"

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So the dreamers struck out;
They now knew what they must do,
And not let him die of hate,
But of mercy, from his crew

They arrived, and found him there
In quite a daze and confused air
So with one bullet to his head,
Not one, but four dreamers were then dead

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This site is old as heck

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You darn right.

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Of course it's an old site it's over 15 years old. A lot of good people came and gone some still visit.
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