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Okay I can definately see the ladies looking at this topic... So as far as looks go, what kind of ladies you like specificaly. Of course, if she's lookin then she's lookin but what are your preferances?

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Brunette, but a cute black haired woman, oh yeah, drives me crazy. and if they have a body too the right curves and build.

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Jay Rawker just won this thread! lol :D

It does not really matter what color their hair is, if they do it for me, they just do. :)

I like all women, but only love 2. (me momma and me girl)

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LOL rack, they have to have the curves and they have to like beers LOL

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It's all in the eyes boys - the windows to the soul....

Oh, and no uni-brows or artificial parts.

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Yeah, "artifical" breasts and buttocks turn me off.
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