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Okay I can definately see the ladies looking at this topic... So as far as looks go, what kind of ladies you like specificaly. Of course, if she's lookin then she's lookin but what are your preferances?

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Erm.. Not one of them
"like oh my gosh, no way, no way, ahhh!"
"Omg I broke pinkyyy"
Just normal :) Good to talk to, and not always about herself, a bit clever (dosn't need to be super clever) and a few more things which I cant remember right now, lol.

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Can I quote myself?
-Okay, yes I can
"as far as looks go"

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Oh well I dont remember anyone saying I have to listen to you...

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A nice body, not to fat, and not to skinny. Whats up with girls and wanting to be super friggin skinny?! I mean FFS you loose your butt and ur bobs the second that happens!

Also, ladies, if a man says he's not in it for your looks, he's lying through his teeth! We don't date ugly chicks(to our personal standards), right?

Anyway, a nice body, and nice feet(why I like feet is beyond me) And nice hair=] Bonus points for hair=]

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Black hair, light skin, black eyes, nice figure, good face. Basicaly I'm really into asian girls. any1 wit me?

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Lol i've only ever seen like 3 ugly asian girls(teenagers i might add)

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....Shallow, Shallow People.
Look, Looks really aren't that important. If you're happy with a girl, you're happy.

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Puncher, don't be a liar. Thats worse then being shallow. ALL guys look at girls and say she's attractive or not.

To be honest, that saying, "Look at the inside, not the out" is rubbish. How can you look on the inside, if you can't even stand looking at the outside?

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I can be friends with any ugly or attractive girl, but as for the ONE, I need someone who I can exert (is that a word?) my passion onto, you know?
I have things I got to let out, you know?

the topic is just for conversation, not to say it's what counts the most

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Exactly, and yes exert is a word=]

You wouldn't want to marry a chick that had half a face missing and toe nails the size of mount olympus would you?


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Hey Audinfintium, you're not the only one who's into feet. Not that I am. I just used to be with this guy who was so obsessed with my feet. So, ur not the only one.

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I think that's wierd. But nice feet are important because a lot of peoples feet are so nasty... a lot of people don't take care of their feet and it really shows. It's a huge turn off

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I'd have to agree with Audin for the most.
My perfect lady would have the following features: not fat, not skinny, medium-length hair(any colour), blue/green/brown eyes, nice feet(no, I'm not completely foot-crazy, but it doesn't hurt to have nice feet.), and well if I want my grandma to pass on her magnificent jewellery she'd have to be Pakistani. :P... Uhm, what else... And not that this goes here, but a nice personality.

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Hrmmm... My perfect chick would be... A sleek blond pony tail, an awesome "Enfuego mask", "pecs" the color of lava, a black "skirty", "arm pounders" that would seriously do some damage, and blades that are "zoomin'"! My perfect girl also sports the best weapon.. the double staff infection! AND I love when she throw balls in my face! ( I'm sucker for it.. what can I say....) AND AND! Not only can my perfect chick color coordinate (red and black everything) but she's alway has the cutest kitten with her)! :P

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What a coinkidink, Whiskey ;) ;)

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Lol ugly feet= get the $*&# Away! lol!

I(not to be a perv)
I like a girl with a nice butt lol
Not to big or jiggly, but not to small that you need a freaking telescope to be able to see the cheeks.
Nice and firm that fit right into my hand :)

(sorry girls, all guys like some butt lol)

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Yes, and you know how some guys like BIG butts, well I DONT because they got CRATERS and thats nasty!

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I look at the potential.
you know how you see that geeky library chick, greasy hair, saggy clothes, timid and a little weird?
You don't see her feet, she's wearin shoes, you don't see her teeth or smile, coz people pick on her so she keeps to herself.
You go for that girl, she's probably smart, kooky funny, and a demon in the sack once she's all cleaned up and comfortable with you and herself.

But then again she could be creepy, and is afraid of soap and water.

But the POTENTIAL is there.

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I am a sucker for legs ^___^

A good looking older woman that looks after herself, Catherine Bell. Hot
Another good looking older woman, Kylie Minogue.

Im happy with who I am with at the moment, she can drive a 4x4, scuba, mountain climbing, make me smile ^____________________^ that big, luscious young lady that makes my eyes go like this

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I agree with A_Man. NICE BUTT!!!! That's just me. :P

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Nice, round, firm, tight butt that fits right in my hand. Beatiful hair, nice umm... How do I say this without offending the ladys? Ah yes! Nice medium sized breasts, blue eyes, nice smile, nice legs, and a nice personality!

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Straight up Josh. With my name you act just like me. I like smack butts to, its just me again. Ok boys, Blonde, Brunette, PureBlack or redhead? I would perfer blonde or brunette.

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You have a long way to go.
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