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Finally we have a place to discuss our favorite subjects without some blabbing babe coming in and ruining it. Took a long time but now we have it.

*slams a beer and smashes can on forehead*

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Sweet tell me we have hot wings
*shotguns beer and crushes can on forehead*

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I say we set up one major rule.

Rule number one: No rules.

*Flings dirty clothes on the ratty couch on the way to the bathroom*

Yo fellas! Who put the lid down? We don't do that in here!

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that was me MrA. habbit. you know the ladies force you to do it, and im still trying to get it out of my system! i need some vodka.

Cigar anyone?

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*slams a couple of beers and smashes can on soul's foreheand, then ders, than A's, then another on mantis, before smashing pitcher over my head*

BUURRRRRPPPPPPP......oh man needed to do that.

*takes cigar and scratchs*

man that was itching me for while


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*trys to smash can on forehead, but fails and falls to the ground.*

Duuuuuddddeeeee...... Ya gotta try that!

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*tries to smash can on forehead, and gets it right..*

dude, no more beer for you. later on ill have to take care of oyu! :)

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The only girls we need in here are the ones that dance and can close their mouth!

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*Throws a few cans into the air and kicks them.* Well sure beats just being in the club half the time.

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*Lights smoke chugs beer smashes mug on racks head*
Ah this is livin

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now to sit back, relax and let the grass grow as it plaeses...

*mantis eyeing the couch*

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Who said I was drinkin beer! I'm too litle! GAME FUEL, MONSTER!

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PSH! Monster!? NOS BABY!!!!!

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Bah Full Throttle is better. *A host from my club brings me a glass of dom Perignon.*

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What about the Adrenaline stuff? From Sobe? Its good=]

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*walks in throws jacket on floor and grabs a beer*
How lame, you guys have an entire room for yourselves now and still no girls on trampolines?

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We have the trampoline and have just been waiting for you.

*winks at whiskey and ducks*

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HAHAHAH! O.k. I did walk right into that one.. so you don't need to duck.. but I think i'll just sit right here with my beer and pretzels thank you very much :)

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It's all good to me. I always have considered you my drinking buddy.

*Throws a pretzel at whiskey*

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wheres the dang trampoline i got da daisy dukes on........can I stay too?
guzzles beer and smashes can on rock hard butt cheek.....

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Ohhh yeaaaaaa!!!!!

*Watches intently*

Ohhh baby


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come on whiskey, can u turn a flip?

242K props, 2K posts

*Slams a beer and smashes the can on my forehead before throwing it across the room to the floor.*

Looking good, jump higher.

*pulls a super soaker out from behind the couch andd sprays Ellanore*

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bends over side of trampoline and picks up two beers and begins jumping wide

*pops beers and sprays Soul*

(always wanted to do that)

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*opens mouth to catch as much as possible*

Thanks cutie, watch this.

*opens beer and holds arm fully extended above my head. Pours beer into mouth actually getting most of it in*

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"pssshhh" *get on the roof of the man room* please, I did this when I was a kid! *jumps off room on to trampoline, bounces off and into the swimming pool*!
Now where is my beer! haha!
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