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1. Women will not be disrespected in this forum under ANY circumstances. This is our forum a place for us to find solitude and sisterhood. GIRL POWA!

2. This is NOT an area to pick up women. Seriously...this happens A LOT, this is not a hooking up site!

3. ALL women are welcome regardless of their dispositions.

4. Please remember that this is a game. Why take anything seriously? Chances are you're the ONLY one getting upset over nothing.

5. All men are NOT the enemy. Sure, there are some slimeballs...but let's refrain from hating all of them. Besides, too much hatred isn't good for the soul.

6. No boys allowed! There was a time when we allowed males to post but you know what? You guys have the other forums to post in...

So post there. *smiles* This is for Chicas only...NO CHICOS ALLOWED!

Please respect that.

Girl Power!!!


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Pardon me ladies.

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Spam bots are bothersome.

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Clean now don't worry ladies

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Don't mind me.

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Spam bots you creatons make the ladies uncomfortable please leave.

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did the bot not expect that?

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*removes traces of spambot appearance.*

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spam needed to be gone.

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Yo kk people wth is with boys and making cringy sounds. Like is it ritual or something, i will never know, smh

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I agree with none of the rules...

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