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This board is use when you want to announce something to the villain. Use it wisely and let keep the Villains forums clean.

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Devious, Deranged and Demented!

Maggot VVL.

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*tosses a maxibon to Richy*

The problem with leadership is... The view from top aint so great.
Getting there and struggling with actually being recognized as the leader is cool, but before your bum warms the throne, the haters start. Yes we are villains, but a little loyalty to our kind would be welcome. No can fix every problem we have overnight, no one can infuse life into a group fixated on one person saving us as a whole. When I made my attempt, I made mistakes just like any other would, but I tried. More than I can say for others....

When someone does try and take the reins again, just remember this is the here and now, the Family most likely will never again be what it was when Maggot was in charge. But give the person a freaking chance! Don't cut their throat the first day, be a real villain and prolong the pleasure, wait until the next week...


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Wowee. Wasn't this a bad time to go away?

Good luck with your future endeavors DM, whateva they may be.

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I'm just gonna sit back like pretty much every other Villain and take it easy.

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Awesome work from Ders, Monty and especially SBM on the wars this month. Great work 1st, 2nd and 4th.
Would love to see 1st through 5th as villains. That would shove it up..... yeah. You know what I'm sayin!

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Yep if it weren't for work I'd 3rd or higher

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it's a good thing i am not working for another 2 weeks ;)....

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Looks like the heroes are rallying as many tools behind them as possible for next months wars. YAWN.
What are y'all gonna do about that?

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I wouldnt be worried.

I just tried challenging VanHelsing and Chocolate Addict, the two strongest heroes i could see online.

Neither had the balls to come to a throw down.


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Oooor... you didn't have intestinal fortitude to wait (coward) OR the brains to consider we might be fighting a Sparky and you are too insignificant to bother with, ToolMax.

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I did message Chocolate, and i assumed you were to much of a girl to make any sort of reply so i didnt bother waiting.

You wanna go though?

lets do this, ill lose everything but my botts my knuckles and my mask.

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Oh I'll take you on anytime, ToolMax. Takes a BIG BAD villain to call out someone with lower stats. Proves you are the coward we all know you to be.

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Dressed down and took you out.

Evil Wins.

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We always win nice one Rich

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I never thought id see the day.

UrboGram » Urbanville Lottery - You Won!
From Urbaniacs
To: Richmax Oct 01 2009 - 12:01 am

You won the following prize in the Urbanville Lottery!

157914 Urbos

As an added bonus you've also earned 500 for your disposition for winning the lottery. Congratulations!

Thanks for playing, and good luck next time!
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Cant believe it. And i was online when i won as well! Msg just popped up, Hey richmax, your a sick funt, have a few hundred thousand urbos!

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Congrats Richy!!!

Well deserved!!!

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congratz rich

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Actually laughed at " Hey richmax, your a sick funt, have a few hundred thousand urbos!"

Nice one bro.

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lol that one sounded like it came from the goat himself

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Thought I would let yall know I am not sure how much I will be on for I am not sure how long. Alot of family issues have come up.. One that will for sure end sadly and Other not sure yet.. I will get on when I can and do what I can.. Sorry to not be at my best this month.

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best wishes, stormie.

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best wishes stormie
blessed be

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Be well Stormie hugs

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Stormie u take care of your family first hope everything turns out alright

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Good luck stormie, we're here for ya girl!

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somewhat good mews at least Urb wise.. Beginning next week I will be able to be on and do assaults and play games more. Not sure for how long but for awhile I am sure.
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