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Issue 98

Aug 4, 2007

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>> Editorials
Urbanville's Most Wanted

It's your boy Scoop here and like I told ya, here I am bringin' you the 411 on our new game!

Put your paws on your microscopes and magnifying glasses cuz it’s gonna be an interesting ride! It’s time to see who the Sherlock Holmes wannabes are! It’s time to give a contest where the mind will prevail! It’s time to, okay I’m done, let me drop this joint so y’all can get to thinkin’ ‘bout strategies and stuff.

The History?

One night 4 Heroes, 4 Villains, and 4 Vigilantes got together to have a drink at Speedy’s, and yes together! Around 1 am, the maniacal genius Goatfist came along and spiked their drinks unbeknownst to them! If ya think the story ends here, you’re wrong!

Goatfist knew exactly what he was doing. Each person had a different reaction to his concoction. Some of the 12 instantly became serial killers, while others slowly drifted into their new lifestyle. If this crazy 12 isn’t caught, then Urbanville will slowly dissolve into a ghost town.

Your Mission?

Your mission is to capture each person in this crew! Every week you will receive hints via The Chronicles about the highlighted serial killer and who they are targeting.

This is where it becomes interesting...

You have to figure out who this person is and what their theme killings!


Every Sunday in The Chronicles I will introduce the new person. I won’t tell you their dispositions but I will draw hints from their lair and their personalities. Don’t sweat it; I will only use folks who have been here for a while. No one will know who this person is, even the person who I’m usin’ but to be fair, if ya realize that I’m usin’ you, keep it on the DL...that’s the down low for the inner-city inept! Once Sunday passes check The Chronicles for the names of their victims! Each serial killer will leave a note hinting why they chose this person.

Then What?

You drop your boy an urbogram! Here’s da thang though, you have to 100% correct or ya gets nuthin’! Do I need to repeat myself or are ya feelin’ me?!

In other words folks, you have to say:

Yo Scoop!

The killer is (insert name here)

His/Her theme is (insert theme here)

The winners and runners up will be announced in The Chronicles!

If you are chosen as the serial killer you canNOT play for that round! I have to keep this joint fair!

What do you win?

The first person who gets the right answers will receive a +50 training pass of Ira’s choosing! Hehehe, his name is STILL Ira!

The runners up (the next 3 people) will receive 10,000 urbos.

Once you win first place, you have to sit the next 3 rounds out. Give other folks a chance to win! For rizzel!

If you have any questions send your man an urbogram this week. Oh yes and I guess I must say, if you’re caught cheating, you’re a fool and you’ll be eliminated game! So don’t cheat! Scoop has some powers on this site. You’ve been warned, yo!

The Kids
Handsome is here because the Masked Editor sent me. He’s not too happy with what’s been happening lately but because old Masky is a bit of a grump, he decided to send Handsome instead. I just wished he was nicer when he asked. Handsome has feelings too.

Urbaniacs is like a Lady. She has lovely curves, a gorgeous face, neat and manicured nails and she’s the type of Lady who can hang out with you and your fellas. That’s right; Urbaniacs is a special kind of Lady. Most important, Urbaniacs is the type of Lady who is digging YOU. All of you, not some of you. Now Handsome understands that some of you don’t know what it’s like to have a stylish and fine Lady wanting you but from experience it’s a good thang, ooooooh yea!

In Handsome’s Player opinion, everyone is at fault. Well the way Handsome sees it if he picks a side, then that won’t do any good either. Everyone is at fault except for the kids. Handsome believes that everyone should remember that this site was created for the kids to play. It breaks Handsome’s heart to see the kids crying, “Stop the DRAMA!” They come here to escape too and if Urbaniacs is a funky and sexy Lady, she’s also very motherly. Urbaniacs loves the kiddies and for their sake every adult needs to stop these shenanigans and make sweet sweet love in the forums. In a literary PG way.

Handsome could quote past and present Players to help get the point across, but Handsome feels that it’s not necessary.

Don’t do it for you, do it for the kids. If this mess continues then Urbaniacs will pack up her compact, makeup bag, hair curlers, sexy clothes and leave. Then Handsome will be out of a job and without a job, the proper Player can’t have Ladies. The kids will no longer have a funky place to congregate. That thought brings a tear to Handsome’s eyes.

Everyone, cease and desist, that’s a Player order.

Who’s your Daddy? (Do it for the kids) That’s right, I am!

Handsome U. Whantme


Our Split Personalities

Most of the time, we Urbaniacs simply don't act like ourselves. We pretend to be something we truly aren't.

But while in real life this is normally a bad thing, it's encouraged here! It's called being "in character." Likewise, when we are acting like our normal "real world" selves it is called being "out of character," and there is a very thin line that separates the two.

Now, being "in character" can be a really great thing. It is what makes this site so fun. But when people get confused about who are "in character" and who are “out of character” things can most certainly go bad. I have seen many a thread go sour because an Urbaniac crossed the line from attacking a person's character, to attacking their own self. And believe me, there is a huge difference.

Most of the time, people are in character. And even when they are out of character it can be easy to tell. But sometimes it's not so easy. So people, please, if you say something out of character in the midst of a bunch of "in character" chat, make it distinct. Make it unmistakably clear that you are being serious about something. Maybe we could minimize a lot of the unhealthy fighting that goes on in the forums if we could all do that.

Also, another good guideline to follow is not to use an "in character" response to an "out of character" issue. Most of the time, this will keep anyone from being offended by something that you really didn't mean. Of course, there are always exceptions. Most of you are fairly smart, so you can judge for yourself when to post "in" or "out"... I just want to make you all aware of the issue.

So, if there's anything you should get from this article, it's this:

Keep things clear!
>> Politics
The Family

New to Urbanville or Need a Place Where you fit in??

Is there a dark side to you that you haven't been able to express? Does the thought of Heroes running this town make your skin crawl? Are you looking for respect that only comes with power and the backing of many friends?

In the League of Shadows, Villains and Vigilantes unite under the Family, we help each other out. We protect our younger members, help you get enough props to battle, we can join your battles and assaults to help you beat down and win lots of urbo's.

We accept players that are new to the site as well as those who have been around for awhile. If you can make the commitment to train everyday, help out your fellow LOS members when they are in need, and have the ambition to rise to the ranks of The Family, the most powerful and prosperous organization in Urbanville, then the League of Shadows is right for you.

If this interests you, send me an urbogram or find us in the Villains only section in the Forums.

DarkestHour- ex-Leader LOS
Goddess_de_Nocturne- Assistant
>> Comics
The good, the bad and...Everything in between

Good news: 10 out of 10 Urbaniacs hope to hit in all 5 sessions of the training.

Bad news: Most of them are left only with their hope... (And they are mad because they always hit a lousy 1).
>> Top Stories
Buzzword: Spontaneous

Here we go again, another article about Trash-talking from me, and centering around yet another buzz word. Last week's was "Typo", this week, its "Spontaneous".
When trash-talking, many people will tell you that the most important thing is to be Creative. Be new, be snappy.

I'm going to tell you otherwise, in a very short article.

Be Spontaneous. Let the words flow out just like they're rolling off your tongue. Imagine actually speaking, instead of typing, and let your response be formatted thusly. It will seem both a lot snappier and wittier to at least you, if not your opposition or the others reading the thread.

That's what I do.

This article was written shortly before midnight, Urbaniacs time, and was completely pulled out of the Ether.

How's that for spontaneous?

Live on, Fight on, Rock On, Urb On!

Community Happenings

Because the forums can be quite overwhelming, check out what's Happening in your Community!

The Lounge:


According to shade_king this is his first series of debates! If you know how to be intellectual, calm, funky, make a point, and act sane, this is the thread for you! The first item of discussion is "Should teachers give students homework?"

Urbanville Streets:

A Roast for...DUDEMAN!

If you have roasting skills then this is the thread for you! In here, many members of the Urbanville community are roasting DudeMan who is a second year member and one of the Leaders of the Family! Be careful though because Afro_Chic warns that if ANYONE who posts here opens themselves up for a crack or two and if you take things personal, I will personally crack on you myself until you leave this thread.

The Mayor's Office:

City Hall

Are your rhyming skills so fine and divine? Help the Mayor create new ways to introduce The Chronicles! According to Ira B. DaMan those who come up with the winning suggestions just might receive a training pass or something!

Role Playing:

Crazy's Castle

Unless you're a vampire or you're wearing a garlic necklace, chances are you don't want to go to Crazy's Castle! She is taking charge of the Vampires and welcoming everyone into the Vampire world once again! Go check out the various rooms in her new crib! If you managed to escape without 2 holes in your neck, you are a lucky person.

That's it for now! We can't read everything for you. The forums are filled with interesting threads, we're just here to wet your whistles!

Maybe next week we'll showcase your thread, maybe not. If you feel that you have something worth showcasing send an urbogram to the Masked_Editor.

The Chronicles Staff