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Issue 97

Jul 29, 2007

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>> Editorials
Fine I'll Be Nice.

Feh, with shade_king coming at me, I decided to be nice. It will just be this one time so take a screen snapshot for this will never happen again.

Urbanville is a great place to be (When certain people aren’t screwing it up by being lazy).

There. Optimism.

The Masked Editor
”Four legs good, two legs bad” is what the sheep cried out in George Orwell’s "Animal Farm." These creatures followed their leaders blindly without question or thought. I hope that this hits the Chronicles in time because I have something to say.

It’s one thing to stand up for your friend when someone thoroughly disrespects them. Trust me, I’ve been known to send a diss or 2 in favor of a friend, but it’s another thing to jump on the bandwagon to force someone to leave the site. Have I ever gathered my friends to make someone’s life so horrible here that they leave the site? No. Yet, I’ll admit that there have been 1 or 2 people who decided that they didn’t want to be in Urbanville after a tiff with me. But hey, I for one decided to keep my beef with them on the down low.

I know that there are people on here who want to protect me and because of that, I refuse to use tactics like manipulation to solve my beefs with others.

I guess what I’m saying here is this:

What are YOU? Are you a sheep who is going to follow someone and do something just because? Or, will you use that organ between your ears to come to a decision on your own? Everyone has a right to be here in Urbanville. Yes, even those who I don’t get along with or like in particular...

If you understand this message, welcome to the club of non-conformity. If you don’t understand this message, the bandwagon is leaving; it’s time to jump on it.

If my friend tried to force me to do something, using our friendship as a means to compel me to participate in anything...

They are no friend of mine.

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What You Said

It's your boy Scoop here with some information on the poll that I've created.

If Urbaniacs decided to create a quest filled with mystery, urbos, and training passes, would you participate?

Yes: 96%
No: 4%

So here's the dilly, next week bring those eyes over to the Chronicles because I will drop the rules for the new game that will keep your heads spinning! So many rounds! So many winners! But you have to have the brain to win.

Y'all feelin' me? You will!

Until next week.

It's your boy Scoop_McFanny sayin':

If it's news and it's hot you can expect me to beat the others to the punch...AIGHT?!
Adventures of the Vampires<3

So, Goddess and I set off for the rooftops of Urbanville, looking for a snack. We jump from rooftop to rooftop heading towards Speedy's. We thought if they were well fed, they would have a higher body temperature which meant warmer blood. YUM...

Once on the rooftop of Speedy's Java Hut, we stood and waited, peering over the ledge waiting for the perfect snack. Goddess spots a nice chubby human in blue and yellow pants. She looks to me and I nod, she jumps down and comes up from behind, quick as lightning, covers his mouth and drags him into the alley between the Java Hut and the Auto Hut. She sinks her teeth into his neck and his eyes slowly close.

I watch her but something from the corner of my eye catches my attention. Sweet sweet ChinillaLover had just stepped out of Speedy's. A Hero has sweeter blood but I knew that if I took some of his blood, it would really tick off the Heroes.

I jump down from on top of the roof, cover his mouth, and pull him into the alley. I look at Goddess and she is still sucking blood. I giggle and look at my prey. His eyes looked up to me; they were full and scared... I smiled a reassuring smile and sank my fangs into his neck. His eyes slowly closed and took two quick sips then pulled my fangs out. >.< SO SWEET!

I look to Goddess and she pulls her fangs out and we both nod at each other. I drag my unconscious body of ChincillaLover to the far end of the alley and lay him down slowly on the ground...

Goddess does the same but on the other side. I walk over to her and ask, “How was your first taste of fresh blood?" She smiles and answers, "Refreshing." I say, "Good" and jump up onto the top of Speedy's and start jumping towards the outskirts of Urbanville, towards the castle. I stop and look behind and see Goddess following behind. I stop for Goddess to catch up and we both head towards the castle.
Another Puncher? Part 4
This week I'll keep this short and to the point. I recently got a call from Junior. Moe is on his way to Urbanville. Junior will try his best to stop him. If Moe gets here, I do not want anyone trying to do anything to Moe.

Hustle Alliance: Do not engage him. He's a lot smarter than the average Villain and stronger too.

Family: Moe doesn't care about Heroes and Villains. He cares about being number one. Nothing else

Vigilantes: Do what you want.

Everyone Else: Run.

>> Politics
Bane of Trash-Talking - Typographical Thread Derailment

One commonly agreed on fact here in Urbanville is this: Bashing a trash-talking post over a typographical error is weak, unfounded and uncalled for. Today, I'm writing about this phenomenon.

As reference material, please refer to the "Town Crier" thread in the Urbanville Streets Forum. The URL is provided here for your convenience.

For further reference, this is being written after the twenty-fifth reply, posted by DarkestHour, directly after Kali_Maa.

And, now that the staging is out of the way, onto the meat of this discussion.

It started as a simple question: "What are 'lacking skills'?" This question was sparked by a small typo which altered the grammar of the sentence, and admittedly, confused me. So, I sought clarification. DarkestHour provided the clarification I sought, while staying true to the trash-talking theme of the forum. I, in a similar manner, acknowledged, that I now understood, and proceeded to provide what my misunderstanding was. Had this sidebar ended right there, you would not be reading this article right now. However, the sidebar did not end there, and as a result, the thread got derailed.

Zeebert attacked my honest confusion, saying I was confused about the grammar, saying poor and lacking both modified the noun "skills". I responded that, with the inclusion of a comma, that would have been true, but without the comma, the adjective "Poor" was modifying the subject "lacking skills". I mentioned for the second time, that I understood what DarkestHour meant, and that I condoned typographical errors.

From here, you can see where it spiraled out of control by reading the thread, yourself.

My point here is this: People are not taking into account the chronology in which the events occurred the way the thread is currently moving. My mention of condoning typos, which was repeated in my self-defensive blurb, is being attacked, saying that I'm being contradictory. This is not true, I condone and understand typos. I typo a lot, this article is going to be fed through a word processor before being submitted. That's the nature of the beast, some people, myself included, don't double-check or scan what they write before pushing the "Submit" button, and when errors are contained therein, those errors cannot be corrected, due to the lack of an "edit" button for perfectly justifiable reasons that the Mayor has outlined.

My ramble is not about the typo. As a matter of fact, the typo-derailment occurred after the phrase "Now back to your regularly scheduled programming".

I, for one, after the clarification, considered the sidebar over and threw up a defensive blurb after my own understanding of the English Language was challenged. In the end, I'm becoming blamed for the derailment!

Please people, think before you post. If an error was rectified and forgiven ("Now back to your regularly scheduled programming") stop beating the dead horse, and make jerky instead.

Brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Fire Elf, Thanatos5150
Live on, Rock on, Fight on, Urb on!