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Issue 68

Jan 6, 2007

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>> Top Stories
SNAPS: Doin' it da Beatnik Way

Hola all you sexy people in Urbanville
Come one come all grab a chair I have something to spill
That will blow your mind
A news so funky and divine
For this is the first in time
That a contest will be held for the poetic rhyme!
Drop your sabers and your oars
Grab a pen, some paper and begin to pour
Your soul and your being onto that sheet
And try to impress a panel of some funky Beat-
Niks who are ready to view
All your poetry submissions and crown a few
Members of this site the top 3
I can hear you now, “Could that be me?”
Well it won’t if you don’t contribute
And you sit on your fingers pretending that you’re a lyrical mute

So if you think your poetry skills are a stinger
Then submit your piece and don’t let it linger
For you see, the due date of this bad boy is the 21th of January
At 12 am, write that down so you can remember

The rules are simple in this contest
No need for arguments or cardiac arrest
Your mission if you choose to accept
Is to write a poem about your “group” and create a funky concept
Give us 2 stanzas with 8 lines each
On why your group is the bomb, yes it’s your time to teach
And show why your group whether Family or Murk, Hustle Alliance or other
Is the supreme ruler of this site and a bad mother
Okay I’ll shut my mouth and bring this rhyme to a halt
If you miss out on the urbos and tps it’s your fault

So if this sounds like fun grab your bongos and let’s play
Who know? You might be the winner of SNAPS: Doin' it da Beatnik Way!(Pssst! It's a link to the contest!)

>> Comics
I don't want to achieve immortality through my work...
I want to achieve it through not dying.

Stolen from WOODY ALLEN - Director/Producer

Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Stolen from ALBERT EINSTEIN - Really Smart Guy
>> Editorials
Highlights of '06 Baby!

Crazy here to point out the highlights of ‘06 baby!

For Urbaniacs, we started off our year of ‘06 by the new arrival of the Pawn Shop.
We got more backgrounds to start off the year too including the Phat Cave and Sky Pad.
We also got The Shelmet and Night Pecs.
The Urbosabers came out on January 22nd.

Around March, so many new things have come to Urbanville.
There were art gallery entries and the new battle scene, the Disco Inferno!
We had a March Rap Battle and Maggot took home that prize! Yay, Congrats!

In April, the sidekick Vicious Fishous came out along with the games
Vicious Flip Out and the Let It Ride.
Mayor Daman also held a contest and offered the B. Wereboy.

Around Mid May, our assault targets came out introducing
henchlings, chars, sludges, and the Laws.
Late May was when the Beat Blaster came out and when we started helping out our fellow Urbz with some urbos!

In late June, urbopods and their skins became available.

In August, we held another Rap Battle.
Three winners came out victorious:
Dudeman for his smooth flow, TheThing for his great use of citizen brigade, and NotMyPresident for being flat out funky!!!
August was also the time where the shwolf was offered and a new set of capes came out.

October brought the October Rap Battle where Dudeman took home the gold.
There was also the Halloween Art Contest where Ogre took home the first place prize.
October also brought the new game Goatfist Of Fury.

As November came around also came the end of the Urbolympics.

December was filled was joy and excitement.
We started with a contest giving away the new sidekicks, the Twinvisibles.
Urbanville also held a Holiday Art Contest…
December also brought out some really funky holiday gear so the Urbz can show their holiday spirit.
We ended December and our year of 06 with the arrival of the Sidekick Blast and two new forums, The Art District and Beta Testers.

As you can see, 2006 was a busy year for Urbanville and the Urbz that live there. I hope that we can all have another great year and I wish everyone in Urbanville great, lucky, eventful, and prosperous New Year!
Holiday Art Was a Hit!

The Urbaniacs Holiday Art Contest for 2006 was vicious
and malicious with low ratings across the board, but
it didn't dampen the spirits of our awesome
contestants who brought it and served it up!

crazy_azn_bd_lover pulled ahead with her urbolicious
rendition of Afro_Chic and Sacred_Apollyon under the
Mistletoe. Her Santa Princess picture came out on top
as well. Didja know that everyone was on the naughty
list except for Mr A? As if!

Folks that also deserve some glory are the runners up.
There was quite a tie which included Dzhelasi for her
precious and velvety Snowy Gato, glowstik for his
ingenious use of a light bulb in Mighty Light and
queendianna1029 for her steamy Merry Christmas

There were LOTS more great entries, and one of them
that deserves an honourable mention is dark_oracle's
Urbaniacs Wreath which showed originality and
ingenuity. You go, girl!

I'd also like to mention that Brikin101's ornament was
difficult to see in its larger version. After
adjusting the levels of the photo in Photoshop, I was
pleasantly surprised to discover all the vivid colors!
Nice job, B!

Thank you to everyone who showed their funkalicious
spirits by participating! DarkAng3L,
SuperSpongeeBungee, Zoomer_McTraveller, Tazzie,
cambot4000, Breaker and madfish, you all rock! And
thank you to all you awesome Urbaniacs of Urbanville
who gave honest and appreciative ratings.

Start thinking about next year now! With almost a
year to plan and scheme I'm sure a lot of
groundbreaking Urbaniacs creations can be concocted!
>> Politics
Big Dogs Make Peace

It's no secret that there's been some real hostility between the Big Dogs. It's also no big secret that the stress from this has affected everyone involved and innocent bystanders. The fact is when Big Dogs fight, the effects are enormous and resonate throughout Urb.

Late Friday peace talks were held. Representing the Villains, The Maggot. The Hero's voice was Afro_Chic. Both sides talked about the toll the hostility as taking on their members. The general consensus was that at some point or other everyone involved had wanted to leave Urb. It became obvious that something had to be done to end the feud.

So these two talked late into the night and at the end of the meeting they shook hands in agreement. The fighting would end. We owe our thanks to these two Big Dogs for paving for us this new path of peace.

Now Hero's and Villain's will ALWAYS talk trash. That is what we do and without it, Urbanville would be a very boring place. But trash talk is fun, for everyone involved. In this new day of peaceful play, we ask that if someone offends you, you urbogram them and keep the hate out of the forums. If that doesn't work, we ask that you urbogram the leader of your group (or whoever handles those kinda things in your group) and try and resolve the dispute that way.

Again We must thank Maggot and Afro_Chic for stepping up and showing us the way, for bringing back the FUN in the funkiness of Urb!