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Issue 60

Nov 13, 2006

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>> Editorials
A Letter to My Arch Nemesis
Dear The_Legal_Eagle,

Recently you have named me your arch nemesis. Imagine my surprise! I have never been someone’s arch nemesis. I’ve been a pain in the…well you know the rest but NEVER an arch nemesis! I guess I’m honored that such a prestigious being as you would give me that title!

I wonder, why me though? Sure we may have sparred a few times but is that all it takes to be one’s arch nemesis? I’m a funky, sassy, and free spirited hero and you’re, well you’re monotonous, crabby, and conservative villain. I pop my Hero collah and you count the money you earn from being the Family’s lawyer. Sure you might say, “You just answered your own question Afro_Chic, you’re my arch nemesis because you are my exact opposite” but no, I really haven’t. I’ve successfully taken out many of the Family members. Sometimes in groups, so I guess my real question is:

Are you sure you know what you’re getting yourself into?

In addition, when did you decide that I was your arch nemesis? Was it when we were voted King and Queen of the Forums? A sistah needs to know.

I guess I should bring this letter to an end. You need to go out and wreak havoc on innocent and unsuspecting citizens and I have to thwart your attempts. Do you even commit crimes? Will we have our battles in a civilized manner? You know with a pen and paper instead of a saber and a shield? If not, I hope you have a good health plan. If so, I hope your health plan includes mental health coverage because when I’m done with you, you won’t know whether you are coming or going.

Have a Nice Day Arch Nemesis!
Quotes Stolen By Zoomer
In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move.

Stolen from Douglas Adams - Author

Puncher Files #3
Well, here we are. Puncher file #3. Well for this landmark occasion, Let’s focus this on the muse for the puncher files:
Age: 392 days
Gender: Female
Disposition: Hero

Known Identities:Afro, Affy, AC, da Funk Mistress , RHW , Sis, Afrolicious , Afrodesiac, Chica, Mommy

Powers: Jungle Rave, Super Sass, Extreme Flirting Abilities.

Weaknesses: Maggot’s bottled Stank, other than that none I can remember

Short History: Afro_chic is the daughter of Maggot & A woman Maggot met one night. While Maggot, the leader of the Family, is her father, Afro_chic is A good person with a warm heart. This is interesting to note because most of AC’s family, in some way, have been affiliated with the Family. While her sister, Tiger_eyes, was affiliated The Family, She is now in the H.A.. While Ac’s Daughter, Surfer_chick,, is also interesting because she has a free pass into both the H.A. & The Family. But back to AC. She is Currently a member of the H.A. Council, which means she better like this or my head’s on the line. Hehe just kidding. But one thing we don’t kidd about is the time... ummmm, how do I put this? AC & Iron_pants.. umm "Woo-Hoo"ed & nine months later Surfer was born. Recently Affy was catnapped by a Villain named Sacred_Apollyon. With the help of your’s Truly, we got AC back. There’s more to the AC Story but honestly, I’m not going to tell it. There are certain things, A puncher won’t tell.
>> Sports
It's been a while since the last report, but we are back! The results are in and we are ready for the Finals!

The Big Urbolympics showdown is between Funky Time (Hustle Alliance) and The Vigilanties! The final hours are ticking down as the Urbolympics are about to draw to a close.

The Winning team will receive bragging rights for a whole year!! Plus, Mayor DaMan has promised to kick in some Urbos and TP's.

So all citizens around the globe please come on down to see the epic finals of The Urbolympics!!!!! In the Challenges Forum.

This is Enaki RenRaku, signing out.