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Issue 59

Nov 9, 2006

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>> Editorials
Urbanville Yearbook Winners
Best of the best as voted by your homeys!
Special thanks to, afro_chic, sparki, and Surfer_Chick for making this happen.

Best Urbanville Prankster: Tiger_Eyes
Best Avatar: Maggot (drawn by Iron_Pants)
Best Hero: MrAnderson
Best Villain: Soul_Corruptor
Best Nomad: Breaker
Best Beatnik: Love_Child
Best Vigilante: The_Legal_Eagle
Best Visual Artist: Love_Child
Best Word-smith: Spaz & Draven_The_Driven
Best HA Member: Afro_Chic
Best Family Member: Maggot
Best MURK Member: Silver_Samurai
Best Reraku Inc Member: Enaki
Best Alter Ego name: DaBest
Most Fair Fighter: Soul_Corruptor
Most Grumpy: Crimson_King
Most Cheery: Surfer_Chick
Most Sarcastic: NotMyPresident
Most Humorous: DudeMan
Most Sinister: Sacred_Apollyon
Most Friendly: Surfer_Chick
King & Queen of Props: Soul_Corruptor and Afro_Chic
King & Queen of Drama: Cold_Blooded and Surfer_Chick
King & Queen of the Forums: Afro_Chic and Maggot
King & Queen of the Pound: Afro_Chic and NotMyPresident
Best Crew: Two Rhyme Crew
Biggest BEGGER madfish
Best Track: Maggot and Zoomer
Best Pod-Skin Zoomers and TonyRoberts
Fav Game : Boombox
Fav Cape : Hazzard Cape
Best RPG Topic: Misfits Chronicles
Favorite Hang Out: Office of Funk
Most Mysterious: fruitcake
Puncher Files #2

Age: 263 days
Height: 6' 1"
Gender: Male
Disposition: Hero

Known Identities: Zoomer_McTraveller, Zoomer, Zuave, Zoom Zoom, Zoomie, Z_McT, Z, Blue Eyes

Powers: Warp Drive, Ice Scream, Boogie Finger, Sharp Wit

Weaknesses: Will make friends with anyone, no matter their disposition. Bad Timing.

Short History: I was sent here as a baby from a dying planet called Earth. My spaceship arrived in a meteor shower and I was found by a couple from Gotham City who raised me as their own. When I was a teenager we were on a fieldtrip to a government research project when a radioactive spider bit me. That same day the general who headed the top secret research kidnapped me and fuzed my bones with metal. I escaped but when I arrived home I found my parents had been killed by a deranged villian and I had inherited a fortune. I was devastated so I took my spaceship from the secret repository and flew to Tattoine where a nice old gentleman taught me how to fight with a lightsaber and how to move things with my mind. On the way back home. I was waylaid by a bunch of space warriors named Klingons but after beating their champion I was accepted into their ranks and this is where I learned about honor and friendship. Then I found Urbanville and the rest is to be written.
>> Comics
Son of Rulebreaker: Beware of Rulesmasher
After my attack when this whole thing started we thought we would never have to see RULEBREAKER again.
Well, I’m sorry to say, WE WILL!
RULEBREAKER has returned!
He has captured my best friend aka DylanMackay. Dylan Mackay was the first one to realize that publicizing my kidnapping was not going to stop him, just anger him.
I realize you may think I’m bluffing. BUT I AM NOT! I’m just hoping he can raise money to buy a sidekick so he too can escape. I hope we do not have to resort to paying the 3000 urbos.
I think RULEBREAKER is trying to get to me again, going one by one to all my friends and contacts! This time however he has help! He has introduced his son to Urbaniacs! ( Rulesmasher )
Beware of all that is evil (and as stupid) and RULEBREAKER!
He is no powerless but he can easily be overpowered by (really good jokes?) you.
I believe in the power of Urbaniacs and all members, whether they be villains or heroes.

Abbstami, victim of last RULEBREAKER attack.
>> Top Stories
Busted Bank Bust
I was walking down the street heading to the Funk Depot, I wanted to buy Lava Pecs, but I didn’t have enough. I walked across the street to the bank with my Urbo Gato and Evil Eye ready to blast. I walked in with 45,000 and I walked out with 4,215,780,91.If you want proof, come to my hideout and look at my gallery picture “Bank.”
But, I will now tell you the embarrassing bit…….
When I walked in, I yelled as big as the appetite of Mighty Cowboy Guy,” FREEZE!”
But then my dacks fell down and everyone saw my Goatfist VS Mayor_DaMan undies.
I ran and hid in the booth and secretly stole and stashed the Urbos in my Urbo Gato’s mouth.
We ran out and headed to my hideout, but Maggot was standing ready to attack. I tried to negotiate for him to move, but he noticed the Urbos in my Urbo Gatos mouth. Then I ran and he chased me to Da Mayors Office and Mayor_DaMan busted me……
I have learnt not to rob the Urbanille bank again, or at least not for another month.