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Issue 56

Oct 14, 2006

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>> Business
Abbstami's Escape
Abbstami was just an ordinary Urbaniac, until she became the victim of the first-ever RULEBREAKER attack.

It was an ordinary morning for Abbstami until RuleBreaker captured her account and kidnapped her. She had very few words to explain everything to Mayor_DaMan and viewers on the forums. Having been whipped and flogged Abbstami had barely any breath but lots of skill and funky spirit inside her.

Abbstami using this skill managed to escape Rulebreakers clutches.
I urbo-viewed Abbstami and this is what she had to say:

DylanMackay - Where were you kept after being kidnapped?

Abstammi - I was kept in a basement with mold everywhere and very dim light coming from the door. At night I had to sleep in a potato sack which smelt of old cheese.

DM - How did he torture you?
A - He flogged me with a very thin rope. I still have the battle scars. He also told me very bad jokes.

DM - Sounds awful. What was 'RULEBREAKER' like?
A - I couldn't see properly but he was average height and build.
I heard him on the phone talking to his friend.
He said, "I've got her, where will you be?"
He had a fire patterned mask on and golden-brown eyes.

DM - What did you do to escape?
A - Once when I was sitting, twiddling my thumbs (claws if you like),
I realized it was getting lighter. Rulebreaker was just about to torture me again when the phone rang. He left the door open so I snuck out to the corridor and out a window. With my new sidekick. I jumped on A.R.T.I.E (my robot)'s back and returned to my account ASAP!
But I liked the tune that Rulebreaker made so I'm keeping it and his pic of a vampire.
Mayor DaMan and everyone else has been so supportive. I sure hope that this never happens again.
>> Top Stories
How safe are the streets of Urbanville these days? With the revealing of the games Flingo Flango and Goatfist of Fury it seems that villians are coming out of hiding and making a move to take over the town. False accusations or warning?

Afro_Chic of the Hustle Alliance has been taken hostage by Sacred_Apollyon of the Family. Sacred has claimed to have hid the hero in the pages of Urbaniacs while trying to convert her from hero to villian. He challenges all who care for Afro-Chic to search for her and has even posted a reward for anyone smart enough to. Mayor Daman has also contributed 5000 urbos to the first person to find the missing heroine.

Be on the lookout for clues given from a temporarily escaped Affy in the forums and if you want to guess where she is urbogram the link to Sacred_Apollyon.

Who if anyone will find Afro_Chic, and will it be too late?
GoatFist Rising
Attention: Heroes and Other Anti-Villains of Urbanville!

GoatFist is on the rise.

Urbaniacs across the city had been made aware of this when GoatFist
had the audacity of attempting to assault our very own Mayor_DaMan
several months ago, but since then Urbaniacs have become complacent,
which may lead to our own despair and tribulation.

Surveys of new residents of Urbania have shown that only 2.2 percent
of new Urbaniacs have heard of GoatFist, while less than ten percent
hear about him in their first week of residence.

This astounding rate of ignorance on the part of the Urbanville
populace could have continued to be overlooked, even with GoatFist's
mutation of our beloved Flingo into the sharp-toothed Flango, but he
finally went too far in his attacks against our fair community.

It is a well known fact that every Midnight, many of the venerated
citizens of Urbanville travel to the City Hall to train for the coming
struggles, and it is equally well known that many of the non-super
population come to watch the parade of idolized heroes (and the
occasional Non-Hero or Villain).

While many of the families and school groups who make it an event to
see the training accept the presence of many hometown Villains, such
as Maggot, I recently witnessed something that curled my nostril hair
(the right nostril).

Last week, as I joined the heroes leaving the Training Facility, I
witnessed a figure in a dark cloak standing in the shadows. As I went
to greet him, I felt a welling of evil coming from him, and as I
looked closer, a glowing Cloven Fist became visible.

As I recognized the sinister Goat, it was quite apparent that a
confrontation before city hall would be inadvisable. As such, I
merely stood guard between him and the residents of our city, putting
it out of my mind when he drifted off into the distance… At least
until October 4th (2006), when GoatFist apparently hacked into the
city database and made himself Urbaniac of the Day.

Fortunately, those in charge of the honor of Urbanville quickly caught
the error and replaced his appointment with Fredlock.

Yes, it is a sad day in Urbanville when evil can even have a hope of
accomplishing such terrible deeds. This is why we Heroes, Vigilantes,
Nomads, Beatniks, Undecideds, and maybe even Villains must be sure to
keep the streets safe from evil such as GoatFist.

Heroes, remember to help swell our ranks with invitations to those who
may wish to join us in our Crusade to keep Urbanville funky, and let
us know that you mean business, by joining the forums, and by getting
your "Urb-On," as our beloved Mayor would say.

Keeping it Funky,
Now that all the tracks are laid down, the judges are getting their judge on. Stay Tuned to the Chronicles and City Hall as the finalists may be revealed this weekend!

Urb ON!

>> Editorials
The Truth May Be Out There Part 2
"Part II:

Sometimes the heart of man is blinded by the needs of discovery. As a result we become architects of our own destiny.

These documents refered to in part 1 are bvery mysterious. Were people experimented on? No one can translate how certain people gained their special powerd. Perhaps there is a greater purpose at work?

Scientists looked all over the planet for any signs... a connection to something. Is Urbaniacs randome is is there purpose? Would evil win or would good be victorious?