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Issue 54

Oct 1, 2006

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>> Business
Urbaniacs Record Label
Hey all Urbaniacs, I made the first Record Label on Urbaniacs,
Urbanville Productions

President: Superhero
Vice President: Brinkin101

The first thing I'm gonna talk about is the Emploies

There is 4 ways to get paid

Silver track is $250
Gold track is $500
Platinum is $10000

Pod is worth $1000 every 1 you make that is alright and better

When you become apart of Urbanville Productions you will get $1000 atomaticly but untill Holloween im only alowing 20 track Artist and 20 pod Artist.

Raises:If you give me 5 Platinum Tracks in 2 weeks all your pay gets bumped up $100 so that would be $350, $600, and $10100

Advantiges:If you work for Urbanville Productions and you like someones pod, track, or beat, and that Urb works for Urbanville Productions, they will have to give it to you for free!!!If they dont they will get DISSED 1 time by myself,then if they do it again they get DISSED 2 times by me and fired no pay.

How to get in
All you have to do is make 2 tracks i like, or 2 pods i like to get in.I will be hard on you though.Gram me the names of the 2 tracks or pods so you wont get embaressed or something like that if you are rejected.I WILL NOT TELL ANYONE YOU ARE REJECTED exept Brinkin101 and that is only if nessecary like if i need some help accepting someone.

So go check it out

Keep it
and funky

>> Top Stories
A Happy Urbirthday for You
Each time of a year there comes a day for an Urbaniac when he has to admit his age. Urb-birthday it is. More and more Urbaniacs turn one and noone really knows about it. I am a one-year-old Urbaniac myself and I have to say... It sucks to party on your own.

To make things brighter, funkier and more party-like I am asking all Urbaniacs to send me a U-gram whenever their Urb-birthday is close. Their names will then show up in the City Hall each month for all of Urbanville to know when congratulate to veterans ;)

Do not make new topics in forums, there already are several. Forums/The Lounge/Urb-birthday and Da Mayor's Office/Birthday - places where you can also post your upcoming Urb-birthday.
>> Sports
Urbaniacs Olympics
The first quarter of The Urbolympics started with a BANG! First off, Urbanmaniac
and his Flingo stomped those Flango's Flungo's to win first place for his "Silent But Deadly" team.

Brikin101 used his Uber-Stank powers to slam those Henchlings out of the arena to make a clean sweep victory for Funky Time, the team sponsered by The Hustle Alliance!

In the final game of the this quarter, Tiger_Eyes gracefully jumps from rooftop to rooftop to win it for Funky Time!

So far, Funky Time is in the lead, followed by Silent But Deadly and The Vigilanties, but who knows how long Funky Time can keep their Gold medal winning streak? Soon we will reach the Second quarter!

Tune in to the challenges forum and root for your favorite team, this is Enaki Renraku, signing off.
>> Editorials
Muscling In!
Hello fellow Urbaniacs for those who don’t already know me my name is The_Gemini I am starting a group it is called U.R.B.A.N.M.U.S.C.L.E.
It stands for Urbaniac Rookies Benefit Assistance from NumeroUno Master Urbaniacs Supplying Combat Learning Experience. Some Urbaniacs might be wondering what could that be well if you have time on your hands here’s a short story when I first decided to move to Urbanville from Gemville I heard Urbanville was the Utopia of the most Mightiest Heroes and Vicious Villians but I decided to become a Vigilante I didn’t want to be the Jolly go lucky hero who obeys the law or a ruthless villain who destroys the innocent. But I was just starting how could I compete with the greatest Urbanics I needed guidance but I got guidance the hard way the first day I was there a Henchling beat me up then he brought a friend and then beat me up again and took my favorite hair pick. This is why I’m starting this group its kind of a sidekick union. I think a strong Urbaniac should kind of adopt a newbie as their apprentice teach them the ropes of being a hero, villain, vigilante anything and then when their strong enough they hit the urbanville streets by themselves. How will this be done the Master Urbaniac has to invite the apprentice to every assault and the Master Urbaniac has to attend every apprentice assault. Newbies can get stronger faster and take on the mean and nice streets of Urbanville. Will you join the cause .Will you join me to make Urbanville the Mightiest City in the World. Will you join Urban Muscle.