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Issue 50

Sep 2, 2006

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>> Editorials
Shwolf's Driving Me Crazy! By Preston
I'm not sure if you all know who I am, but I'm Preston, the sidekick of Afro_Chic. Yes, most of you fellas know me, I'm the one who chases you off of our doorstep at night. C'mon, back up off of my Chica!

I'm not here for that! I'm here to talk about the new Shwolf! How am I supposed to work when I have them there flirting and smiling and looking soooo gooood...

*shakes head*

Sorry, I was just thinking about Lois (Oswald_McFeff's Shwolf). We have a date coming up.

Anyways, how can you expect me to rob and protect my Chica with these females drooling all over me? I know I'm hot, I know I'm suave, I'm all that and a bag of hairy chips!

This just isn't kosher! So please, if you have a Shwolf, keep her away from me. I'm here for a job, not to get my flirt on. I know it's going to be hard for them to resist but they have to! I have burritos that I need to nab. Lois gets hungry...errrr...ummmm....I mean, my Chica needs it to replenish her health.

In closing, let me say, yes I'm hot. I'm the furry Cassanova of these parts. I don't care what Mikey (MrAnderson's wereboy) says. Miguelito my hairy tuckus! He has NOTHING on me! Hey Lois, what's up Mamita?

And Bane...PLEASE! He may be strong and all but at least I can tie my own shoes! (Get it? He's musclebound) The Shwolves love me cuz I'm slim, trim, and better than all of them! Hey Tiger Lilly, I see you eyeing me gurl!

What did you expect? Look at who I am partnered up with. Her flirting rubs off on everyone.

I don't have a Hero collah to pop so let me end this with:

*flips backwards peace sign*
Brother Fued
It was a normal, if you can call it normal, day in urbanville. A young hero who knows his way around, was making his way through the funky streets of Urbanville. This Urbaniac was known to everyone as Christop2, he was doing his funk strut around town when he saw his bro Wreck, also young, but a villian, who is like a nemisis, and a friend to Christop2. Wreck was against two chars and henchlings, so Christop2 ran in to help. After they won the battle, many more henchlings came out and tried to overwhelm both of them, but they still came out victors. Then even more henchlings and chars came out to fight, they fought many chars and henchlings, and beaten them in minutes, after the battle Christop2 was wondering why they were attacking wreck, so he asked wreck "What did you do this time wreck?", cause wreck always gets in trouble, especially sense he got his saber, he thinks he is strong, but Christop knows his weakness, and that made Christop2 stronger than him, even with his saber, and wreck didn't reply, he just ran off, and so Christop2 ran after him, only to find and fight more henchlings and chars, but all alone, and he suffered a horrible defeat by chars. He had beaten the henchlings already and had no choice but to retreat and go to his hide out to heal. Every time he got close henchlings and chars jumped out to keep him away, and wreck would run, and then one day Christop2 finally met up with his bro, to confront him, Chris said "Why are you running for man?" wreck replied with "Cause I wanted to try out my saber on a worthy opponent!", and strike his brother, and then the battle began, Chris asked "What is going on!??, did you lose your mind?!?!!?, I know your weakness, you can't beat me, and you know that!", but wreck said "I have no weakness!' and striked at his brother again, only to hit nothing but air, then Chris said "Okay you want to play, lets play.", and Evil Eyed his brother, and then tackled him, wreck came back and attacked with his saber again, then the battle kept goin' for along time, until Christop2 nearly lost, then wreck said "I will finally win brother, perpare to lose!", then Christop used a pizza and took the hit, then said "Wreck with or without that freakin' saber, I'm still stronger!!!!!", and then broke his saber with his head and and Evil Eyed his brother wreck, then tackled him to a wall, ending the fight for wreck and his saber, wreck said "Why can't I beat you!!", then Christop2 replied to him with "Cause I'm your big brother, and the big brother is always stronger, later", then he got on his skate board and rolled into the sunset, and wreck was just sitting there wondering why didn't he win, "WHY CAN'T I WIN!!", and just sat there wonder the same thing over and over agian, then he would plot his new plan to try to beat the Super Hero he calls brother.
>> Top Stories
Calling You the Funk Out!
Dear fellow Urbanville members!

It has been brought to my attention that a few members of this town have been acting in an unfunkdified manner. To those cats I say the Queen of Funk has her eye on you. I will hunt each and everyone of you down in a funky manner. I will tie you up with funky ropes and knots. Lead you back to the Mistress of Funk Club where you will be serenaded by me and the towns' funky elite. Believe me my friends, you will FEEL the FUNK! You will LOVE the FUNK! You will crave the FUNK, the WHOLE FUNK and NOTHING BUT THE FUNK!

I am making it my duty to preserve the town's funkiness!!! So watch out unfunkdified members...You are now on my funky radar!

*pops Hero collah*
I WANT YOU!!! To join the Urbanville Amy!!!
Hello Heroes, Villains, Vigilantes,nomads and beatniks. Today was a sad day in Urbanville. A bad man from Rumpville has brought a time bomb in the city hall of Urbanville and we have struck war!!! For more information please listen to 35.5 Army Urbanville FM. The city hall was damaged and 5 people injured. Join as fast as you can!!!

Stay Funky,

p.s. Join in forums
Yo Momma Votes!
Yo check it out the entry's for Yo mamma joke contest haz stopped and now voting shall begin check out de Challenge forum to vote and the voting will last for a week n will stop oon my last call on 7th of September which will be on next tuesday so u got a week so i suggest u HURRY lol remember wot u are hoping to win

1st Place: 10,000 Urbo's
2nd Place: 7,500 Urbo's
3rd Place:5,000 Urbo's