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Issue 207

Feb 22, 2013

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>> Sports
Sport Mike Mike

Hello all you urbo's and urbet's out their it's me Mike Mike to update you on the daily sports news.

I'n basketball today the All-star game was a blast to watch. Mr.P Coached his team to win it all in the celebrity game. Love_Child just went beast on everyone, showing that just because she's newly retired doesn't me she don't have it. I think Dragus_Loader Is still looking for his ankles because he got CROSSED! The current number one team, Running crossers, led by TheThing will face off against the against the number 3, Darkside Philly. Led by Osmelio.

Some baseball news later on I hope you all enjoyed todays sports news with Mike Mike.

Champions League Part 2

In this weeks edition i will be talking about the second leg of Champions League.

My team, Manchester United unfortunately lost to Real Madrid due to the referee wrongfully sending one off the players off. Nani, the red carded player tried to control the ball in the air and did not know about the opposition coming at him and he accidently hit him around the arms/ribs. The referee waited a couple of minutes then showed him the red card causing possibly the loudest roar the fans of Manchester United have ever done at their stadium, Old Trafford. Real Madrid are now through to the Quarter Finals. The atmosphere on the night was electric not only because of the altitude of the match but also because a former Manchester United player coming to Old Trafford for the first time since he moved to Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo. The player recieved huge cheers and he was very emotional on the night. Ronaldo is considered to be the best or at the very least the second best in the world with many saying Messi is better than him or same as him in terms of ability to win matches, score goals and break records.

In one of the other games Barcelona beat Ac Milan 4-0 in their own stadium, the Nou Camp. The atmosphere was electric!

Arsenal will be playing tonight against Bayern Munich. I shall hopefully report back to you Urbanvilles tonight after the match has finished. Till then take care!

Champions League Part 2 continued

Welcome Back to Zidane TV.

I am reporting from the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany. The fans here are all excited with their team through to the next round of the Champions League but there are some who are a little bit nervous because they lost 0-2 to Arsenal at Home. Bayern Munich were a little too complacent and they were sloppy with their chances and when they had possession they did not threat to create any chances. But they still went through because of their 1-3 win at Emirates Stadium, London, England (Arsenal`s home stadium). The aggregate score was 3-3 with Bayern going through on away goals.

Quarter Final Draws

The quarter final draws were made this Friday (15-03-13). This is how it all looks. The stand out ties are Bayern Munich vs Juventas and Barcelona vs PSG.

All the ties below:

Málaga v Borussia Dortmund

Real Madrid v Galatasaray

Paris Saint-Germain v Barcelona

Bayern Munich v Juventus

I leave you with that till then see you next time.

>> Editorials

The streets have quit downed. After the two consecutive wars. The whole Urb town is in shambles from the constant battles. Many people dies in those battles. Many have ran away. 3/4 of all Urb citizens are gone. 3/4 of all the different hero and villian groups have been defeated or ran away from the after math. The Urb town is silent now. The villian and heroes look for their leaders who are nowhere to be found after their great battle. Even the senator who tried to bring everything back together is idle. Only a few yet remain. The Urb world is in chaos and sadness.


>> Top Stories
What's in my inventory?

Building on the theme from last issue's article, I thought it would be interesting to hit up my inventory and pick out some special items and let you all know what I like about them.

First up: Midnight Cape
This is one of my most coveted items. Why you ask - that cape has low stats and well, isn't very cool. I beg to differ.

On first glance, this is very similar to the Cape Dredd, taken from the same mold even. The difference is in the coloring - Midnight Cape looks like the dark of night. A deep blue and black hue, it's perfect for stalking prey after hours. The dark colors make it the perfect complement to a Black Suit, or the perfect contrast to a White Gloat Coat. The little bit of blue helps set it off and tie it in.

When I started my quest to collect, this was one item that I couldn't find. Out of the hundreds of urbs I was dealing with, there was only one who had it and they weren't willing to let it go.

For the longest time this cape was the only back gear I didn't have. Then a dear friend who I had know for some time was like, "Oh, I have 2 of those. Here you go!"

Because of how long it took to get, and the friend who bestowed their good fortune on me, this remains one of my favorite items.