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Issue 206

Feb 22, 2013

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>> Editorials
Pawn Stars - Urb Edition

Because I have a lot of stuff, I often get approached to sell, buy or help find items for other urbs. Since I'm out in the community a lot, I have a good pulse on who has what for sale, where to find things that may not be advertised for sale, and who has good prices and trades well.

When at all possible, I will put two urbs in contact with each other to make an easy trade, but sometimes I act as a middle man. I also try to use my previous interactions with urbs as leverage for new trades, or trades with newer urbs that have done right by me.

But, when I started this collection, a great resource for me was the Pawn Shop. I think that many times, this under-ultilized function has some great gear, especially for newbies. I can't tell you the number of times someone is looking for some reasonably priced starter gear, that I've gotten at a great discount from the shop and donated it thier way.

I've found in most cases, you can get an item below Funk's cost, and it's a good place to check when folks are dumping their inventory.

As a bouns, if you're low on funds and people aren't buying your stuff, the grump who runs the shop will take it from you. Granted, you may not get as much cash as you'd like, but hey, that's business....

If you're ever looking for a place to find something you might not expect, check the pawn shop. Or if you're looking for something, let me know and if it's there during my visits, I'll pick it up for you!


Le gasp! Urbanville is under attack! Once the fall cold set it, it must have cooled down the circuits for the Mass Mind Control Device that was decommissioned years ago! Now everyone is leaving time away from urb! Its barren during the days, and moderately busy during the night. Hopefully during the holidays, the machine will either freeze or see love and release everyone. Soon, Urbaniacs will be back to the average 20 it had earlier!

>> Top Stories
Urbaniacs Mysteries Numero Cinco

Alright time for number five of the mysteries of the city of Urbanville. This one is of someone who hasn't shown up in a long time. It is the mysterious Masked Editor. Most people nowadays have forgotten about him but I myself remember. But here we go down the rabbit Hole once more. I just so happen to open a few channels to tell me that Masked Editor has been out in several towns most recently Gotham. TME for short has been moving Town to town and changing his appearance to coincide with his town for a while... Which has kept me and my network off his trail.

To give myself the upper hand on this trail I had to figure out his newest mask which this time looks like a magicians styled top hat with a samurai styled jaw mask. Which is strange for gotham but then again they have a man who dresses as a bat there so who really knows how strange TME's new appearance is.

Where's the Word?

Lately, everyone has been minding their own business and keeping to themselves. Not that this isn't good, it's just that Urbanville as a community is loosing their connection to one another. One fun way to get back on track is to write as many stories as you can! Follow a hot gossip, go undercover, schedule some interviews. Here's an idea, come up with some questions and send them via gram to someone. You can write a WHOLE story on that person!
Another thing you might want to consider doing is to try and call out your arch enemies by cleverly creating some "rumors" or "white lie". Hopefully they'll reply back with a response to that story!


What are you waiting for? The possibilities are endless!

>> Sports
Champions League Part 1

In the first week (12 + 13 Feb) of Last 16 in the Champions League Manchester United came away from Bernabau with a draw 1-1. This score line will please Manchester United fans because to go to Bernabau and play against Real Madrid in their own backyard and get a away goal is crucial in this tie. Manchester United will welcome Real Madrid at their stadium on 5th of March, a day after my exam lucky me!!! That score line was not much of a shock because of Real Madrids current form.

The biggest shock of the tournament came in this weeks legs (19-20 Feb) when favourites Barcelona travelled to the San Siro to play Ac Milan of Italy. Everyone expected a win for Barcelona on paper but football is not played on paper. If it was then there would be no point of knockouts because Barcelona would win against anyone on paper. Barcelona lost this match 2-0 and now FC Barcelona hope they can get a result in their own stadium, the "magical" San Siro.

I will report back to you next week when the second legs have been played till then take care and good bye from Zidane!