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Issue 200

Sep 5, 2012

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>> Editorials
Happy 200th issue!

One hundred issues ago, in August of 2007, the Masked_Editor was in charge of the Chronicles, Mayor DaMan announced the impending opening of the Swap Meet, and a serial killer was on the loose. The names of our reporters and our active citizens have changed, but the spirit of Urbaniacs is the same as it ever was.  We have always had a mixed bag of various dispos, of go-getters, and slack-abouts, of trouble-makers from some poor teacher's third grade class who we never thought would mature, and enthusiastic people from all over the world who wanted to settle in this little city to make it a more interesting place.

The Chronicles has had its ups and downs as well.  From May to December 2007, 23 issues were published.  In 2006, 43 issues ran. In 2007, there was a record 48! Things started to slow down in 2008 when 25 issues were published. 2009 got worse with only 13, and 2010 showed a devasting zero activity. In April of 2011, the Chronicles was revived again and finished the year with 35 issues. So far in 2012, this will make our 13th issue published. If we don't miss a beat, we can get in another 15 issues this year which won't be the best year for the Chronicles, but it won't be the worst either.

This publication is here to document our life in Urbanville, so we don't forget the epic battles, and crazy drama, the big personalities and small triumphs. Finding a forgotten memory in the Forums is almost impossible, but the Chronicles makes it easy to relive our history while it inspires us for the future.

The Secrets of Urbanville Part 2

Well for the 200th episode of the Chronicles, I felt for this I would talk about the secrets of three of the assault characters that have not been in a single assault. First about Mcsurly who has been drinking all the green beer with his good friend Paddy O'Furniture. In fact my Host club has been out of green beer for weeks. Not only that but thanks to Mcsurly my Host Club has had to be repaired every time he has been there.

Now About Paddy O'Furniture even though his name has been a joke about patio furniture he's been angry about the people making fun of him. He's actually tried to keep Mcsurly under control until someone makes a snide remark. Then they have let loose their Irish rage. Which has banned them from assaults until they get their acts together.

Now for Graffiti Sweetie she's added a lot of new art to the background of several areas of urb. But that isn't why she's not been in the assaults. In fact I've heard several rumors about why she's not been in the assaults. One was that she's been working on practicing on her back flips and graffiti art. Another one is that she has been hired by a roller skate graffiti group to help them get better in graffiti tagging. The last one is that she's been in the hospital since she's said something about Paddy O'Furniture and hasn't left since. But the thing is, I have checked the hospital records for the past few months recently and there was no record of her being in the hospital. So you can be the judge of where she is.

That is all for now but keep reading the Chronicles. I might have more secrets coming. But for now this all I shall reveal this issue.

The Real Story of How it all Went Down!

So I keep getting messages asking me why I'm still a villain and why do I bow down to the Hoof ?

Well there is a real story behind all this that only a few people know of. GoatFist and I came up with a plan and I told him in order for him to impress me and be the leader, he had to do something BIG. Something that was never done before. And he did, he took me out and Love_Child.

That plan impressed me enough to let him lead the Family and respect him as the face of the villains. Also the henchlings did a good job in taking out the other dispos. Good job guys, I made a long story short ahah!



A Celebration of Time and History.

This Issue of the Chronicles marks its 200th piece since its inception into Urbanville Society.

The Chronicles is a treasure trove of Urbanville's history. If you take the time to read previous issues, the knowledge you can gain will offer a window into the city's past.

But with the past comes the future, a Yin Yang if you will, that offers a wealth of knowledge and experience that will shape the Future of Urbanville.

Even now the city is taking on shape generated by you, the young members. Bringing new personalities and individuality that Urbanville has never seen before.

But I bring one message, That hopefully you all take in. Treat everyone equally and fairly. Urbanville would not have survived so long without accepting diversity. Remember this is not the Real World, but a place to escape.

So remember on this Milestone of Urbanville's history a message of Patience, Kindness, Peace and Prosperity.

Helpful Vigilantes

So I have been sitting in my room, with the sun shining on my laptop and me thinking about how I became a Vigi and how different they are from the rest. For example when I first made the account I became a Hero thinking they will help me and give me some gear or invite me to battles, but none of that happened.

Then one day jtg came by asking me if I wanted to become a Vigilante and he was so helpful and I said "Okay, I will try for a few days." But now I don't want to leave them because they have helped me so much; invited me to battles, itachi gave me a free char body and well they all prop me and look out for the new Vigilantes.

So I would like to thank all of them and if anyone who is having doubts about what ever disposition they are, should change to a Vigilante if you want to be doubtless. I am wondering what awaits me in my life as a Vigilante.....................

The Beginning of the End PART IV

Recently, on the Beginning of the End sequel, this happened

One guy's head got sliced off. That gotta hurt! As the winner of the battle sheathed his sword, he turned and looked at me and BANG! I heard the sound of a bullet being shot out of a 12 Gauge shotgun...

Everything went bright white. You know how before people die they say "I can see the light."? Well that was exactly what I was seeing. I thought somebody shot me from behind. But no. That wasn't the case. I feel fine. Maybe I am in the afterlife? Hmm.. That can't be. Why can't I see anything else? I tried to move but nothing happened. I was trapped? Not sure. No idea what's going on whatsoever.

After about, 5 minutes of seeing nothing but white, the white light started fading away. I could see some colour. Finally. Then eventually, the white light was no more. I could see perfectly and I could see everything. The first thing I noticed was that the two men were not there. Strange... Where could the dead body have gotten to? Where did that man who won the epic fight get to? So many questions yet no answers. I got tired of asking so many questions so I made a promise to myself I ain't going to ask as many questions. I turned around and again, that glowing light appeared.

I decided to follow it and it led me to some sort of main road kind of thing. I looked left and I got the biggest fright of my life. I saw what looked like to be.. a gang ? No. I don't think gangs existed back then. I put my camera to my eye, looked through the eye piece thing and I saw nothing? I put the camera down and I saw the big crowd of people. What the heck ? I turned to my right and saw the exact same but this time, I saw men on the rooftops. A split second later, those men just.. fell? Maybe they got killed somehow really fast? No clue. I stared at the roofs and I saw a man jumping down and landing on someone. Then the same with the other 3 men? I turned to my left and WOAH. It was like clash of the titans!

The two groups who I thought were gangs were actually men with hoods up and fighting with swords and crossbows and what not. I was terrified. I couldn't take a picture or anything. What was I to do. Just stand there? I must take notes. I reached inside my jacket pocket and nothing? My notebook wasn't there! What is going on!! My stanley blade was not there either. It looked as if I was stuck here? I saw that cursed glowing light again and I sprinted after it. As I was going nearer, it flashed quicker and quicker. When I got right close to it, it disappeared. I turned round and BANG...

The biggest explosion EVER just happened. Nobody was there. Well I think so anyway considering I could see the white light again. After 2 minutes, I could see perfectly fine. I looked straight ahead and nothing. Wait a sec.. The year is... The Great... I.. I just witnessed the Great Battle! Holy smokes. I couldn't believe my eyes. How can I prove this with no pictures or anything? How am I even able to get back?

The corner of my eye caught sight of something. I turned to look at it. I stared at them. It was 3 men, dressed in brown cloaks, hoods up, face unseen. They were walking slowly and they had a giant scythe in their hands. I turned around to see if they were walking towards somebody. Nobody was there. I turned back around and those men were RIGHT IN MY FACE. I was so scared I couldn't even move a muscle. Their faces were ferocious. At the same time, all three of them SLASHED me with their scythe and BANG. I heard the big bang again.. I waited 3 hours at LEAST. I was waiting for the white light to go away but it stayed there.

Unknown: Welcome to death. Ha ha ha ha ha

I turned around and I saw what looked like hell.. This was it? I am dead? Wow. I try to prove to the world that the Great Battle has happened, and now I get chucked in to hell.. Yeah.. Cool.

Me: Well go on then whoever you are. Throw me in that pit.

Now I regret saying that because he spoke again
Unknown: Very well then.


The Battle Between a Hero and a Villain

Wind blows, as Magic_Shadow walks to the battle arena against his opponent, Mandude.

Magic has first attack. As he got ready for his attack, he swings a lightning fast punch at Mandude. Mandude dodges Magic's punch and throws a counter attack in to Magic's gut forcing him to slam into a wall.

Magic is starting to feel the side affects of Mandude's strong hit, but that won't stop him! Magic teams up with his Kid Covert, Brandon, and knocks Mandude silly with his brass knuckles. Mandude is barely hurt. Magic looks in amazement. Mandude takes Magic out with his Warp Drive! Magic is down! But will he get back up? Magic gets on his hands and knees, suffering from a concussion, and a broken leg.

Magic still gets back up! Magic gains full chakra and gives his attack his full potential. Mandude is hit hard with Magic's Ice Scream! Mandude suffers from a broken arm, and a broken nose. Mandude targets Magic's head, which will have the most effect on an attack but what's this! Magic's Kid Covert took the hit! Brandon is down, and can't get back up!

Anger fills Magic, and wants his vengeance. Magic jumps up so high, he reaches space! He comes down at Mandude like a meteor! Mandude jumps up, also and is coming at Magic! As they collide, a bright flash appears.

It seems it's a draw! Magic and Mandude are both unable to battle!

Daily Jokes

What lies at the bottom of the ocean and twitches?

A nervous wreck.


It's not the fall that kills you's the sudden stop at the end.


How many men does it take to wallpaper a room?

About two -if they are thinly sliced.


Whenever I fill out an application, in the part that says, "If an emergency, notify: ____"

I put "DOCTOR". What is my mother going to do?

Rancid Leaving the FAMILY?!

So here we are, live in Urbanville city centre! Live and rolling with our camera crew!
So what's been happening in Urb, you say? Allow me to explain.

You all know who Rancid Rawhide is right? The old chap who was a dedicated Villain. Well he seemed as though he was a dedicated Villain. Well he left! I know right, unbelievable!
Before he left, he blew up the Family Mansion! Woah. Those Villains must be real angry!

But before he left, a young Villain called Magic Shodow, climbed into Rancid's suitcase. Rancid didn't notice till he entered his cave and locked up Magic. A brave Villain known as "HaMo" decided to rescue his ol' pal. HaMo went and found Rancid. When he found Rancid, they fought, of course and then, out of nowhere, ManDude appears! Insane, right! Two against one? Talk about being outnumbered :(

HaMo had to evacuate the building at all cost. He just deflected a gas bomb that Rancid threw at him and the whole building was contaminated. HaMo had no choice but to flee and get his homies to back him up. Luckily, Buckethead12 came just in time. And now, as we speak, a huge battle between Rancid, ManDude and Bucket and HaMo. There seems to be smoke coming out from the building? We cannot confirm this at the moment folks.

That's all we have for today! We shall update you on the latest news of this exciting battle!

Stay tuned in to Channel four :) Goodbye.

Amazing Chronicles

As I read through the Chronicles, I realise how much Urbaniacs means to people and how long people have been playing the fantastic game. The first chronicle was uploaded on May 11, 2005 and it seems a long time but I see that there has always been something for people to say in the Chronicles be it to do with Urbaniacs or real life or your dreams, but people have made this chronicle so special.

People who don't generally speak in the forums or are not very open, have been writing for the Chronicles. For example I don't talk in the forums a lot but I post things on the chronicle as often as I can. I am writing this to give my special thanks to people who have kept the Chronicles alive and there are so many people that have contributed to the Chronicles.

Thank You Urbaniacs, and all of its people whether former or present Urbanville citizens. And Congratulations on the 200th issue. Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

>> Top Stories
Yearbook Results

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I haven't been able to prepare everything I wanted before announcing this year's Yearbook results.  However, I felt that the 200th issue of the Chronicles would be a good place to document your winners, Urbanville! The votes were very close in almost every category, so thanks to everyone who participated; each vote carried a lot of weight! 

King & Queen of Propping:  neck69 & samatha123

King & Queen of Dissing:  Osmeliio & BLACK_RAVEN_

King & Queen of the Forums:  sandggg & Dark_Oracle

King & Queen of Drama:  BlueFlames & samatha123

MVP: Heroes:  ManDude

MVP: Villains:  Osmeliio

MVP: Vigilantes:  Kampo

MVP: Nomads:  TheThing

MVP: Beatniks:  Love_Child

Best Avatar:  Dragus_Loader

Best Alter Ego Name:  mrparty

Best Lair:  neck69

Best Dressed:  Zoomer_McTraveller

Best Artist(s):  Dark_Oracle & ManDude <-- Yes, it was a tie!

Best Chronicler:  Urbrey_Porter

Best Rapper:  Armand_Hammer

Most Friendly:  Love_Child

Most Grumpy:  altergut

Most Humorous:  Montgomery

Most Sinister:  Rackman

Most Mysterious:  Dragus_Loader

Most Helpful:  Love_Child

Most Creative:  Euphyllia

Favorite Sidekick:  Sucka

Favorite Weapon:  Urborang

Favorite Game:  Bumper Boats

Favorite Forum Topic:  Family is Back (Favorite Section was the Lounge)

Favorite Thing About Urb:  The community