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Issue 190

Feb 26, 2012

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>> Editorials
We Are Villains!!!

Osmellio has brought us back and we are stronger than ever. Don't dare challenge us you wimpy zeros, vigis, beats, or nomads; you will get beaten.
Our leaders are back and they are stronger than ever. We have grown stronger as a group and are ready for anything. All the zeros in urbanville will be crushed and sent home crying. you smack talk my homeys, you get hurt, simple as that!
Us villains have united again and will conquer urb once more. Whether it be in battles , in forums, or in wars, we will come out on top!
As fair warning, back down now or feel our wrath. If you do not comply you will be dissed till you truly are a zero, be smacked talked till your ears fall off, and crushed by our true might.

We Taking Over One Dispo at a Time

LOL good title huh?? Well let me get to the point, I will be posting a chronicle every time and so will my fellow villains.. we will take over the wall of heroes they are gonna have to change the title to the wall of VILLAINS.. ohh yeah we are also taking over the chronicles, gallery, wall of villains and even in the games..

What you think about that??? Not much huh??? And for Porter if he keeps on with his negative comments there will be a problem between me and him.. remember what happened last time Porter??? that's what I thought......

JOIN THE VILLAINS and be at the top of the kingdom!!!!!!


one day i was walkin down the streets and i saw a zero and his wallet was stickin out and stole his wallet and he calls me 2 a battle so i called down osmeliio,ultraurb,montgomery,and the other villians and the zero gathered his zeros friends and we all started battlin so i distracted the zeros and called them chickens and they were distracted and so i told the villians 2 start gunnin on them so we started gunnin on the zeros and the zeros went red and we went back 2 battlin them and the zeros kept foolin around so we started 2 smack down so they were wonderin wats was goin on with so much distraction so i started 2 ask random stuff and they couldnt take it anymore with so much distraction they just wanted 2 battle us so we ended the distraction and we started battlin and battlin till we defeated them and we won and i kept the wallet with lots of money and i spented it on some stuff and the zero lost his wallet and other zeros lost the battle and they were upset and we villians were happy bcuz we won again but we should hav betted some urbos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Once Upon...

once upon a time there was a hero who thought he was better than the villians and one day he made a party and invited the heroes to come to the party and other villians heard that there was a party over at the hero side so the villians crashed the party and the heros were confused and they were saying who invited the villians over and the villians got called out 2 a throwdown and there was a war between the villians and heros fighting over a crashed party and the villians started betting money about who would win and the heros starting betting money and when they started fighting at first they thought there was gonna be a tie and another villian came and broke the tie so the villian won and defeated the heros.

Thoughts on What it Means to be a Newbie

I always wondered what makes somebody a newbie, besides the obvious fact that they are in a new environment. Through careful observation of the forums, about 5 minutes, and the people who semi regularly post in them I came to the conclusion that it has absolutely nothing to do with the time someone has spent in a new environment, or how long he has been playing more simply put.

Being a newbie has more to do with the way you interact with your environment and the people with whom you share it. I know people who have been playing for more than a year and are still newbies, because they simply do not know the proper way to express themselves and how to interact with other players.

If you, the reader, think that you might be a newbie and wish to discard this moniker, next time when you want to type a swear in censored characters, abstain from doing so. Next time you want to open a topic in the wrong sub forum, don't. Remember common sense is your best friend and if you don't have any, then listen to the people who do have it.

Villains Taking Over

This is a joke right? Of course it is! They'll have control of this city when they pry it from the Hero's cold dead hands!

Short message, I know, but I feel I've made my point.

The Great Urbanville Marathon

The Great Urbanville Marathon is a contest. There are 4 parts to it. The preliminaries, the gallery, the story writing, and the battle. See thread in lounge for more.

Zeroes? Or Heroes?

You often hear the the word "Zero" coming from the black hole on the villains' face. Well, Who is the real zero? I hear that word all the time and don't you think it's getting a little old? I mean you Villains or "Vermins" can think of only one thing that rhymes with hero? That's pretty sad that you talking about yourself. Heroes are more than Zero.

But on the other hand Villians are the real zeroes here. They try to Supposedly take over urb and all there crazy shenanigans they do. Or they are just too immature to admit that they are zeroes. So who is the real zero here? Well there's your answer.



I'VE HAD IT WITH YOU GOATIE. SO I WILL POST AN EMBARRASSING PHOTO OF YOU. BE READY FOR THE WRATH OF ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OH I KNOW WHY.......



Why the Bank Needed a Shakeup

I am a multi-billionaire here in Urbanville. I made a lot of savvy trades and investments to get a lot of urbos, and then the bank did the rest of the work over time. Right now I own 2.075 billion urbos. I was making about 4.8 million urbos in interest per day before the bank closed.

In one year, under those rates, just by collecting interest, I would have been making 11.3 million per day.

In 2 yrs: 26.5 million
3 yrs: 62.1 million
5 yrs: 340.7 million
6.26 yrs: 1 billion
8.97 yrs: 10 billion
14.39 yrs: 1 TRILLION

I may be the richest in Urbanville, but there are others that have close to or possibly above the amount of urbos that I have. We just can't have people dropping billions of urbos around like they are nothing. No newbie would ever be able to compete with that. In 14 years I'd be able to give up a trillion and then get another trillion the next day in just interest. These rates shouldn't go on forever, so that's why we needed a change.

I believe that the bank in itself is a great thing, and it needs to reopen at some point in the future. However, the rate of interest that it gives out will have to be lowered significantly.

Robbery Of The Bank!

SO..... it was a normal day in Urbanville and the Myself ( DEATH) was about to go do his daily urb duties so i Train and get a chest with +5 might on my head. AMAZING so i continue and i go grab a lotto ticket hoping to win. Then i go to the bank and what do i see GOATFIST HAS ROBBED THE BANK. I thought to myself that ball of fur has taken my interest... WHAT A GENIUS now those millionaires wont get even more millions ... but i was a bit sad i had some millions of my own to get :3 but all in all i think Goatie did something ok for the Urbs _DEATH :S :D :3

Urb to be Interactive Again

Goatfist has destroyed the bank... wow!! No more interest to collect. This should be very good for the game itself now.... hopefully Urbs will now interact more with each other just like the old days.

Lets get back to playing all the games again.. whos up for the challenge of defeating the NECK at 'Bomb Diggity'? This will be one of the ways now where you can get your urbos , so lets see all the scoreboards full again......maybe in the future prizes could be given out for daily & weekly top scores again?

Hopefully the mission glitch will be sorted out soon & the reward for defeating someone in battle could return back to normal..... Talking about battles. Newbies out there with low stats, start inviting some of the experienced Urbs to battles to help out & get you more urbos or even training passes.

With the bank now closed hopefully the economy will return to normality & trading prices can lower now, especially training passes where in some cases, Urbs were selling for 500k each.

This is just the opinion of THE NECK, change is good for the game i think.

Big Bank Bananza!

GoatFist has done the unthinkable! This goat has finally done something evil for once and has taken out the Bank Of Urbanville! Luckily it had some really good insurance and supplied everyone back their lost money. What will we do now though? I'll tell you what!

Misinterpret that old man under the bridge trying to give you all good advice!!!

The Bank Removed. Good or bad?

Well, from my opinion, I think its a good thing. Yes I enjoyed the interest, but it was getting out of hand. Working for urbos is not a hard thing. You get at least 50k in games a day. Prices should be going down and the economy should settle down a little more.

A solution to the bank being removed could be not taking away interest, but lowering it. People worked hard to earn those urbos and reach high interest. Well thats my opinion on the bank so hope you enjoyed.