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Issue 189

Feb 1, 2012

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>> Editorials
And Here We Have It

Welcome (finally) to another edition of the Chronicles. It seems the villains have some spirit and so I left some of that spirit pure and unedited. I think you'll see why.

If your article was not included, it's because it wasn't related to Urbaniacs whatsoever. I received a book synopsis and a school report that didn't do anything to illustrate life in Urbanville. If you want to rework your stories and make them relevant, you may resubmit them.

In other news, Scoop is missing. That's right, missing. And I know I'm the prime suspect in this case, but I really had nothing to do with it. It would have been better timing had he gone missing in December since I could have done without the decoration overload. I had no motive to make him disappear after the festivities were over, cleaned up, and packed away.  If anyone sees him wondering the streets unattended, please call the Urbanville Society to Protect Annoying Citizens.  Maybe Sherlock will have something to do now.

Head Leader is BACK!!!

Yes I have returned, I decided to take a break and go do the E.V.I.L. Academy all over again, I have failed in something but I went back to fix it. Now that I am back and brand new things will be different. I will not tolerate any dispo dissing the villains even though it's under reconstruction. These are my rules-

There will be more rules but those are the most important rules as of now.. S.v, richmax, black raven are trying to bring what villains was back then... if we take over a thread and a zero post on the thread the urb will be dissed till OUR fingers hurt.. yes MESS WITH ONE MESS WITH ALL!!!!! we are a team as of matter of fact we are more then a team we are FAMILY....

Now this goes to the zeroes... who ever the zero leader is GRAM me as soon as you can Ihave something in mind so we can settle our differences and make urbs more active... CYA

Villains, Villains,Villains

I overheard them saying they are better than us Heroes in battles and now they want to take over the Chronicles. Since when did villains write? And how do they know they are better than us in battles?

I mean their goat can't even come on the site. Who wants to be told what to do by a goat? Oh yeah P.S tell him I am the one that stole his milk. Villains, pathetic no good henchlings. Thats how I describe them.

They lack intelligence so be careful when you talk to them.


TAKIN OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

me and nina were walkin and we bumped in2 some zeroes,me and nina betted that if they win we would leave but if we win we would take over we went 2 get help from the other when we gathered all the villians and when we got there they chickened out or so i thought but they were launchin an acttack but we didnt fall for it we battled the zeros and we fought the zeros and the battle took alot of days but one villian named osmeliio outsmarted them and battled them and we found their weakness and we defeated the zeros and we villians took over urbaniacs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

The great battle

one day at urbanville the villians planned a surprise attack on the heroes so every villian trained and trained to be strong so they could defeat the heroes and rule urbanville so several days was time to battle the heroes and they hid until all the heroes were there so they all arrived and it was time to attack so they fought until they won so the villians all won and took over urbanville and never in their life saw the heroes ever again or so they thought the heroes are watching them!See what happens on the great battle 2!See ya!

The Legend

Ordinary people call them lowlifes, but we, people of the night, call them Legends. Only a handful of people know the true story of the Legend, luckily I am one of those people..c:

As Urbanville first came into existence, there was only one group of people, the Nomads. They roamed Urbanville searching for food, a place to crash and some fun. As time went along, more people gathered, their ways became more heroic and nasty and when it came to a point were the only fun you could have was cleaning the streets, an uprising occurred. It was led by one person, GoatFist. He believed we should honor the old ways, but create new laws benefiting the strong. We could take as we please, plumage the weak and show respect to the hoof! With disagreement came quarrels, with quarrels came fights and with fights came war. A civil war among the two groups formed, but both sides had little supplies. Eventually the Heroes stood victorious and either imprisoned or banished the remaining villains. All of the resistance was captured except for one. He wasn't like the other fighters, he was a born leader, had a cold broken heart and fought for what he wanted and not for the better good. Some say he came from the pits of hell, we knew better though. This animal fought with a golden aurora, he ripped the very limbs from his opponent as it was a game. He was the ultimate machine and he was coming for the Heroes. As he started gathering up convicts, thief, robbers and villains, his army grew strong, stronger than before. They were hungry, hungry for battle, power, wealth and that dominate feeling when you score a football or whatever. They were willing to do anything for that...As this maniac could sense that, he let his dogs loose into the city to cause havoc, create disarray and start phase one in his plan to UrbDomination. And this was only the beginning.....