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Issue 186

Dec 14, 2011

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>> Editorials
Singing Christmas Cheer

We have some musical entries for Scoop's contest in this issue by talented song writers Jay_Rawker, Dark_Oracle and ManDude. I would hate to have to be a judge because all their songs are great. I was singing them in the office, but don't tell Scoop. He's been leaving early and taking personal days. I suspect he's been shopping. But I'm not complaining! Anything that gets him out of the office is a truly a holiday blessing!

Congratulations to neck69! Read his article to find out why.

Jay_Rawker has something very thought provoking to say in his latest article. Thank you, Jay!

And to the two new Urbs who submitted extremely short articles, please put a little more effort in. Articles are like stories and they need a beginning, middle and ending. Or at least a Who, What, When, Where, Why and How. Or at least more than three sentences. Back the the drawing board with you and send in new articles!

Newsworthy News

(Scoop Wanted an article for xmas, even though I periodically write. He wasted a gift!)

Song for Scoop's Xmas Contest:

Greatness comes from here
Things about it will cause buzz
Where everything makes us cheer
Celebrate with us

Goat can not stop it
Everything here will be lit
Street to street
Buildings will be full of sleet

Christmas is almost here
Listen close Santa might be near
DaMan, Urbrey, Scoop
Others will be forming a loop

Thats my xmas song! Hope you enjoy!

It's Christmas Time (Contest)

It's Christmas Time (Wine Red by the Hush Sound)

Henchlings under the mistletoe.
Who is that party pooper?
He hung heavy on the tree above your head

This season, this society, this city seems so perfect
Gift giving around Urbanville; we'll sing around the Christmas stars.

We sing, we just go on
This is the time and this is the place to rejoice.

Jenny Law dancing in the street.
Johnny Law is not in a hassle.
There is a celebration in the city tonight

It is Christmas time
Urbanville is such a beauty
Smiles has heighten
Goatfist is gone

Scarf wrapped around Speedy's neck
Lunar skating around the tree
Mayor sings songs and out of breath
It is Christmas time, let us sing

We sing, we just go on
This is the time and this is the place to rejoice.

It is Christmas time
Urbanville is such a beauty
Smiles has heighten
Goatfist is gone

It is Christmas time
Urbanville is such a beauty
Smiles has heighten
Goatfist is gone

It is Christmas time
Urbanville is such a beauty
Smiles has heighten
Goatfist is gone

Number 1 finally at 'DISCO BALLS'

After playing all the games more or less for well over 3 years, I have finally achieved top position in the all time list on the game 'DISCO BALLS'. My score was over 12k, the previous top score was held by 'pedi' of just over 9k, WOW!!! is what I say. lol.

I currently hold the all time highest score in 'BOMB DIGGITY' and also 'SPEEDY RUNS' so getting there in 'DISCO BALLS' has made me a happy chappy. I accept rewards with trophies, cash, TP's etc, feel free to donate!!! ha ha

On a quick other note, I do hope lots of Urbs out there start playing the games again, the scoreboards look a bit bare these days & you get rewarded with lots more urbos.

Christmas-Urbaniacs Style

(for Inside_Scoop's contest)

*slow start*
All around
On the ground
You find snow everywhere.
Here and there
Holiday cheer
Ringing in your ear.

*fast and exciting*
Down from the sky
That good ole' jolly guy!
DaSanta brings you cheer!
Under the tree
In your socks!
Presents here!
Presents there!
Every cranny every nook,
Presents everywhere you look!

*slow again*
It's not all about gifts, though.
Standing in the snow
You understand why everyone knows.
Christmas isn't the gifts.
Christmas isn't the bills.
Christmas is the family.
Being with your homies.
Feeding with your sidekicks.
Christmas comes
Christmas goes.
But all of Urbanville knows.
It will come again.
Come to town.
No crib will hold a frown.

*fast again*
Now gather round one and all!
Winter is here, done with fall!
Raise your glasses!
Sing with cheer!
Holiday joy
To last a year!

Happy Holidays!

Whether it be Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, or none at all, you will have a blast from now until the end of the month welcoming the new year of 2012!

People already started to ask me what my New Year's resolutions are and my answer is always the same; I don't have any. This will be my answer for many years to come. I welcome the new year as it wants to come and I will allow anything it brings me. As a Vigilante, I already deal with a lot of people's problems and trying to solve them so everybody is happy.

So do you have a New Year's resolution? I would love to hear them. Send your resolutions to the next issue of the Chronicles for a chance to win TPS!!