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Issue 184

Dec 1, 2011

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>> Editorials
Welcome to December!

Well, we're starting off slow here in the Chronicles offices. First off, there weren't enough articles turned in for there to be an issue this week. However, since new gear is coming out today, and Scoop is out of the office, I'm in a good mood. Also, a couple of our authors are long-winded so the issue doesn't look too bare at first glance.

Historical events are happening in Urbanville. Zoomer_McTraveller's monthly Special Item Contests are the first to offer unique items as prizes. And I've heard whispers that there will be more opportunities to get special gear in the future as well.

After some investigation into the Urbo Gum shortage, I've been informed that the gum is a limited release item that only comes out twice a year. There will be other ways of getting it in the meantime, so keep your eyes open for contests or events that give it out.

SantaClause has made an appearance. He's watching to see who is naughty and nice, so do your best to be active and helpful if you want to be rewarded! And remember, it's nice to write for the Chronicles!

Case #2: Dr Watson's Perspective

It was around 6am when I got a phone call from work, I was already awake, my time in the army had adapted me to early mornings.

I answered the phone, only for the caller to hang up on me. I looked at the caller I.D. and Sherlock's number came up. As of late due to the lack of activity in Urb, no real mysteries have emerged. Sherlock had secluded himself to his study, conducting research and minor non official investigations, all in the confinements of his private quarters, of course.

I didn't call Sherlock, I just walked to his apartment. His landlady, nice ol' granny, led me to his room, I knocked and entered as soon as I heard a loud bang. Sherlock was playing with his trigger fingers, blowing a hole in the wall.

"I have a case old mate."

Was the first thing he said to me. All of a sudden Senator Urbaniac came from nowhere, a stern look on his face, he remained silent and left the room.

Sherlock smiled and continued: "Something worth our time. A Werewolf has been terrorising Urbanville..."

We want the cause and the culprit. And I'll get promoted.

Urb Of The Week #2

Congrats to Armand_Hammer, Jodie1995, Mandude and TheThing, for being nominated as Urb of the Week! But unfortunately, there can only be one winner.

Armand_Hammer: 42%
Mandude: 13%
Jodie1995: 23%
TheThing: 23%

Well done Armand, you are the Urb of the Week!
Your prizes are, a 50+ TP and 1,000,000 Urbos!

Armand has done amazingly well this week, contributing to Urbaniacs as much as he can. He has joined almost every contest and/or event available this past week! This kind of activity is well awarded and for that we thank you Armand!

As well as participating in contests and events, Armand has been in urb every day!
Thank you Armand for giving so much to Urb. Also thanks to the other nominated Urbs who have done there all this past week. Next week's Urb of the Week is again up for grabs, so visit my lair now to vote!

Jay_Rawker and UltraUrb

December Urbstrology

Mercury is retrograde until December 13th. On the plus side, this can get you in touch with your intuition. On the minus side, there will be unexpected delays and unforseen problems. Stay away from making major purchases, or starting new projects or partnerships. Your plan to take over the world? Start it after the 13th.

Perhaps it's a good thing that a moon wobble, the effects of which we will feel until the 12th, will help us feel serene while everything goes wrong around us. So say you join a new crew and it's less than you expected. You won't feel like biting anyone's head off because of it. Or you purchase a new Where's My Kit for your scooter and then can't find it after parking in the jungle. Instead of getting mad enough to give someone a wedgie, you'll laugh at how effective that Camo-kit really is.

On the 10th, Uranus will go direct in Aries. If you've been struggling with finding yourself and figuring out what you want to do with your life, the confusion will lift. For the next seven months, you'll feel more confident in self-discovery. Does that mean GoatFist will finally settle down to being villainous in Urbanville instead of taking sabaticals to paint in seaside towns? Could be. We could also see a resurgence of the good ol' Big Dogs of yesteryear. In fact, there have been sightings of CrimsonKing and Amiara around town, so there is hope!

Jupiter goes direct in Taurus on the 25th, which is awesome! It heralds in a nine month period where money and resources will come more easily. Not that it will drop down from the sky, but you will have a better idea of how to get what you want, and more opportunities present themselves. Hmm, sounds like some new contests and events will be hitting Urbanville next year!