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Issue 183

Nov 24, 2011

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Help! I Mean It!

I am literally being swallowed up by someone's Christmas cheer. It's so ridiculous in the office that I can't even see my screen for the tinsel that is hanging off the ceiling.  To make matters worse, Scoop is so distracted by holidy giddiness that his articles are FULL of bad grammar and misspellings.  It's a travesty!  And don't even get me started on that train he has running on a loop throughout the entire office.  It takes me 10 minutes to cross the room to the copy machine.  Which I can't open because there is a Christmas tree on it.

If there were any pertinent news to share, I'm sorry but the distractions in the office have obliterated it.  I can't hear myself think above the blaring carols.  And I see Scoop must have dined on another gingerbread house because he is bouncing off the walls with fistfulls of new decorations.  Someone please save me from the insanity!

Urbaniacs Word Search!

Anyone like word searches? If you do its your lucky day!

Below I have a word search, made up with 19 different words.
All 18 words are shown below and there is also one hidden word.
The word I have hidden is a Urbaniacs player name.

If you can complete the word search and tell me who the hidden Urbaniac is, then I will reward you with a Training Pass!

CLUE: Such a long wordsearch....

Good Luck!

Urbaniacs Word Search

A Training Theory?

So do you keep on getting low numbers in training? If so, read this carefully, as this seems to work for me. If this does work for you, gram me just so I know it isn't just pot luck!

When you go to train, do you always click on the same box all the time? Well this month Ihave tried to change around which boxes I use, so I have been opening ones, I rarely ever go for. So far it has seemed to work.

For Example This month:
- The heart shaped
-- I normally go for the middlish one on the right hand side. But now I go for the bottom left/top left

- The one with the zig-zag's
-- I now choose the middle boxes instead of the outer ones.

On both of these occasions, all month I have received a 2 points at lowest from a chest.

 My current standings from today, 20th November, I am top in defence with 180 points and Super Power with 75 points.
-I have used 105 points worth of training passes in defence. Meaning training alone I have acquired 75 points of defence in 20 days.
- I have used only one Sp Training pass, a 5+, meaning I have 70 points in 20 days as well.

I keep popping up on mojo, then going again and same on health.

Would be interesting if this works on anyone else? - Gram me to let me know!

Thanks for reading!

Urb of the Week!

Congrats to Richmax, Neck69, The_Conquer and Dark_Oracle, for being nominated as Urb of the Week! But unfortunately, there can only be one winner.

Neck69 22 Votes (39%)
Richmax 17 Votes (30%)
The_Conquer 13 Votes (23%)
Dark_Oracle 05 Votes (09%)

Well done Neck69, you are the Urb of the Week!
Your prizes are, a 50+ TP and 1,000,000 Urbos!

Neck69 has done amazingly well this week, contributing to Urbaniacs as much as he can. The one thing that he has done that has stood out is, giving away his hard earned Urbos! Its not just here you go have 100,000 to a few Urbs, he has literately be giving away 300,00 to 20+ Urbs.

As well as giving away his urbos, he has been very active in assaults. Which would explain why he is in the TOP 5 in every category in the Wall of Heroes!

Thank you neck69 for giving so much to urb. Also thanks to the other nominated Urbs who have done there all this past week. Next weeks Urb of the Week is again up for grabs, so visit my lair now to vote!

Jay_Rawker and UltraUrb

Hello Urbanville!

Firsty, hello to you all! I am getting really excited at this time of year, CHRISTMAS is around the corner! - Yes I just can't wait, I even decorated my house and the office!

Although because of this, I think I have started to annoy Urbrey_Porter already. She seems like she is scrooge. No she is scrooge, a scrooge that isn't green! Watch your presents don't get stolen everyone! (If so let me know and I'll steal them back haha)
I have placed 5 Christmas Trees in the Office, tinsel draped across the ceiling, replaced the carpet so it's now white, I have placed a dancing Santa by the door and replaced the background of our PC to Rudolph. I don't think it's much do you?
Hopefully not. As, well, She has been on a short vacation for the last 2 days and I have converted our whole flat into a Santa's Grotto.

Anyway, my apologies for that blabbering! It seems like it has been a active week here in Urbanville. Neck69 giving away crazy amounts of urbos, 4 contests all running at once and the forums have been buzzing! Nice to see everyone is still so active!
TheThing also seems like he has slotted into his position perfectly. What's nice is, he has changed slightly, but he has still kept his great character, which is why he was voted as our Deputy Mayor. (Basically, his head hasn't got any bigger!)

I've been noticing a few urbs recently using 'signatures' at the end of their posts. So the Mayor has his, "Urb On!". What do you think mine should be?
Urbo Gram me your ideas and I'll choose one to use!

I think this is enough of my goofy gibberish, which sums up this article.
So, enjoy this forthcoming week!