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Issue 182

Nov 16, 2011

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>> Editorials
Happy November

As some of you may have noticed, we had no Chronicles last week. I would apologize, but it's ALL YOUR FAULT!  If we receive fewer than five printable submissions, the paper won't go to press, so to speak.  So if you want your Chronicles, you need to participate in them.  Sure we have a core group of writers who always make an effort for the rest of you, but sometimes they all get busy.  At the same time.  Conveniently.

The Chronicles offices are abuzz about the most awesome games and contests happening this season.  Keep up with things in the Lounge and also here in the Chronicles, or you will surely miss out.  

Oh and if you drop by the offices here, don't be surprised when you see the place decked out in Christmas decorations.  Please inform Inside_Scoop that it's not even Thanksgiving yet.  Why do we have six fully decorated Christmas trees in here?

Urbaniacs Word Search!

Anyone like wordsearches? If you do its your lucky day!

Below i have a wordsearch, made up with 19 differnt words.
All 18 words are shown below and there is also one hidden word.
The word I have hidden is a Urbaniacs player name.

If you can complete the word search and tell me who the hidden Urbaniac is, then I will reward you with a Training Pass!

Good Luck!

(CLUE: The missing name has 8 characters in)

Christmas Time is Coming!

Christmas is nearly here, again it has come around so quick!
Before you know it you'll be rockin' out your Ho Ho Homey Boots and Santa Hats, start singing festive songs and even getting your favourite Urb (Inisde_Scoop), his Christmas gift!

Next week on the 14th November I will be posting in the lounge the BIG Christmas Contest. I will be starting as there will be two rounds, I will let you know what these rounds are next week!

Prizes will be big! - So keep an eye out!

Have a good day,

P.S I take Urbos as Christmas gifts.

Free Urbos

I am the neck, been around for a while & I've seemed to have achieved everything Iwanted to at the moment so I'm planning to give away lots of urbos......

I'm just going to select random urbs but I will take in account what you have all done for me in the past. This will determine how much I give you.

Check out my thread in the swap meet.

Call me 'Santa Claus' of November!!!!!!

Yo Momma

Yo, Yo, Yo.. This is Jay Rawker giving you all a heads up on the Yo' Momma competition. So far we matched Armand_Hammer against The_Conquer. Against all odds, Conquer beat Armand with some awesome jokes which you will read at the end of this article. However, Armand's joke were amazing, giving me and UltraUrb a hard decision to make. But at the end Conquer's joke made a slightly bigger impact. We encourages all players to read and follow up on your favourites, as they might need your help to win.

On another note, Thething was matched up with Mr_Funky. Thething already delivered, we are just now waiting on Funky to deliver his jokes. He only has 24 hours or he will be disqualified, allowing TheThing an easy victory.

Armand Vs Conquer battle:


Yo momma so fat so has the whole alphabet tattooed on her fist.
Yo momma so ugly the man in the mirror won't even talk to her.
Yo momma so hairy she makes sasquatch look like a hairless chihuahua.


Yo Momma is so fat, that when she we bought a Nomad T-Shirt everyone thought it was the Nomads Head Quarters!

Yo Momma is so Ugly, that when she placed 'In The Bag' on her head it made an improvement!

Yo Momma is so hairy, that Terrible Erratic Bloke could Ice Scream her and she wouldn't feel a thing!

Send me a gram if you thought the outcome of this battle should of been different.

Halloween Made Big Boom In Urbanville

Halloween was a success in the city of Urbanville! The holiday spirit was so high even the spirits are still in the streets!

Spooky events happened all the month October including contests, gifting parties, and a spooooky bonfire ghost story telling thing-a-ma-bobber.

Monsters are just starting to creep back into their holes half way through this month. Some though, show their ugly faces still. They will not be named *cough* can eater *cough*.

What awaits Urbanville in this month of November? Giant Turkey Monsters? Radioactive Gravy? A floating spoon? Stay tuned to the Chronicles to find out!

Urb of the Week

Don't you think it is time that you get rewarded for the effort you have put in this week? Well we do!

 This is why, NewbieAid are starting up, Urb of the Week.

Each week we will be looking around and see who is the most active, enter contests, helping out the site, being friendly or just simply playing games! We will be choosing 4 Urbs, who will be posted onto NewbieAid lair, which you can then vote for as your Urb of the Week. The winner will then receive a prize of, 1,000,000 urbos, a 50+ Training Pass and a Chronicles article, published about them.

We will post the 4 nominees on the NewbieAid wall every Tuesday, then you have until Sunday to vote. The winner will be released EVERY monday.

Have fun!
(Jay_Rawker and UltraUrb)

The Urb Christmas Contest 2011

I know I am a month early but Merry Christmas! I'm getting excited already, although I think Urbrey_Porter is getting annoyed, I've brought down the decorations already!

As always, the good old Chronicles team is here to bring you yet another big contest. - (The old part is Urbrey_Porter). As you can guess by the title, it is Christmas related. Now, in the forum in the lounge, I didn't explain fully what each round is going to be like, so here is your full description.

Round One:
You have until December the 1st to produce a Christmas picture based on your disposition.

- Only one entry is allowed per Urbaniac and no multi-accounts.
- 50% of entries will get through to the next round. But if you get out at this stage, you will receive a 10+ Training Pass.

Round Two:
A Christmas Song! Now you can be as productive as you like! If you want you can post a rap or rhyme, or we can even listen to a voice clip of yourself which we will feature on Closing date for this round will be 18th Dec.

- ONLY the contestants who reach this round may enter.
- The song has to be about Urbaniacs and Christmas
- Only one Urb will win! - Everyone else will recieve a 25+ Training Pass.

So, I've told you what the contest is going to be about, time to get ahead of the game?

Good Luck,
Inside_Scoop and Urbrey_Porter