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Issue 181

Oct 31, 2011

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>> Editorials
Halloween is Here Again

It's that time of year again.  Time for all the ghosts and goblins to crawl out from beneath their rocks and walk the streets of Urbanville.  You say that happens every day when the Villains wake up and come out to play?  Ah, I guess there's really nothing different about Halloween.  Except for the wonderful giveaways, contests and trick-or-treating.  If you've been paying attention in the Lounge this seaon, it will have paid off nicely!

Stay safe, and get your read on.  The Halloween Edition is here!

Halloween in Urb

Halloween in Urb, the time where it is said GoatFist returns. The time for fun but you never know what is lurking around the corners. Out of Urb, Halloween is a time to dress up and party but it isn't the same in Urb. Creatures, GoatFist's Creatures, are planning to cause havoc so BEWARE!

If you don't believe me, let me just say, YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!


Urbanville Ghost Stories

The Just B Causeway Mystery has been solved. Now, the SUPA investigation is up next but before that, I decided to take a break. I had a chance to talk to random Urbanville citizens about some supernatural experiences.
Here are some of the stories:


I was in the SUPA University, late at night doing my experiment in the laboratory. I knew clearly that I am alone in the building.

I went to the toilet to pee and fix my hair. I saw I pale looking girl. She was staring at the mirror.

I greeted her. She smiled.

I went to the cubicle to pee. When I went out of the cubicle, she's still there. I combed my hair. I put on some lip gloss. She asked if she can borrow my lip gloss. I loaned her my lip gloss. She asked me if she's pretty. I nodded. She went mad. She asked again if she's pretty. I nodded. The place suddenly went cold. I looked down. I saw her floating. I ran away. I left my lip gloss.

In the morning, I went back to the toilet. I saw I writing in the mirror. It stated "Am I pretty?"

-SUPA Student


I was practicing for a play in the theater together with my colleagues. It was the dance scene. The leading man and woman were dancing the waltz. Nothing really weird was happening. We decided to take a break.

Suddenly, The music started to play. Nobody turned it on. We were scared. Then the lights began to flicker and one by one the lights turned off. We panicked.

After 10 seconds, the lights opened. The music was still playing. We saw a shadow of a man and woman dancing the waltz. We thought it was sort of special effects. We asked the backstage crew. It's not. We screamed and ran outside the theater

-An Actor


Do not walk in the dark alley alone. You will regret it. One time I thought that the alley was the right way to go. It served as a shortcut in walking towards my house.

One time, I decided to worked overtime. I went home around 11pm. I was eager to reach home, I decided to take a detour. I took the dark alley path.

While I was walking in the alley. I was having these uneasy feelings. It seems like somebody was watching me. I decided to walk even faster. I heard some weird breathing sound. I stopped. I heard something approaching my way. I decided to run. Suddenly, some sort of liquid stuff dripped down my head. I touched it. It was sticky. Out of curiosity, I looked up. It was a weird looking human or monster. She or he was smiling like joker. It was creepy. It has weird, unfixed black hair. It also had pale skin. It's also like it's head is turned 360. It has a set of yellowish fangs. I cannot even describe it right.

I was really terrified. I did not know what to do. It was attached to the wall like a spider. I ran as fast as I could. It followed me. It was making all those weird sounds. Then suddenly, a man came. I told everything to him. It was gone.

-Eager Employee


I was about to go home from work. I decided to take the elevator. A man was standing blankly at the corner of the elevator. I greeted him. He ignored me. Suddenly, the lights of the elevator turned off. Then it turned on. The man was gone. I was scared. I looked up, it was him. He was holding an ax. He was looking at me. he was mad. I was so scared. I closed my eyes and prayed. He was gone

-City Hall Employee

Hope you enjoyed some stories I collected from the Urbanville Citizens

Happy Halloween!


I have not been on very much lately. That is because I have some mysteries on my hands. Me, one of the greatest detectives in the universe, has a investigation I need help on. Only a real, good, smart, detective is what I want. If you think you think you're good enough please gram me. Then if you're right for the job, I will explain the case to you and we will go on from there.

P.S If you get scared to easily, you should not come......


Halloween Party mystery At the Host Club.

As the Haunting season comes to an end this is a story of what happened at the Host Club late one evening. Rackman was chugging down swamp water. Me and several Bouncers were removing unruly guests (i.e. Rachel, McPete, Sparky, Kelvin, and Jenny). When a group of people came in the club all dressed up. One was in a victorian suit also pale like a ghost, another looked like a vampire, three were zombies, and the last looked like a Frankenstein Monster. We thought they were normal people in costumes at the club. A few moments later the one who was dressed in a victorian suit vanished into thin air and a woman fainted from sheer fright. Another one dressed as a vampire of them picks up the woman takes her out back. I got a call from security to take a look and I was surprised. Trust me it takes alot to surprise me; the vampire and the woman were both mangled beyond belief... I have been using all my resources to figure this out as of yet no leads. If anyone solves this I will donate 1 cash item of their choice to the person who solves this case.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, Trick or Treat? Urbo or Gurt?
Watch out for the villains, it's their time to hurt!
With Henchies and Sparkys wandering the street,
Keep your eye out, and make sure you are strong as big feet!
It's the time where the mystical creatures come alive,
You might see GoatFist around, back up and derive!
They all think they're tough and clever,
But dress up like them and they’ll be confused forever!
Now, no throwing eggs at Super Speedy Dude’s crib,
You know how he gets he may need a bib!
Have a good night and dance to many Urbo beats,
Just enjoy yourself and don’t eat too many sweets!


Happy Halloween! Or is it?

Every year something horribly wrong happens and it's due to this thing we call Halloween. Some may say Happy Halloween, but why is getting the socks scared right off your feet happy?

On Halloween night, these things who do not have names come out and take over Urbanville citizens. In other words, you may think your talking to your friends but actually you're talking to these wicked things. Yeah, lets called them Wicked Things. So be aware as these Wicked Things will hunt at random, those who are most vulnerable are the righteous ones. So if you've been good and respectful, be on the wary. Although you may not see these Wicked Things physically, you can however collect various signs such as sudden change in weather and goosebumps on your arms and back. If you experience these goosebumps, you must seek professional assistance as quickly as possible as it is already making an entrance into your body. To prevent these Wicked Things from getting to you, you must bathe in apple juice then dry yourself with the Bag-o-Stink. Then you must let Pootsy Collins urinate on you. You will now start smelling like a million things have died and decomposed on your body; this smell will surely keep these Wicked Things away. This theory is not yet fully tested, but there's no time to test this.

If you're already trapped by one of these Wicked Things, there's nothing we can do about it now. You didn't listen. Now suffer the consequences! These Wicked Things will use you to make their dirty deeds assigned by the Greatness of all Evil. Once they use your body you will return to your normal self not remembering anything that happened in October and your hands will be forever tainted.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to you all!

I hope you all enjoy your night, whether you're out trick or treating, or having a massive party! What ever you are all doing, enjoy yourselves! The Modern tradition of Halloween is knocking on houses and saying 'Trick or Treat'. If you're lucky you'll get sweets... or if you're unlucky you'll get apples!

So for when this is posted, the next 24hours I will be accepting Trick Or Treats through UrboGram. But there is a catch. Everyone who trick or treats, will either receive a TREAT, or a TRICK! Just urbogram me with the subject as 'Halloween TOT'.

Good Luck and have FUN!