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Issue 180

Oct 19, 2011

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Hail to the Chief

We're starting off the season with a BANG!  And by BANG, I mean, new Deputy Mayor.  I've heard of the Curse of the Deputy Mayor that has plagued Urbanville for years, and hope that we can escape it this time around.  TheThing is an active and upstanding long-time player and it would really be a shame to lose him.  I have a feeling, though, that great things are in store for Urbanville.  TheThing's running mates were active, proactive Urbs who have a lot of great ideas that I just know they'll continue to implement with the staff's support!

Thank you to the citizens who sent in Deputy Mayor essays.  Although, they won't be published since they were sent by un-nominated Urbs, after the deadline, and now it's WAY after the fact as well, but their enthusiasm is noted.  We appreciate you taking the time to write, and hope that you will be proactive in your activities and ambitions in Urbanville.

There was more supernatural happenings, and some not-so-supernatural happenings in Urbanville, but let's hope there will be some seriously scary happenings soon enough as it is almost Halloween!  In fact, next week we will have our Halloween issue, so whoever writes a story in keeping with the theme is going to get a treat!

Thank You Urbanville

I want to take this chance to thank all of you for voting me as your Deputy Mayor. I feel honored to have this position, and it means a lot to me that I was elected when there were so many other great candidates. I have gotten overwhelming support and I thank you all for that. Urbanville has been a special place for me in the past six years and I hope that I can play some part in making it special for all of you.

Urb ON!

Deputy Mayor TheThing

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Answer my questions and you got yourself 1 mill in your pocket.

(Vote me for Deputy Mayor)

I'm Back...

For many people it appeared as though I went missing for a little while, but in truth it was me investigating the bridge.

It started off with me losing a shoe, but after that I made do with an outfit change.

To get to the point, my great skills of deduction have led me to the conclusion you will now all read, and after my skills came into doubt from Love Child I thought I would reveal what I knew from the start.

Members of the local population have been feeling the crunch of the tax man lately, and as such had formed a small group. Eventually one had come up with the idea to fake his demise, coming up with a most foul story. Then using a torch, a sheet and some projectors, he carried out his day to day business under the guise of a ghost.

Eventually though he discoved that not many citizens enjoyed the idea of living with a ghost, so he told his group and they all agreed to take over the bridge.

A lot of the freaky events, involved the members using projectors and whistles.

So some arrests were made, the heat from the tax man has fallen and people should feel safe to use the bridge.

Urbanville Mysteries: SUPA

Like I promised, I have spent a night at SUPA. I was accompanied by a paranormal expert group. I was suppose to invite my friend Sherlock, but I decided that he should focus on the Just B Causeway. I also left my shwolf sidekick named Oxana to investigate on the bridge.

Anyway, like I told you a while ago I spent a night at SUPA. It was a rainy evening when I arrived. A group of paranormal experts accompanied me. My Flango named Novak came with me too.

We first checked on the Lady in the ceiling. The experts set up their paranormal stuff. While they set up I began to wander around with Novak. We were actually talking happily. Suddenly, I felt a cool breeze. Novak felt it too. I ignored it. I know it's nothing. We continued walking around. The lights began to flicker. Then the lights turned off one by one. I screamed. I hugged Novak tight. I was about to faint. Some experts heard us and ran towards our direction. They turned on their emergency lights. They told me that they felt some great energy around our area. I began to have goosebumps.

One of the experts told me that I can go home if I can't take the pressure. I refused. I need to uncover this mystery.

We started walking around the"haunted school" It's still breezy. Suddenly, I heard a weird scratching sound. I went near one of the experts. I asked him what was that. He ignored me (a bunch of snobs.)
We continued walking.

Out of nowhere, a weird figure appeared in the ceiling. First I thought it's just some weird looking light, but it was getting closer. The place was also getting colder. It was giving me a fright. One of the experts told me to get ready. They were feeling a not so ordinary energy.

I was scared. I can see the ghost's face. It was smirking. It has a long black hair. It was evil. I closed my eyes. I fainted.

I woke up, it was morning. I never knew what happened next. All I know is I saw something out of the ordinary in SUPA.

I need to be ready for my next SUPA visit. No more scared Oracle.

Yo Momma!

Yo Momma Contest Sign ups started on October 17, 2011. I encourage you to participate as it will be fun and rewarding! To read about it! To sign up!

Dear TheThing, our new DM!

To TheThing who is our new DM, I'd just like to say well done! Being DM is a hard job but not for Thing! I have wrote a rap just for you =)

Thing, you are very cool,
and we all know that you ain't a fool!
You're the new DM and you're very nice,
If I need help, I'll take your advice.
You make the rain stop and the sun rise,
You're quite smart and you're really wise.
I wish I was you coz you're the best,
Now that you're DM, you're only at the beginning of your quest!

(Not that good sorry!)

Once again, I'd like to say WELL DONE TheThing!