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Issue 179

Oct 9, 2011

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>> Editorials

Welcome to the race for Deputy Mayor!  In this special issue we have the essays of all our candidates for you to read through.

You have a week to decide on who you want to vote for based on their writing, history and current activity!

Urbogram your votes to Love_Child by 11:59pm, Sunday October 16th.

Why I should be the new DM.

I think I should be the DM because I have all the qualities needed. If I was DM, it'd be like a dream come true for me. I've always wanted to be a highly respected Urb and if I become DM, I would. I'm not wanting you guys to vote for me because of friendship, I want you to vote for me for who I am. When I heard about a new DM, I got excited and I got even happier when I was nominated. I'm not going to suck up or force people to vote for me, but I want to let you know that a vote for me, is a vote for all your needs. If I was voted DM, I'd think I was the luckiest gut on the planet.

So thank you for reading this and vote for who you believe.


DM Essay

Fellow Citizens,

I, Jay Rawker, have been nominated to be a candidate in this year's Deputy Mayor Elections. Instead of me promising things I would do as Deputy, I will tell you that being DM will not change my everyday routine and the making of events/contests. If I would be elected, it would enhance my performances even better because I will then have power to make them better, and by better I mean more!
In this essay, am suppose to say 2 things, why should I be DM and what Urbaniacs means to me . Well to answer the first question, I think I will make a wonderful DM because I have no plans in quitting anytime soon. I also been active since day one, I believe I only took one vacation in the month of June for 2 weeks and of course a recent one due to flooding issues. I would also keep people entertained by coming up with different things for you guys to make. As of right now I cant tell you I would make big changes, for the reason that it probably has to go through Mayor_DaMan himself, but I will try my best and do as much as possible. You can ask me questions or simply suggest something and I will probably talk to Mayor_DaMan if the suggestion is legitimate.
To answer the second question, Urbaniacs means a lot to me. I've done it all, I've demonstrated it by doing all sort of stuff, if thats not enough proof send me a gram before you vote and I'll clarify any misconception you may have. And lastly, make the right desicion and vote for the best. Thank you.!

Jay Rawker

Deputy Mayor Essay

Urbaniacs is not just a place where superheros and super-villians reside, there are also the super nomads, vigilantes and beatniks. But what do all these people have in common besides super powers? Well, in general, they are nice cool folks that anyone would want to be friends with.
I've met many nice people here and have made some friends that I really appreciate. That's why I've never left, during good time and bad. I have seen many come and go and some of the folks who have gone are sorely missed. I've wished them all well.
I like this place because even when a friend decides not to play any more there is always a good chance to meet another friend. I like putting forth a character people can trust, someone who will tell you the truth, even if the truth is ugly. At least you will get to know what is what. I enjoy dealing with different traders in the Swap Meet and I appreciate that you trust me to tell you honestly what something is worth. We don't always agree but I tell you what I believe and why. I enjoy the discussions over points of contention even if I'm wrong. I learn from these and hope to be wrong less often. I like kicking Sparky's butt and collecting the rewards. And I like helping those that can't kick Sparky's butt. Can still remember needing help with a Char or Sludge assault and Maggot or Rushboy, or Soul_Corruptor or AfroChic coming to my rescue. It always felt good that I could count on them. I want you all to know that you can count on me to come to your rescue. If you choose me, I'll be there.

Things will Never Go Wrong with Oracle

Urbaniacs in my life:
Urbaniacs has been a part of my life for more than 2000 days. Though I left for more than a year (due to real life obligations), I never forget about this place. This has been a part of my childhood and it will never change.

When I came back, Urbaniacs wasn't really its usual self (hard to admit but, yes it is). I tried to help revive this place by posting in the forums. I want my old memories of this place to be back again. Slowly, I can see it going to its usual self again.

Why vote Me as Deputy Mayor?
Well, I think I got what it takes to be a DM. Am always on all the time. I rarely miss a day in Urb. I also have the maturity/attitude of a DM.
Am more than 2000 days old, clearly am knowledgeable of the site. I can navigate the site with my eyes closed. I am also an urbogram away when you need help.

Why vote other people when you can chose a gorgeous girl named Oracle?

To become the Deputy Mayor is a dream!

I won't let you down I promise! I am always logging on every chance I get and I am very sure you guys know that, I help out when I can. If I were choosen to be Deputy Mayor, I would even get more people to join urbaniacs. You see how all the newbs got so strong? 6 out of 10 times I did that, I help the weak and I am very serious when there is a major crisis. I treat my fellow urbs with respect unless they are scammers,cheaters,liers etc... Just as every other would. When most urbs are feeling down, I do my best to cheer them up no matter what dispo you are. So this is what I am asking you fellow urbaniacs family members, please vote me(Altergut) for Deputy Mayor and you truly will not regret it. Remember you always have one shot for you dreams and you take it when you can, well guess what? I am taking mine.

Thanks for your time and I hope that you pick me.


Urbaniacs Deputy Mayor

I think I should be Deputy of the town of Urbanville. I can improve this site's population, behavior, and many more things. I believe that cussing, bullying, spamming a thread or any type of inappropriate words should not be discussed or posted in any way on the site. I have the skill and the right knowledge to be deputy mayor of Urbanville.

I believe that having me as deputy mayor should be better for the site. I will be on more often and will correct the wrong.

Deputy Mayor TheThing

Here are 6 reasons why you should vote TheThing as Deputy Mayor:

1. I am on urbaniacs several times a day, and I will answer urbograms as soon as possible. You won't be waiting long for a response.

2. I've been on the site for 6 years, which is only a couple months short of the site's existence. I have never missed more than a couple days at a time in that span even in extreme circumstances. I know everything about the site and I'm dependable.

3. I have a great knowledge of right and wrong. As a person of authority, that is extremely important. We do not want a villain or someone with ill intentions to get this designation and use it for personal gain. The purpose of the deputy mayor is to help others, and that is what I intend to do with it.

4. I'm a rap champion, olympics champion, elimination contest champion, color of the month champ, etc. I am skilled in a lot of areas and would be well-equipped to give advice with a position of authority.

5. I would become even more active and involved in threads as deputy mayor, which could only make things here more fun.

6. Urb means a lot to me. Through so many things in life, it has been one thing that has been constant. I love the community and will be here always no matter what else happens in life.

DM Nomination

Hi everyone. It turns out I've been nominated for the DM. I'm not going to lie to you all. I wont bring up all the classic arguments that I know other people would. I wont sprinkle the truth with...sprinkles...and make you all hope for great things. I'll tell you flat out, I dont think I'm the best person for this.

I havent been on very much latley. I've been trying, but I cant promise anything. I'll do my best to get maybe a hour a day. Maybe even 2 sometimes. I cant put on a smiley face and deal with everyone's problems like a machine. I can help anyone and everyone who asks for it (Except cheaters. I dont like you cheaters out there, messing up this site. You get 1 chance...) as only a ManDude can. Under my watchful eye, you all better be careful what you'd type.

You all know how annoyed I get when I see things like "Oh the hel* with it". Or "I dont want your load of cr*p". Ya, I know thats a bit childish but really, you have brains. Do you need to resort to that?

I might get off topic myself sometimes. I wouldnt ask you all to do this if I do another thing, so lets try to keep eachother all on topic, lest ye suffer the pain of...A REMINDER! DUH DUH DUHHHHH!!!! Then if we all continue, ye suffer the pain of...A WARNING! DUH DUH DUHHHHHH!!!! Then if you STILL continue, well you just ruined the fun for everyone. Nice going, dude. Real nice.

Like I said before, I dont think I'm right for this. Know though, if by some cosmic imbalance I actually DO become the DM, I'll do my best to be the best I can bestly be the best I lost my train of thought. Nice going, dude. Real nice. Main point, I'd try my hardest.

-*Signature here*

Deputy Mayor Essay

Dear Urbanville,

I am today writing to you all, to let you know why I should be your best Deputy Mayor ever.

Firstly, I am a very active Urb, who knows a lot about the in and out of Urbanville. I have been here for a while now and have experienced a lot whilst I have been here. We do have some really good things about Urbaniacs, such as how we are like a community and how we all pull together in the end. But there are some points I feel we could improve on to make Urbaniacs even better. So to work on this I have a few ideas that I would address if I became Deputy Mayor.

1. Older members of the site seem to keep leaving. I think the key is to keep these members, but at the same time attract newer members. We need a new challenge. I have come up with some challenges that relate you as an Urb. For example, some of them are, reach 1000 props, and then you keep going until 100,000. Or there is even stats related, get your stats to over 2,000. Each challenge has 5 stages, at each stage your reach, you would get rewarded. Obviously the higher the stage the better reward. Gives us all something new and existing to do. These are the basic challenges, which if I get the chance, I would love to put this idea to full effect and carry it on.

2. Secondly, I feel we should keep our activity rising frequently. This is why I would, push for contests every month, which would allow everyone to be included in. Good prizes, straight out of DaMans brief case!

3. And finally, who is that evil guy in our background? That is right, it’s Goatfist... so where is he? If I become Deputy Mayor I will get Henchling Kelvin and Goatfist back, to add more of a fun spark to the game. After all older things are coming back into fashion!

I will try my utter best to get these promises into action for all of you.

I know many of you see me as just a Villain. I may be a Villain, but I am never one sided towards a disposition or Urb. It doesn’t matter if they are my homey or not, i will treat you the same and listen to your views, as the way they should be listened to – equally. Being in a role as the Deputy Mayor, I know and feel it is important that I can be equal with everyone. This is why i welcome anyone to just send me a gram, ask me a question, suggest something to me or just want a chat. I am here for all of that. My eyes are wide open for any conversation. Not just equal in that regard, but, I help anyone. I have donated Urbos to a hero for a contest, I have helped a hero against 4 villains and I even help every single new Urb that arrives with Kingz’s Newbie Aid, which I run alongside Jay_Rawker – a Vigilante.

I love this site; I love how everyone comes together as one. I want to be a bigger part of Urbaniacs and give back to you all, as a thank you for what I have been given from being here. To be your servant as Deputy Mayor would be a great honour. Good luck to all the nominated Urbs, I wish you all the best.



Bid for Deputy Mayor

U, R & B are three letters that mean nothing apart
But together are a place to literally "Smell my Fart"
This site provides a place to come and unwind
And connect with others in the same frame of mind
To foster relationships and share some knowledge
A place to be funky and creative, sort of like college

So why elect me (armand_hammer) for deputy mayor?
I possess the knowledge of a long-time player
I log on daily and participate fully
I comment in threads and don't tend to bully
I can tell you who has been here long, and those who've not
But respect them all equally and help teach those who need to be taught
I try to donate prizes and collect items of all sizes
I'm full of surprises and my hypno-shield mezmorizes
I'm funny with folks
And tell Yo Momma jokes
And want to help fix on the site what is broke
For those things that are not, I'll help try to improve
And for those who can't play nice, I'll work to remove

When the time comes to cast a preliminary vote
It don't matter if you follow DaMan or DaGoat
Just cast a vote for the funkiest mamma-jamma
Mark your hanging chad for the man, Armand_Hammer

Rackman for DM

Why Rackman for DM? I know what each and every one will say, he is not fit for it! the DM is some one who is repescted and knows what the site is about. one that urbs can turn to for advice and help. One that is impartial to any argument. that will not take sides.

Well he is your man! someone who doesn't take a side based on dispo, respect, propping, and what not mumbo jumbo. he'll call it stright down the middle, based on the topic. he is someone who doesn't give a care who you are or who you think you are!!! *better believe it* some will say it's the pot calling the kettle black, but when the smoke clears dust settles, this guy is what the phrase "old skool" is about. no he has this many props, he done this bull honky, just stright to the point tell it like it is!!!!

I'm rackman and I approve this message.