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Issue 178

Oct 5, 2011

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>> Editorials
We. Need. More. Articles.

In this issue, we have a few, literally just a few, articles. Instead of hinting at them here, I'll let you get right to them. Since there are only a few.  

This coming Sunday there will be a special issue with all the essays of our Deputy Mayor candidates.  The deadline to submit these essays is the end of Saturday, Urbanville Standard Time, which is the same as Eastern Standard Time.  Spelling, grammar and capitalization will not be corrected.  Your literacy level will probably be a factor in how people vote, so hopefully you pay attention to that issue and do your best.

As for myself, I'm likely to vote for the person with the best essay and who has submitted the most articles to the Chronicles. We.  Need.  More.  Articles!

The Contest is Nearing

As my earlier Chronicle said, I'm organizing a contest with the help of TheThing and Zoomer_McTraveller. If it gets enough contestants I will also give prizes to the 2nd best contestant, and maybe third, again it all depends on the number of contestants we get.

The prizes have already been decided, 5 mil to the winner and also I will throw in some TP's.

The questions won't be easy ( you may have guessed it by the name of the contest "The Most Difficult Game in the World") but I'm sure the prize will make it all worth the effort.

Get ready for the contest, again its on the 10th of October and for more information/details on this contest read this topic:

any questions can be asked there and I will answer as soon as possible.

Finding Sherlock

I started my investigation on Saturday. With the reports coming in on ghosts around the Just B. Causeway and the successful followup investigations, I decided to start there.

When I arrived at the famous causeway, sure enough, I had my first supernatural experience. As described, there was a white ghost with black hair, though the hair looked like it was in flames. On my way back to my ride, I noticed a really large, gray, lace-up shoe.

I brought the shoe to my lab (in my cave in the Urbanville Forest) and found multiple DNA samples, one of which, matched Sherlock Holmes. The others were unidentifiable and had indescribable properties, unlike any other DNA sample I had tested. This lead me to believe that there was more than one creature involved in his disappearance.

I'm suspecting the creatures involved in the disappearance were supernatural creatures, being that the shoe was found on Just B. Causeway, where there have been sightings of ghosts. I'm going to get my ghost busting materials together before Halloween and try to eradicate these ghosts. In the mean time, I invite others to continue the investigation.

Yours truly,
Deadly Ninja Master

Thank You Urbanville!

Dear Urbanville,

Thank you for the lovely letters of appreciation in Issue 175. It was a complete surprise, I think my mouth actually dropped open when I finally saw them.

Many of you think that I read everyone's urbograms and therefore surprising me would be impossible. I really don't have the time or energy to do such a thing. Haha. I skim through and let my eyes pick out any cuss words and chatspeak that could be inappropriate. Certain things jump out at me, but for the most part, your private messages are private.

This doesn't mean that you should start writing in chatspeak just to get my attention and drive me crazy. :p Hmm, maybe that last paragraph was a mistake.

Since taking on the extra duties as an administrator last October, I've had much less time to play and interact on the site. I'm grateful to know that hasn't affected the feeling of closeness (or at least friendliness-haha) that I share with most of you.

I've had ups and downs in Urbanville, but what inspires me to keep working hard, is all of you. Watching players grow up and find their strengths, express their creativity, play hard, work hard at making Urbaniacs the best it can be even in the worst situations and support each other is my favorite part of Urb. So thank you everyone, for your efforts and kind words. I'm glad to be working with such a great bunch of people. ^_^