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Issue 177

Sep 28, 2011

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>> Editorials

In this issue of the Chronicles, we have announcements.  That is all.  Oh wait!  Thank goodness for our Urbaniac of the Year (she isn't called that for nothing), Dark_Oracle!  She actually sent in a story and an interesting one at that!

Does anyone know where Sherlock disappeared to?  Anyone?  Anyone at all?  It's likely a ghost ate him, but how would we go about finding out?  I invite everyone to come up with their own theories, write about them, and send them in!


For all you heroes out there be prepared because this December I will elect the urb of the year.

The 3 urbs that are picked will be urb of the year will be it for 2012 until december of that year.


Well, you dont have to be a certain age you just have to prove yourself to the heroes. Doing things such as Fighting off those villains, Smack talking, or walking grandma smith across the street. Anything that shows your loyalty as a hero.

Do your best and stay funky!


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Urbanville Mysteries: SUPA

The Just B Causeway has shaken the whole city. Due to this, I began investigating. I didn't get any raw clues at all. All I knew is that I had an encounter with a ghost (I think), but the bridge ghost experience thing wasn't still clear to me.

Then in the middle of my investigation of the bridge, a stranger called me. He asked me if if want to know more Urbanville mysteries other than the bridge. I gave this mystery a shot. The stranger told me that there has been some haunting in the Southern Urbanville Physics Academy also known as SUPA. At first I was in disbelief, but then again am curious to find out what is in SUPA.

I asked my shwolf Oxana to investigate on the Just B Causeway while Novak (my flango) and I check on SUPA.

I asked some random students about the "SUPA ghost hauntings". A blue haired boy told me that in the in east wing of the academy, there has been some weird happenings. He told me that he saw a girl with a long black hair and wearing a white night gown. He also added that this girl has been walking in the corridors upside down (meaning she is walking in the ceiling). I wasn't really convinced. It could be anything other than a ghost.

Another student told me that there was a young mysterious boy that has been running around the top floor of the academy. The boy disappeared when she called him. Still, am in disbelief. I need some proof.

I ended my day by returning to the Just B Causeway. I asked Oxana what she found out and still the picture is unclear.

I was not content with my investigation, so I decided to spend a night at SUPA with some experts. (to be continued)

Deputy Mayor

ayy yo ya heard the election is coming up soon and i will like ya to vote for the best, the person who actually is gonna make a difference in this place.. ULTRAURB yeah ya heard right. for a few he is an idol and he is the best dressed and best friend in urbaniacs.. yaah heard right and i will be next to him.. so a vote for ultraurb is a vote for change... vote for uu if you want better thing if you want improvement.. ok thats all so remember vote for him and you wont regret it.. ya dig