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Issue 176

Sep 26, 2011

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>> Editorials
Urbaniac of the Year 2011 WINNER!

I am going to be honest, this was VERY close in terms of the winner, but if you look at that in a bigger perspective it is good. It shows that there are many of you who play the game, but are there to help out at the same time. You’re appreciated all the time, for what you do. As some Urbs go, new ones come in, but there will always be a core, the backbones that will keep this wonderful place thriving.

I would like to send my congratulations to everyone who participated and to those who voted. But there can only be one winner. This Urb contributes highly, week in week out, in the Chronicles and the Gallery, posts regularly, making topics and encourages others. This Urb has major respect from everyone, not a word spoken from anyone is bad, and this Urb respects everyone and treats everyone exactly the same.

So, the moment you have all been waiting for – the results. *Drum Roll*

Congratulations to Dark_Oracle, you are the Urb of The Year 2011!

So for winning this award, you deserve something really special. Along with a few extra’s Mayor_DaMan has dug deep and picked out a ‘VERY Special’ item just for you – a one of a Kind.

- Chick-A-T Rave (Body Gear) +100+100+500+100+0
- Viking Shield (One special shield, dug out from retirement)
- A brand spanking NEW trophy
- The chance to name the next sidekick to come out!

Welcome to a very SPECIAL edition of the Chronicles, dedicated to our Urb of the Year. Well done to Dark_Oracle once again and to everyone else, you are what makes this place special.

Thanks and Well Done,


From the Urbs Who Voted for You..

These are a few explanations from the urbs who voted for Dark_Oracle to win. Enjoy reading them!

"she has put the threads more active.... plus shes a cool urb =D"


"I have to nominate Dark_Oracle. She has been keeping the forums going, inviting newbies and veterans to battle, and she's the most charming urb that I've met in a very long time! If it weren't for Love_Child, I'd say she has done more to keep this site alive than anybody around."


"I would like to vote dark_oracle! No need to explain."


"I'd like to vote for Dark_Oracle. when she came back the forums finaly came back to life, she always adds an interesting topic. also she posts frequrently in the Chronicles and Gallery. she helps her homeys and other urbs and I havent seen her broke any rules or say a bad word in here. i think that for so much that she's done and more she deserves this title"


"This urb has not really spoke much to me, or impacted how I play but she also has not once complained about what I have or how I got so good. She's always active, and most of all she knows how to have fun. She supports the site 100% and it's urbs like her that keeps the site strong."


"She may not of been the one I talk to all the time, but whenever I look through the forums I see her name, I look at the Chronicles she is there... even in the Gallery! For someone to put in that much effort they deserve a reward like this"


"I vote for Dark_Oracle. Well to start I had bragging rights of taking her to the Urbaniacs Prom... YES, lucky me! Oracle keeps this site going, she makes urbs want to post and contributes to everything. I wouldn't understand if she didn't win."


I am very thankful to Dark_Oracle for keeping the site funky and active!  She is a breath of fresh air who seems to be everywhere at once.  It takes a lot of time and energy to be so active and productive, and it's very much appreciated.  She's always friendly and accepting of everyone, yet she's got sass and spunk!  She's smart and creative and incredibly talented.  I always look forward to her art and her writing, and have fun posting with her in the forums.  Thank you Oracle, for all you do!



So Who Is Dark_Oracle?

Ok, so this girl - Dark_Oracle wins Urb Of The Year 2001, but do you know much about her?
Here is the Urbanville scoop on our Urb of the Year Winner!!!!

â—¦ She currently holds 4 gallery cred trophy's!

â—¦ On top of those four she also has 2 Chronicles trophy's!

â—¦ Dark_Oracle had a year gap before coming back -I'm sure we all are glad she did!

â—¦ Her current prop tally lies at over 33,000!

â—¦ She has played for over 2,000 days.. *Gives Oracle a walking stick*

Some current things the Dark_Oracle has been doing:
- In the last 10 Chronicles issues, she has only missed out on 2. Her Current story is about the mysterious Just B Causeway Bridge!
- ALL of her 42 gallery pictures are rated at 4 stars or OVER! - Thats some serious art work!
- From the votes she ended up with 29% of the overall vote!

Well there are a few facts about our Urb Of The Year!

Dark_Oracle's Interview!

Congratulations on winning Urb Of The Year!! *Throws Confetti*

Inside_Scoop: Hello Dark_Oracle! What does it feel like to win UOTY 11'?
Dark_Oracle: Well Hello there! Honestly, am not feeling anything right now. Am waiting for it to sink in.
(after ten seconds) 1-2-3-4 (It was more like Four!)
I won?! Seriously! Yay! Am so happy! :))

I_S: Did you think you would win at all?
D_O: I did not expect to win. There a lot of great Urbs scattered around. So, winning wasn't on my mind. Lol!

I_S: You must feel loved to be crowned UOTY, what would you like to say to everyone?
D_O: Party at my crib! *Brings the BoomBox, food, drinks and pin the tail on the Goat!* lol. I would like to thank everybody! *hugs* I love you guys!

I_S: What is the first thing you are going to do as UOTY?
D_O: I have to finish this interview first. After this interview, I have to continue my doings. *Sigh* Being UOTY is hard. Lol
I_S: Very true your famous now!

I_S: Do you think your contribution in the Chronicles and Gallery helped towards winning?
D_O: Most probably, If it wasn't for my Gallery and Chronicle entries I wouldn't be voted Urb of the Year. I think? Though I look so gorgeous, so... Yeah, yeah those entries helped *smiles*
I_S: (At this time I was just nodding my head and agreeing)

I_S: You post very frequently in the forums, which thread is your favourite to post in?
D_O: I have three. I love the Love Oracle Cafe. It is swarming with weird, funny people. Next would be the Ladies Room. It is really fun to talk with my fellow ladies. Lastly, the lounge.
I_S: I know, the ladies room is very interesting...

I_S: Thank you for your time in this short interview, but me being me I have the Chronicles to publish!
D_O: No problem! *hugs*