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Issue 175

Sep 21, 2011

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>> Editorials

Welcome to another issue of the Chronicles.  This time around we're full of contests and they all sound pretty challenging, but also fun!  So go forth and conquer and win lots of prizes!

One person who will get a big surprise in this issue is Love_Child. I know for a fact that she's clueless. About this one thing! Don't kill me, Love.

And what's going on with the ghosts on the Just B. Causeway? A report has come in, though I don't know how helpful it's going to be. In the meantime, here are some letters the Chronicles has received:

"I've been seeing lights up there that aren't headlights.  Is someone going to tell us what's going on or is the government covering this up? We deserve to know the truth. It's aliens, right? There's no such thing as ghosts." - Conspiracy Theorist

"I thought some fancy investigator was going to solve the mystery of the bridge. When will it happen? Not using the Just B Causeway is adding an hour to my commute." - A Concerned Citizen


I can talk to ghosts and let me tell you that there are tons of mad ghosts on the Just B. Causeway. They are planning something really big, so if you want to stop them, every citizen in Urbanville should send me 5 million urbos to 167 4th Ave., Apt 2C. - Urb Exorcist

The Most Difficult Game in the World, Contest

Hello, Urbaniacs! Today I'm announcing a HUGE contest, with huge prizes. But it's not easy to win, really hard challenges await, but it will all be worth it.

From now on I(daki), alongside TheThing and ZoomerMcTraveller, will be organizing a contest, called The Most Difficult Game In the World. The Contest will be on the 10th each month starting from October (next month). The prizes will be urbos, items, and much more, to keep up to date with all the new information on the contest visit this topic (all the information will be posted there)

Check the topic daily for all the information, rules, you can also ask questions about the contest there.

Beta Tester?

Hey to all Beta Testers!

I feel that there should be something different available to yourselves, that any Urbs under 10k shouldn't be involved in. After all you must of worked hard to reach 10,000 props! So here is a contest, for Beta Testers ONLY!

I think you should all be able to brag about being a Beta Tester!

So, your first contest will be based around the gallery.
You have to do ONE peice only.
Your theme is 'Beta Tester'.
When sending in your picture, title it 'Beta'.
Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

You have until the 30th to enter!



I would like to see the Gallery FILLED with villainous pictures.

This contest is for everyone in the MOD/Minions.
You have to create a picture based on the Villains.
More pictures the better.

Best Picture - Any Cash Item in Funks And 2,500,00 urbos
Best Effort - Any Cash item in Funks
Funniest - 10+ sp tp

Good Luck you have until the end of the month (30th).


The True Urb Of A LifeTime!

So, this is not to get at or take away from who ever wins Urb Of The Year, but its to say thanks to the true Urb of a Lifetime! This is for you Love_Child Here are a few words from some Urbs.


Thank you so much for all the work you've been doing around here. You've always been helpful in clearing up all the problems that pop up. And you're totally sexy." - TheThing


"Love_Child,u rock!Thanx for the advice on my card,gonna reactivate it someday.Hope you keep doing what you have been...making this site the funkiest it can be.Once again,thank you LC for all the work,and i wish you the best in Real Life and on Urb." - SqiurelHardy


"Love_Child is well she's Love_Child. She has one of the most unique personalities. she is always so kind, and caring. She always puts others before her self. Love_Child is an amazing Urb and person, she has sacrificed a lot in life to make this site what it is today, she not only keeps the site running, but she makes sure it is fun and fair for everyone. Words can not explain the things she has done for everyone on the site, and for that I thank her for being so amazing. I also applaud her patience for the things she puts up with day to day. If you see Love on give her a thank you for with out her we would not have this amazing site we call home." - AwDad1


"Hey Lovely, thanks for your dedication and loving help towards this site. I guarantee we wouldn't be here without you. You save Urb at least 10times. Thanks for being there when we needed you most and for helping out to the best of your abilities." - Buttman


"Love_Child is the most helpful, thoughtful person on Urb. She has a great sense of style and she help every single Urb in need. Words can not explain how much we all appreciate you. Thanks for everything!"


"thanxs for the things love child for helpin us on everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)" - samantha123


"Oh dear love_child, how much of a year it's been,
I know urb have changed but my oh my you gleam.
Helping with the site, helping with new urbs,
kicking cheaters, and also hackers, to the outside of urbanville's curbs.
I know it's incredibly short, and i could be on for hours,
But i'll just will let you know something.
You have lovable and awesome powers. <3" - Jodie1995


"Hey auntie! Thanks for all the great things you have done and running this site with so much funk and skillz! Oh, and thanks for the awesome gear you buy me!!!" - Altergut


"Thankies for the things you have done for me Love_child your the longest lasting mod and coolest one i know hope your urb life goes on for as long as it can and you can help others like you have helped me in the older day's" - _Catie


"thank you love_child for all that you have done for the site." - T_Squared


"Urb is a great site and it's all thanks to da mayor and admins who keep this place funky. Special thanks to Love_Child for giving urb the friendliness and being such an awesome friend :)much props to ya and stay as funky as you are!" - Gagiti


"dear love, i will like you to give you thanks for supporting this site and for all your help.. we all really appreciate it a lot... you have kept this site going if it wasn't for you this site would of been dead thanks a lot " - Osmeliio


"Lovely Love_Child, Thank you for everything that you have done to this site. You serve as a backbone of this site. Without you, this place would be a complete mess (literally). I hope you will never get tired of taking care of us. lol
I also thank you for being one of my closest homeys in Urb. You have been a great partner in crime. :3 Well that is all. :)" - Dark_Oracle


"Your the true backbone of this site, you keep us going and always try to do what is best. You work hard all the time, even when you could be enjoying yourself! You make us all work together and pull strings to help make things happen. With your influence on all that happens, you made Urbaniacs fun to play again - with constant excitment. Your everyones Urb of the Life Time."
- Jay_Rawker and Mr_Funky

Urbanville Ghosts; Fact or Hoax?

The Just B Causeway has been getting a lot of coverage lately and as you might imagine, the citizens of Urbanville have been coming to me with their concerns. Is the bridge really haunted? Was it a hoax started by Dark_Oracle? Is Sherlock Holmes just using the hysteria to further his career? Is it safe to use the bridge? What is being done?

Well to get answers, I went first to the Love Oracle Cafe where Dark_Oracle is a barista. Magic_Shodow, our chef, told me that she had taken the night off, but we had a temp worker to cover. That's when I noticed samatha123 next to a cappuccino machine that could only be described as... imploded. Needless to say, I left quickly.

The next stop was Sherlock Holmes', the self-proclaimed greatest detective of all time. The door was locked and no one was answering. The tattoo artist in the next building told me that he hadn't seen Sherlock for a week.

I started thinking that there may be something to this ghost story. Back at my crib, I packed some overnight gear, grabbed Paolo, my B. Wereboy, and headed for the bridge.

We arrived shortly after midnight and there were quite a few moving lights along the bridge. As we got closer, we saw that they were flashlights and lanterns. Irene and Ranmaru, two of Dragus_Loader's sidekicks ran past. Mandude seemed to be searching for something. There were a few campsites including one where I ran into Dark_Oracle.

"Oracle, did you make all this up so you could have camp-parties on the bridge every night? Tell me the truth, you party girl." I said.

"Would I do that?" Oracle blinked her big innocent eyes and I was convinced that she'd never invent a haunting just to satisfy her party cravings.

I moved on until I found myself blinded by fog. The weather forecast hadn't called for fog and I wished I'd brought a thicker jacket because there was a definite chill to the air. That's when I noticed I'd gotten seperated from Paolo. After shouting his name a few times and getting no answer, I figured I'd better search the area.

That's when I was struck by an ear-splitting shriek followed by eerie moaning. I could see shadows moving in the fog, but lunging forward, I couldn't get close to any of them. I fought the urge to flee only because I couldn't leave without Paolo. However, he could still be at that last campsite where they were roasting marshmallows. He really can't resist marshmallows. He could be back there having a great old time, stuffing his face while I was being attacked by ghosts and worried sick about him. How dare!

Just as anger won out over fear, a voice said, "Admission is 5000 urbos." A hand materialized in front of me and I saw it was connected to a hooded figure.

"Are you kidding me?" I asked, though I suspected the answer.

"I'm trying to run a business here, it's not my fault you couldn't see the sign."

"What sign? Who are you? Buttman? TheThing? ZOOMER?" I was trying to think of who would set up a Haunted Bridge on the haunted bridge to make a buck.

"THAT sign, right there. That... Oh, we might have overdid it on the fog. Yo guys, turn it to a lower setting." The voice got faint as the figure strode away. I never did get to ID him. I also didn't pay the admission fee, which is just as well. I couldn't stay to play, I was getting to the bottom of things.

By this time, I was getting really sleepy. I thought I heard Sherlock's voice calling "Hello!" Or maybe it was "Help, I'm trapped!" I'm not sure. Paolo suddenly popped up by my side riding on a sugar high.

"Have you been eating marshmallows?" I asked him suspiciously.

"No, why, have you? Do you have marshmallows? Not sharing? Where are they? Lemme see!" Paolo demanded.

"No I don't have any. And now I'm tired and cold and just want to go home." I told him. At that point we headed home because Love is cranky when she's tired.

So citizens of Urbanville, I apologize for not getting to the bottom of things this time around. And to that entrepreneur, if you're reading this, you'd better have a permit!