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Issue 174

Sep 7, 2011

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>> Editorials
What a Month it has Been!

So,  I have been on holiday, camping around the Urbanville Forest. It was ok, but next time I think I'll jet off somewhere. Bugs, wilderness and camping food just isn't my view of a holiday, Gah.

So, I was making my way back and guess who I saw? Speedy! What in the world is he doing this far out of his Java Hut? Apparently, he heard from his pal the Pawn Shop guy, that he heard from Dark_Oracle that the famous Just B Causeway Bridge is haunted???
I think it is time we give our old friend Sherlock Holmes a call, don't you?

The UrbOlymipcs ended with TheThing, Patar and Neck69 taking the MASSIVE 100 million urbo prize! WOW!.... At least we all know who to rob now!
^ (If anyone is interested, gram me)

I now see Jay_Rawker has been busy, once again! A new contest, this time it's all to do with raps and rhymes. I see a few good competitors, I know who my money's on.

What do you all think about the new items, that have been released?
For the next issue I will be commenting and reviewing the new items, I would like to know what you all think. So any comments please gram me and they will be featured in the next issue!

Anyhow, enjoy reading the rest of this issue.


Heroes Leader Leaving??

Has anyone seen that the heroes ex leader is leaving them and joining the nomads.. what a shame.. like i said before they were weak before but now they are weaker then ever.... according to the ex leader he says that the heroes don't want his help.. pff what an excuse, like i say once you go strong you start being more ignorant and bossy... now he thinks he can take over he thinks he is tough and nomads are tough too SIKE!!!!!!! so i would put this challenge up for the nomads, you gather 4 of your strongest people and we can go on a 4 vs 4 throw down.. here are my people(villians)

soul corrupter, osmeliio, ultraurb, rackman and incase we need a sub we have richmax.....

if i was you i will be very very afraid..... dueces

Newbie Aid!

Newbie Aid is now having time invested in it! New rules to give out stuff to newbies have been created so that I don't scammed. There are various types of aid being offered to any newbie.

Donations can be done by doing the followings: buy music tracks from me, bid items into urbogurts, and bid urbos into urbogurts. Every donation is being documented for later use. Yes! for later used, I already said enough. I hope I didnt give anything away.

*hits the backspace button on the keyboard and tries to cover it up*

Okay, thats all I have to say this week!

Oh Wait, I almost forgot to say that the final six rappers will be announced on September 1st. So keep a look out for that.

TheThing's Elimination Contest

I have started a new game in the forums that has been the talk of Urbanville. It is a game of strategy, deception, and social skills.

Here's the rules:

The game is for 15 people.

Every round, one person is given the power to eliminate someone else from the game. (the person is chosen randomly)

Once we get down to the final 2, the last 7 people to be eliminated from the game will vote to decide who wins the game.

In the last game, I was the winner and patar was the runner-up. Going forward, there will be new twists to make the game even more exciting. It will be fun to watch. If you would like to play this game, I have a signup thread in the lounge. The waitlist is really long right now, but if you sign up, then eventually you will get put into a game.

The next game will start on September 1st.

*EDITOR'S NOTE*  The Elimination Contest has been so successful that it is now on it's 3rd run, with a 4th planned and waitlisted for.

Urbaniac of the Year 2011!

Urbaniac of the Year 2011!

Its been a while since the last Urb of the Year, 2007 to be precise. So now I feel along with the other Chronicles staff, to bring back this pinnacle award.

The award for Urbaniac of the Year will be decided by you. You must choose the Urb who you feel mostly deserves this award, for there hard work, commitment, character, personality and much, much more. To NOMINATE the Urb you feel who deserves to be Urbaniac of the Year 2011, you must Urbo Gram me - Inside_Scoop, stating the name of the Urb you are nominating and why.

You can't nominate yourself.
You can only nominate one Urb.
Only Nominations sent in gram count. - ANY nominations posted in the thread, even IF you grammed me will then become void.
You can't nominate Admins.

After 2 weeks of votes, I will count them up and announce the winner.
There will be a reward for the winner.

Have fun voting

Writer's Block

For the past few days, I have been searching for ideas for an article for the Chronicles. There are no happenings that catches my eye these days (except for Just B Causeway incidents which I am currently still investigating,sort of).

One morning, I was working in the Cafe. I still cannot figure out what to write. I wasn't focused at my job. I accidentally spilled some coffee on Shodow and hit Ossy with my tray and Racky with a plate. I also tripped Love unintentionally. Sorry about that guys!

Due to these cafe accidents, I decided to take the day off. Then I was walking alone. I took the Just B Causeway Route just for fun. It isn't that scary in the afternoon.

After passing by the bridge. I went to Speedy's Java Hut. I had a talk with Speedy. I was asking him about the happenings in his life. Nothing really caught my ear. Then I admitted to Speedy that am having a writer's block. Then when he was about to talk, I had an idea. Why not make an article about my writer's block. I hugged speedy and ran home.

Now, the article is finished and you just read it! Isn't that fun?!

The Deadly Ninjas of Urbanville

Somewhere, deep in the Urbanville Forest, there is a cave. The cave holds the key to stopping the mischief in Urbanville. The cave is home to all of Urbanville's Deadly Ninja population -- each ninja with their own hideout. Every full moon, the ninjas will venture out of the forest and wreak havoc on Urbanville -- vandalizing shops, knocking over garbage cans, and taking helpless civilians hostage. Ever wonder why some Urbs have disappeared from Urbanville? ;)

No organization can be ran without a master. That's where the Deadly Ninja Master comes into play. Master of all the ninjas in Urbanville, the Deadly Ninja Master is a certified Samurai. He has his own martial art - Funk FU. If you run into the Deadly Ninja Master, beware -- he is a certified cyber bully.

It is said that anyone who has ventured into the Urbanville Forest to find said cave has never come back. Has the cave ever been found? Nobody knows. The Deadly Ninjas of Urbanville know when you're looking to find them and they hear their name any time it is said, no matter how far away the person is.

Tours Monday through Friday from 1-5 PM. Closed on Wednesdays. Please call ahead to ensure there is room.

- Deadly Ninja Master

Urbaniacs Detective Krew

As most will see, there is a 5 person recruit team for a new kind of detective work going out there. Sherlock_Holmes the best and renown detective is here.

He is looking for 3 more people. Dark_Oracle and Zoomer_Mctraveller have joined. Who is next for the job, their case has been to check the Urb Bridge and decide what's going on over there.

The 125 Has Ended This Story.. for now

You Give the Title

Am really very enthusiastic about my new project, NewbieAid. The only thing wrong is that every newbie that asks for items either are scammers or have multiple accounts, which is not tolerable for NewbieAid. which means that when a legit newbie comes for help he will get the biggest start up boost in history! Which makes sense, legit newbies are hard to find, which gives me time to put together a very well-founded NewbieAid all thanks to those who were generous enough to give stuff to NewbieAid. Like I said in another story, your generosity will not be forgotten. Something very clever is on the back of my brain. Just a small treat to thank you for your support. Thank you everyone!

>> Top Stories
Just B Causeway's New Resident?

The Just B Causeway has a new resident. It is definitely not a hobo. It is a headless man. It seems that the famous bridge's ghosts are multiplying. (I thought this was over.) Carl (not his real name) reported his story about this headless man in my office last Saturday night. Here is his story:

"I was driving on the Just B Causeway. It was approaching 12 midnight. The weather was cold. The Street was foggy. It didn't bother me at all. Then suddenly, a man was crossing the street. It was not a normal man. It was headless. It was 20 feet away from me. I hit the breaks. I was panicking. I did not know what to do. I prayed. It was gone. Then I continued driving. Then after a few seconds I saw it again. It was walking towards me. It was holding a chainsaw. I was so scared. I turned my car around. I drove as fast as I could. That happening really gave me fright."

We still do not have clear proof about this mysterious resident of the bridge. It is definitely shaking the citizens of Urbanville. Now, how are we going to stop this haunting? Will the police stop it?

Case file #1: Hauntings Pt. 1

Well after a lot of ground work my investigations into the hauntings deepened.

After a tip off that was sent to the paper, a phony investigator claimed to have found the cause, and the annoyance of the Urbanville paranormal play group just infuriated me by getting in my way. But they did give me a good idea, well one I have had for a while.

I decided to disguise myself as a ghost, so I tore up my bed sheets and Dr.Watson dressed up as a werewolf, which he always seems to do, and we decided to see whether or not we could apprehend a ghoul, and maybe scare an innocent bystander... All in the name of justice of course.

Well essentially nothing happened, not even a henchling trying to offend me....until I did find a scorched piece of paper. The paper was of high quality and the seal belonged to the Mayor's office when all of a sudden a young gentleman wearing a fine suit was floating in front of me.

Dr Watson ran, whilst I poked and prodded at the poor soul, who then pulled out more scorched paper:

Mr Holmes, you have overdue tax to the amount of...

After that I ran, I was that horrified that I had to speed back to my house.


The league of Extraordinarily Good Looking and...

The Urbanville Police Service has allowed me to bypass the regular recruitment process to form a new team of detectives for the famous Urbanville Yard detective agency.

So I am looking for a team of at least 5, I already have 2, Oracle and Zoomer, so now all I need are 3.

So to become a member you must post an application and a series of "mysteries" will be produced for you to solve. Once you have solved them you will wait for another assignment.

The winners will obviously be a member of my elite team and they will also be involved in my investigations, and will help post in the Chronicles and will be rewarded with a cash item of their choice.

A snappy dress sense isn't necessary but recommended.