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Issue 173

Aug 24, 2011

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>> Editorials
What a Month it has Been!

So,  I have been on holiday, camping around the Urbanville Forest. It was ok, but next time I think I'll jet off somewhere. Bugs, wilderness and camping food just isn't my view of a holiday, Gah.

So, I was making my way back and guess who I saw? Speedy! What in the world is he doing this far out of his Java Hut? Apparently, he heard from his pal the Pawn Shop guy, that he heard from Dark_Oracle that the famous Just B Causeway Bridge is haunted??? 
I think it is time we give our old friend Sherlock Holmes a call, don't you?

The UrbOlymipcs ended with TheThing, Patar and Neck69 taking the MASSIVE 100 million urbo prize! WOW!.... At least we all know who to rob now!
^ (If anyone is interested, gram me)

I now see Jay_Rawker has been busy, once again! A new contest, this time it's all to do with raps and rhymes. I see a few good competitors, I know who my money's on. 

What do you all think about the new items, that have been released?
For the next issue I will be commenting and reviewing the new items, I would like to know what you all think. So any comments please gram me and they will be featured in the next issue!

Anyhow, enjoy reading the rest of this issue.



What kind of family is this, we have a dad as a hero and a mom as a villain, and twins as villains and cousins as a evil nomad and another cousin as a hero..
interesting family huh? I'll let you know the story now......

One day awdad1 was walking down to the gym to lift some weights and he saw awmom1 breaking in a store. awdad1 ran towards her and said "What are you doing lady?"

awmom1 hit him him her purse. BAMMM awdad got knocked out silly. awmom took awdad home and started to asked questions and awdad was trying the flirt moves on awmom.

rockin_gabriel walked in and saw awdad tied to a chair and rockin was like "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

awmom told sandggg to take gabriel outside for an icecream. When awmom got close to awdad to tell him something, awdad went for the kiss. Awmom was like "OMGSHH" then she let him go since then they started liking each other and they got married and had twins- osmeliio, ultraurb.

These twins wanted to follow awmom's footsteps to being evil. As they did they made a group called MoD. As of today the villains have taken over and no one can stop the amazing twins of evil..... the end

Rap battle

As you may or may not know, the Rap Battle in the freestyle forum is about to end. Please make sure you write at least one rap, that one rap can mske you rich and famous! The prize pot has been getting bigger as people donate to this event. Dont forget that at stake is the notorious Home Boy Trophy.

Remember that only 6 rappers will advance to the semi-finals! Then my secret judges will pick the the three finalists! This event is expected to heat up on its final days of the qualification round. So stop reading this now and go to the freestyle forum and rap your heart out, no not literally of course. :D

Interview With A Street Lamp

ManDude: So Mr.StreetLamp, you see all the action going on in the Urbanville streets. Anything interesting going on?
Street Lamp: ...
ManDude: Hello?
Street Lamp: ...
ManDude: OK then. Well, how would you describe the current events? Kelvins and Sparkys have been running everywhere!
Street Lamp: ...
ManDude: Uhh...well how about this. The new Urbo Gum seems to be adding mega strength to everyone. Its almost as if they're taking power from other parts of them selves and harnessing it, a transfer. Something that you'd only see in movies or pfft, GAMES! Its almost like we live in a game world, right?! HA! I'm funny.
Street Lamp: ...
ManDude: So you're not even going to make fun of me? nothing?
Street Lamp: ...
ManDude: Are you going to talk?
Street Lamp: ...
ManDude: Hey I'm talking to you. It's common courtesy to talk back!
Street Lamp: ...
ManDude: Say something or I'm gonna smack you!
Street Lamp: ...
ManDude: Thats it! *smacks the lamp post* ...OW!
Street Lamp: ...
ManDude: Oh mister tough guy huh? *pushes the lamp on the floor and wrestles* Ya, how do you like me now?! *trips down the stairs*
Street Lamp: ... *tipping over*
ManDude: ...No
Street Lamp: ... *almost falling*
ManDude: ...No no no
Street Lamp: ... *falls down the stairs*
ManDude: No no no NO NO NO NO!!! *squished* *groans*

Thank you InsideScoop for the idea of interviews and thank you Mr.StreetLamp of the Street Lamp Society

Street Lamp: No problem, pal!

Congratulations, Love_Child!

Congratulations to Love_Child for completing her 2000th day on Urbaniacs as of August 22, 2011. Lovely Love_Child has helped each and every urb in a time of need. She has worked each and every day to keep urb looking good. Thanks to her, we have gotten rid of hackers, cheaters and many other nuisances. Thanks Love_Child. We look forward to seeing you for your 5,000th day on Urb.

A Night at the Just B Causeway

The mysteries of the Just B Causeway have shaken the city. Various scary stories involving an old woman, a young boy, and a lady in white have been spreading all over Urbanville.

Due to these mysteries, I decided to spend a night at this so called "Haunted Bridge". I would really like to get to the bottom of these mysterious happenings.

I was accompanied by the city's finest Paranormal team which is lead by the famous psychic, Nicholas Potter.

I made sure that everything that happened to us that night would be recorded. Here is what happened.

It was a cold night. It is 9pm says my clock. I can feel the breeze touching my face. No cars were in sight   We started setting up camp. Nothing really unusual has happen yet. Nicolas Potter, the paranormal group head has set up his equipment. He told me that he has been feeling some strong energy. Yet, no ghost has been seen.

The paranormal group and I walked around the bridge. We are hoping to see the so called ghosts (mostly they are hoping, not I). Hours have passed. Still nothing in sight. Am getting really impatient. I cannot believe that people would make up ghost stories about this beautiful bridge.

Suddenly, I felt some weird coldness. It is crawling all over my spine. I was scared. Then Nicolas called me. He said that something out of the ordinary is about to happen. I waited. The team was trying to contact the ghost.

Minutes have passed. No answer. It's 12 mn, no encounter yet. Then suddenly, we heard something weird. It was a woman. She was crying. She was asking for help. I was shocked. I did not know this would happen. The voice was sad and creepy. It was like echoing to the air.

Then I felt a weird coldness in my back. I turned around, I see nothing. Then Nicolas whispered. He told me that the ghost was at my side. Nicolas started talking to her. He told her that we could help her to cross to the other side. Then the breeze got stronger. Nicolas told me that the ghost was mad. She told Nicolas that a henchling killed her and threw her in the bridge. She wants this henchling to pay. Nicolas told her that we would find that henchling. According to Nicolas, the ghost calmed down and she disappeared.

I was shocked. There was really a ghost. Too bad I didn't see it, but I felt it. It was really scary. After this encounter, we decided to sleep.

After this experience, I wonder what do the other ghosts of Just B Causeway want. Do they want justice like the ghost woman we encountered or do they just want to scare people? Well, this will be our little mystery. The good thing about our investigation is that haunting stories have lessened and a few vehicles have been using the great just B Causeway again.

The Amazing Frying Pan

A frying pan, an unlikely weapon to use. Yet, it has been a weapon of choice of mine (Oracle). It is a great choice of weapon in taking out pests, henchlings and annoying little people.

What makes the frying pan so amazing?

-It has variety - You can choose from cast iron, aluminum, or stainless steel and more!
-It is durable - Oh yeah! it can last for a long time!
-It can be enhanced by heating - more heat the better. More damage to the target.
-It has a lollipop shape - Who needs a boring old sword when you have a frying pan? Get the picture?
-It would not miss your target - Frying has good aiming power
-It is stylish - It can go with anything.
-It is easy to use - Anybody can easily master the art of the pan. As in anybody.
-It is handy - You can practically bring it anywhere.

Now, Who needs swords, axes, lightsabers? Peeesh! Those weapons? So overrated. Take a pan. It is much better.

Current situation of the Just be Causeway Bridge

Well on request of a old friend I did a little undercover investigation without the acknowledgement of the Urbanville detectives. I brought a group of my sidekicks that were specially trained for this situation. Hyatt to understand and translate for the ghosts; Corroder for chemical and diagnostics; Kurau and Christmas for scouting the area; and finally Irene to help with any unforseen incidents.

As we got to the bridge we found that the cops were off for the night but there was the U.P.A. (Urbanville Paranormal Agency) doing an investigation. So since the top was already covered we went under the bridge and found a Charred body. Corroder looks at me nods and gets to work trying not to contaminate the evidence the U.P.A. was trying to get. It didn't take long for corroder to find out that this body was burned by five chars and a couple sizzles. Also not to mention that the Body was male not what we were looking for. But we did leave the information for the police to handle the disposal. So we kept looking and we saw a troll under the bridge that matches the description of the witnesses account so we captured the Troll and turned it in to the Detectives.

The Start of Something New

Well first off I would like to introduce myself to the loyal readers of the chronicles, I am Detective Sherlock Holmes of the Urbanville Police Service. Now because of some attitude issues I have been ordered to provide accounts of my investigations by the boss, so every week will contain a case file of my current investigations.

Currently I've taken on the Just B.Causeway investigation, so more to follow shortly.

Thank you Urbanville, and good day.

>> Business
ManDude's Training Pass Emporium

Come one come all! Here at "ManDude's Training Pass Emporium", customer satisfaction is our goal. You want a Training Pass BOOM! ALREADY ON THE SHELVES! You want a "Training Pass Package" ("Training Pass Package" is copy righted "ManDude's Training Pass Emporium")? BOOM! WHEN EVER THEY HIT THE SHELVES! The generous Training Pass Fairy makes frequent visits to our store and throws Training Passes at us. Then we sell the Training Passes. What do we do with the extra Training Passes? WE TRAINING PASS THEM WITH OTHER TRAINING PASSES! ...Training Pass...

Doors stay open as long as we are in stock so come on down!