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Issue 172

Aug 17, 2011

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>> Editorials
Conflicting Reports

The news reports of the famous Urbanville landmark, the Just B Causeway, have gained momentum. Dark_Oracle is fuelling the fear with accounts of hauntings, while Senator_Urbaniac strives to be the voice of reason. I can't wait to hear the updates from both sides next week!

We also have conflicting stories about trust on the streets of Urbanville.  One side says to have faith, the other side says to be wary.  Which way do you swing?

Add in some nutrition and commentary on Urb life, and we have ourselves a well rounded article.  Enjoy!

Not All Newbies are Multi Accounters

Many of you urbs are all thinking that these newbies are all multi accounters trying to scam you for your stuff and urbos. Well I'm saying otherwise because, well, I see all these newbies getting foulmouthed because they are accused of multi accounting, yet did you know that probably only 3-5 out of these dozens of newbies are multi accounters? I know this for a fact since I have lately seen an increase in newbies that are playing for more than just a few days and are actually getting involved in competitions, propping, inviting people to battles etc.

 Next time you see a newbie, help him out, and encourage him to play on urb.

Just B Causeway Mystery

Stories have been circulating around Urbanville about the mysteries of the famous bridge, Just B Causeway.  Here is one of the stories:

Do not walk in the Just B Causeway alone at night. Janine, Jenny Law's sister just got out off from work at 9. To save money, she decided to walk home.  Little did she know that she just made one of the biggest mistakes of her life.

She was passing by the famous bridge. It was really weird that there were no cars in sight (she has no idea about the mysteries of the bridge). Then suddenly she felt some cold breeze. She stops. She looked around. Nothing. She continued walking. Suddenly, she heard some footsteps. Then again, She stopped and looked around. She saw nothing weird. She decided to walk a little faster. She was still hearing the weird footsteps. It was getting faster. She began to run. The footsteps sound stopped.

Janine stopped and rested at the side of the bridge, believing she was safe. Suddenly, she felt something cold on her shoulder. A cold hand to be exact. She was petrified. She didn't want to turn her head. Yet, she did. She saw an old woman. The old woman's eyes were swollen. She has a few scars on her face and parts of her skin were deteriorating. The woman was crying. She was whispering and asking for help.

Janine was still petrified. The old woman grew mad and suddenly transformed into a witch like creature. Her eyes were burning. She scratched Janine's shoulder and screamed. Then she disappeared. Janine was traumatized. She never thought that something like that would happen to her.

Citizens of Urbanville have no idea why these things are happening. It is definitely not the work of Goatfist. Henchlings are pissed off because of this. I guess henchlings are not the only creatures bringing terror in the city.

Healthy Things to Eat

Healthy things to eat are broccoli, carrots, apples, pears, oranges, fish, shrimp and other things that don't have grease so that means it's healthy.

But candy doesn't have grease but it is really bad for you so you shouldn't eat candy every day or you'll get fat. You can only eat candy once a week and also you can't eat candy when you're right about to eat or when you just finished eating. Than it won't be good for you and you will be feeling very sick.

The War So Far

We're out here in the battle field fighting for our lives. Everyone using their strength and not their power. Everyone is looking for a way to get power. By the looks of it urb has taken over many parts of the city, but the kelvin and sparkys won't go down. Me, I'm taking out those do gooders; they are heroes but still attack us. This is one big war. I'm writing this cause i dont know if I'll live.

Sandggg a fellow urb

Just B.Causeway: Is it really haunted?

This is a public service announcement.

As the bridge is the property of the state it actually falls under my jurisdiction. The recent fear mongering that has been caused by Dark Oracle has actually led to underusage of the iconic Urbanville landmark.

A police investigation led by Inspector I.M. Stressed of the Urbanville Police Service is currently underway, with the assistance of Detective S.Holmes and Dr Watson both of whom are members of the Urbanville Yard Detective agency.

Detective Holmes had this to say to my office:

"I have great faith in my own crime solving abilities, that I have deducted that I am going to solve these quite un-logical series of events"

I have asked Dr Watson to keep everyone updated on the case via the Chronicles.

Henchlings on the Loose

Henchlings has been lurking around the city, searching for their next victim. They tend to target citizens that seem defenseless.

One of their tactics is that they pretend to be helping you cross the street. They are in disguise. They will leave you in the middle of the street and they will steal your purse.

My advice for the citizens is you must look tough. You should not show any weaknesses. You should also put your guard up. Do not trust people that offer their help too easily.

You will never know, your friend maybe a henchling.