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Issue 171

Aug 10, 2011

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>> Editorials
R U Ready 4 This?

In this issue we have some articles written in chatspeak with the added pleasure of extreme run on sentences.  I thought it might be fun.  Keep asprin on hand.

There is alarming news about the Just B Causeway.  I have a feeling more stories will start pouring in about it.

The Villains represent, as usual.  Where are all the other dispositions in Urbanville?

Congratulations to TheThing, Patar and Neck69 for winning the UrbOlympics!  They split the grand prize of 100,000,000 urbos!  

There was a tie for second place (Armand_Hammer & Sandggg) and (JuicyFruit, TunsaTheGreat & Milkinkittens)  Each team split 1,000,000 urbos and got +15 Defense Training Passes.

The third place team consisting of Dark_Ang3L, max_25277 and Dark_Oracle received +10 Defense Training Passes.  Good job to all our competitors!


Some urbaniacs need 2 stop dissin bcuz if u diss people they will diss u back and ur health will go bad so please urbaniacs stop the dissin it's super bad dissin other people and instead of dissin y don't u urbaniacs start givin props 2 each other so STOP THE DISSIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Some Kinds of Villians

Some kinds of villians are nice and some of them are nice like heroes, but the nice villians have to be mean so they can be tough like how villians are really tough, and nice villians want to be turned to heroes because they're nice but the other villians have lost other villians to heroes.


How do u get tps?

The answer 2 get tps r by battlin,winin at somethin,or by buyin them at the shop.

How do they work?

U go 2 trainin and click wat kind of body parts do u need 2 b stronger and it'll make u more stronger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Haunted Bridge

A lot of mysterious things have been happening on the famous Urbanville Bridge, the Just B Causeway. According to one of our sources, there was a mysterious woman who was hitching a ride in the late evening. The driver pulled over. The woman was pale and she has a long black hair. She was wearing a ragged white dress. He asked her where she was going. She stared at him. Then her eyes got swollen. Her jaw was disconnected and she started talking Latin. Then Flames comes out and the woman was gone. The source was so scared. He just picked up speed and went home. He is seeing a psychiatrist now.

Another source has another story. As he was driving on the Just B Causeway. A little boy suddenly crossed the street. He thought that he hit the boy. He pulled over and he checked on the boy. The boy was not there. He was in shock. He was pretty sure he hit the boy with his car. He suddenly heard a mysterious voice. He turned around. It was the boy! He was floating. He was so scared, he left his car on the bridge and ran.

The bridge is now known to be housing some ghosts around the city. It has been scaring citizens of Urbanville more than the henchlings that have been lurking around. Yet there has been no proof of these sightings yet. I don't really know if it is fraud. Time could only tell if it is real or not.

>> Top Stories
Found: Purse

On Thursday, Urbanville police found a purse at the corner of Funk and Swag. The purse was dusted for finger prints, but instead, distinct hoof prints were found on the purse. The culprit was taken in to custody and was released the next day for a two million urbo bail, paid by the Ministry of Darkness.

No ID was found in the purse. If you believe it is yours, contact the Urbanville Police Department immediately.

- Urbanville Police Department


if you want to be strong, respected, cared for or pretty much anything come and join the villains in the villains only topic and go down to the minions thread and post that you would like to join. we are the most powerful disposition on urb and the most populated and we pretty much own everything because we are the strongest so being with us there will be nothing to worry about.


If you ever turn on us it will be the biggest mistake you've ever made!