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Issue 170

Aug 3, 2011

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>> Editorials
Ministry of Darkness

The Ministry of Darkness is the strongest and evilest villain group and it's RISING!
Join the minions to see if you're worthy enough to be in the MoD. If you're in the MoD, it means you're a pure Villain and have the right to be named a Villain. Anyone who isn't in the MoD is just as bad as a pathetic ZERO!

What you have to do is, got to the Minions: Training Grounds threads in the Villains Only Topic and join.

This is to test your true loyalty to GoatFist. It's to re-instate the Villains, it's to make Villains what they once were. It's to make the Villain name proud and for the Villain name to mean evil and destructive.

So join us, we'll be waiting!


Tp's - A Continuous Problem

Ever since I began my life in Urbanville Tp prices have been slowly increasing as time passed by. Many citizens keep pointing fingers at each other, when nobody has fault. You see as a player gets older and stronger his/her demand for Tps will get higher. In other words, the stronger players would not be satisfied with their current stats, they would want more and more tps.

Demands for Tps are extremely high, but the supply of tps are really low. So those who actually win tps in battles have the liberty and power to set whatever amount for them, he/she knows that they can get away with setting a high prize for them because most of us are Tp hungry and we all desire them so much. So no one is responsible for the sky rocketing tps.

Here's a word heard from the City of Urbanville: "+5 I am now forced to pay 300k+ because of silly pricess and double if +10. Tp's used to be 100k and the system worked, (It was better, for everyone) Now it is a challenge for Urbs to get far... Please people think about lowering prices. When will the prices go down? or are we just going to let them keep going up???"

Well unknown person, chances are that Tps will never be 100k anymore. My predictions are that we will be paying over 1 mil for one +5 and we will just have to deal with it or not buy them. Like I stated before people are not just going to stop buying them, they want to get stronger and since Tps aren't available all the time, it's hard to get your hands on them, and when you do, you will either use the Tp or sell it.

Chances are you would want to make a quick buck and charge whatever you feel like charging because you know people would buy them, no matter how crazy the price.

A MoD Script?

Was this just acting or real?

It was on the outskirts of Urbanville, down that road, you know: that road, the one without a name. Yeah that one! Well it was a normal sunny day so the group of MoD decided to take a nice little picnic, free from heroes and without a care in the world.

Just after Osmeliio went to take a nom on his sandwich, a gang of unknown thieves surrounded us. As one stole the picnic basket and ran off while the other members of the gang, roughly about 7, ganged up on us. Yes as this was happening I was cowering inside a rabbit hole, and what a big rabbit hole it was. I was writing everything I saw in this tiny little pink note book I held with me all the while.

After that second the unknown stranger that took the basket ran off, straight away with a reflex of a master shooter, Osmeliio chased the thief screaming at him to give him back his food, threatening him with death sentences, just because he nicked his sandwich. The other 7 gang members decided to help their "food thief". Just as everything was getting out of hand, I came out the hole and stood up like a mother would shouting at a child waiting to be punished.


They all stopped and looked at me, with glaring eyes, seeing the threat in my eyes the theif dropped down the basket carefully where we were sitting, and said sorry. The rest of the gang of "thieves" also said sorry and asked if they may join us.

Of course it was a group decision, and because of our villainy and kindness we gave them a grateful... No! About 5 minutes later the thieves walked off, and we enjoyed a lovely picnic all afternoon.

The end.

Urbanville, a city of growth and change.

This is a formal announcement from the office of Senator Urbaniac.

Urbanville is currently rising up through the ashes, my favorite symbol, that of the pheonix is the perfect symbol for urbanville at the moment. We as a united body, heroes, villains, beatniks, vigilantes and nomads have begun to build an amazing future for this amazing city.

With everything working successfully, and new sidekicks swooping in, and not to mention the factory opening up to produce new gear.

But this is not only due to the mayor, love child, eat your children. This is because of you, you kept this site funky, now look, we've got more mojo than an austin powers film.

Keep it funky.


>> Sports
A Win?

This is the last week of the UrbOlympics, however the point system for the games allowed an early victory for Nomadic Tribe 2! with 52 and maintaining a 30 point lead. With two games left and a possibility of gaining 20 points for both will only get you in second place thus earning yourself a runner-up prize! So second place is still up for grabs! Anyone is still in the running for second.

I will hopefully continue this UrbOlympics annually, if and only if I can get the adequate help from any volunteers. Thank you so much for playing, if you didn't play, hope you had fun following the results every week.