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Issue 169

Jul 27, 2011

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>> Editorials
Some Things Old and Some Things New

In this issue, news of an upcoming Rap Battle!  Wonder if there will be any incentives.  I guess we'll find out in future updates from Jay_Rawker!

Senator_Urbaniac gives us Hero updates.  The Academy does sound like fun and you can earn qualifications for Hero activities.

ManDude reminds us to look foward to the not-so-secret Samurai gear that will be hitting the shops soon.  Can't wait!

samatha123 lends newbies a hand.  I guess they understand that chatspeak?

Dark_Oracle reveals a little Too Much Information about GoatFist.  But it's ok because Villains aren't that bad.  What?  That's coming from her, not me!  She's not very judgemental, no wonder she's the Sweetheart of the Forums!

Lastly, the issue is rounded out with some UrbOlympic news.  I'm not sure what sandggg was trying to say, but Osmeliio provided some villainous taunting along with uncharacteristic niceness (shivers) and Jay_Rawker updates us on the standings.  Wow Nomadic Tribe 2!

Rap Battle Anyone?

Shortly after the UrbOlympics are done, A Rap battle will be taken place in the Freestyle Forum! Here Am going to lay down how this is going to go:

A topic will be created titled "Rap Battle '11". That topic will remain open for 3 weeks from the creation day. Once 3 weeks has flown by, the forum will be closed. 3 secret judges will pick the top 6; each judge will pick 2.

This is the first round. Your first 5 raps will be counted. Any rap that is found to be copyrighted and/or raps in the freestyle forum and on the internet will be an automatic disqualification, and believe me, if it's in the internet I'll find it. :D

Second round gets a little harder. Each judge will pick one of their 2 picks to battle. So 3 players will be battling. Each player is only allowed 3 raps: Opening, Response, and Closing. Out of these 3 rappers, only 1 will advance to the finals! Then the remaining 3 rappers will do the same, and only one of these will advance to the finals.

Third and last round! The last two rappers will only make 2 raps. The first rap is a diss to their opponent. Their second rap is a response to the diss. The 3 judges will each pick who they think won. 2/3 votes will give you victory, as well as 3/3 votes.

New H.A Air Wing

Headed by Senator Urbaniac the H.A air wing is the new super hero unit to hit the H.A.

Pilots in the H.A air wing undergo an extensive training regime to test the physical and mental abilities of the members.

To join, you must be a member of the H.A, have an IQ greater than average, and to have graduated the academy with a basic assessment record higher than 5.

the Haps at the Academy

Not long until the first classes at the academy will begin, uniforms are being issued and the Pen store down the road is almost empty, homework sheets are being printed and tests are be created.

You have 3 more days to sign up for the Academy: First class, a milestone in Urbanville history and the first of many.

So head on down to the academy if you want an education and if you want to achieve a Basic Assessment Record (BAR).


Items Here, Items There

Mayor DaMan. What has he been doing in his spare time? Helping urb! For anyone who hasn't looked in the shops lately, look. Move the cursor to the "SHOPS" option and click. Then use your eyes and look. Do you see? Do you see what is there? A big, buff, magical dragon that seems to have everyone buzzing and buying. Cupid arrows for you people who have the patience of a squirrel and can't wait 'till Valentines Day, Cupid Arrows for boys and girls alike! Mayor has spilled some secret info (LOOK IN THE LOUNGE! IT'S SO SECRET!) that there will be...wait for it...

*drum roll*


*drum roll*




*rick rolled*

SAMURAI GEAR! YOU HEARD (or read to be exact,) RIGHT! SAMURAI GEAR!!! Keep your eyes on the shops for these new items and more, and if you don't have eyes then stick a camera in your head!



Need help newbies?

Since newbies need help all u need 2 do is always everyday u need 2 train and if u need urbos 2 buy stuff u can get urbos by playin games, winnin at battles, and if u need tps (training passes) all u need 2 do is 2 win at battles, completing missions, or if u have good trades u can trade it with urbos or some cool stuffs.

U can buy with urbos at the shop where they sell sidekicks, body gear, pawn shop, and the food shop and when u r in a battle and u r losin some health u can press item and give it 2 urself or someone else when their health is running low and ur item will giv u some health!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Goatifst: Grandma's Boy

A local citizen of Urbanville had just spotted Goatfist in his grandma's house devouring some cookies. Goatfist was wearing a sweater with pink hearts made by his Grandma.

His actions were really something that you wouldn't expect a supervillain would do. He was caught thumb sucking and he also had some random tantrums to get his grandma's attention. He even asked the lady to read him some bedtime stories and asked her to kiss his forehead.

Goatfist somewhat caught the witness and he tried to catch and kill him. The witness got away. He was really traumatized by the event. He first had to see a psychiatrist before he spilled the beans.

Villains : They Aren't that Bad

Villains, they are known to be really mean, cold-blooded monsters. The question is, are they really that bad? Do you know what their real motives are? Maybe they are just trying to protect their own kind. Maybe they are trying to hide their true selves in that hard slimy exterior.

I have seen some villains that are making a difference to this place. They make this place more exciting. They also help out other players (consciously and unconsciously). People should not judge others by their exterior. Every villain is a hero, it is not really that obvious.

People often hate them, but do they ask what are the villains really up to? Have you ever asked if they had those inner wounds that eventually turned them into villains? Their back story?

Villains do some reasonable stuff by unreasonable means. Try to understand them more and we should give them a little sympathy sometime.

>> Sports
The Rango of Flingo Flango

*Mexican accent* *This was not meant to be racist to Hispaniacs*

Eh check out Flingo Flango man. An den click de Weekly man. You see do you see the thing. No not a the TheThing. Yah man he overpowers like wow man. so understand. DE Nomads Own you papy ok. ok

UrbOlympics= VILLAINS

Yeah the title says it all....

I had to play Flingo Flango and I did pretty good. I might have gotten 1st place or maybe 2nd... Ohh yeah the villains are reaching the nomadictribe (bunch of losers)

The good news is that we have a couple of teams that got eliminated because they haven't been active.. fools, I'll mention their team name so you guys can laugh at them too..

Crash & Burn
The Urbtastics
The Bananu Boyz


First time I would say this as a villain..


UrbOlympics Update

Standings as of the last game "Flingo Flango"

Nomadic Tribe 2.......32pts
Nomadic Tribe 1.......9pts
Crash & Burn..........0pts
Evil Bros ...................0pts
Face_Crew ...............0pts
Phoenix .....................0pts
The Urbtastics ...........0pts
The Bananu BoyZ .......0pts

Flingo flango scorers:

TheThing representing the Nomadic Tribe 2, scoring a whopping 2180! followed by Sandggg representing the Nomadict Tribe 1, scoring a great score of 1600. And lastly, Osmeliio representing UltraButtVillains, scoring a good score of 1300.

This week, two games are being played at the same time to recover loss time due to my break. So as the games are inching closer to an end, and the top teams are determined to hold their place if not get a bigger lead over their opponents. Nomadic Tribe 2 already has a 16 point lead, but TunsaJuicyMilk are working extra hard to catch up. Good luck to all players!