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Issue 168

Jul 20, 2011

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>> Editorials
A Bit of Everything

In this issue we have a bit of everything as writers with different styles and approaches come together to give us an exciting Chronicles!

Congratulations are in order as altergut finally beats a Sparky!

Oracle share Urbanville's regal history with us.  Now we know the origins of the Mayor's Winning Smile!

ManDude sacrifices his mental health to bring us an important interview.  He goes on to recruit Heroes in an original way.  And if that's not enough, clears up misconceptions about the dispositions.

We have jokes by nina44, and samatha123 rounds out the issue with poetic advocacy for the Villains.

Thankfully, Jay_Rawker is back to get the UrbOlympics in full swing again.  Get your gear on and Flingo your Flango!

Killin sparkys

Yes, I have succesfully beat a sparky!! It was amazing! It was TheThing, SilverFlame, and I. We beat a sparky!!! Oh and by the way Goatfist bombs don't work on them, so I had to stun them and confuse it to hit itself! Then nature took its course and we destroyed it!!!

The First Hero

In the year 1500's, Urbanville was known to be the kingdom of Urbanica. There lived an evil witch named Goatica. She put the kingdom in peril and she quickly spread evil all over town. Citizens were dying and losing hope. Nobody dares to fight her.

Out of this chaos, rose a hero named Da Homme. He saw a woman crying. He asked why. The woman said that her daughter was kidnapped by Goatica. Her daughter has some special abilities. It threatens Goatica and she decided to suck all the the powers of the daughter to be stronger. Da Homme asked what her daughter looks like and he decided to embark on a journey. (he decided to embark on a journey because he thinks that the woman's daughter is cute)

He walked towards the wood of Urbanica. The weather tried to test him. Heavy winds blew towards him. Lightning nearly hit him. Still, the weather didn't stop him.

Then he came across a tribe called Henchieloompas. They were great followers of Goatica. Da Homme didn't know that. He asked the tribe what way he should take to get to the witch. The Henchieloompas just stared at him and started to fight him. Da Homme took his sword and started fighting them. It seems that the Henchieloompas were no match for him. He thought that the tribe was a bunch of weaklings.

He continued his journey. The weather was not backing down on him. He grew really tired. Maybe it was due to lack of sleep. So he decided to camp for the night.

The morning came. He decided to start the day early. He walked and walked and walked. Then he saw a glance of the witch's castle. It was looking evil. He ran towards it.

He reached the castle. It wasn't easy to find the witch. There were a lot of traps. He also battled a lot of the witch's henchmen.

After all of the traps and battling, he finally reached the witch. They started fighting. The witch thought that Da Homme is no match for her. She played with Da Homme by manipulating his body. Then suddenly, the daughter of the crying woman shouted that Da Homme should concentrate on cutting off the hoof of Goatica. He took her advice. He began aiming for the hoof. It wasn't easy. Then the daughter tricked the witch. She did the "Oh Look it's a" trick. The witch fell for the trick. Da Homme cut off her hoof. The witch melted and the daughter was saved.

Da Homme asked what was the witch after. She said that she was after her power which is her smile that could weaken evil people.

They both went home in Urbanica. A feast was celebrated for one of the first heroes. Freedom was brought back to the kingdom and evil disappeared that day. Little did they know that Goatica has descendants.

Interview With A Henchling

ManDude: So Mr *looks on chart* ... Mr. Bla... what do you think about your rank in the henchling society?
Henchling: Bla!
ManDude: Excuse me?
Henchling: Bla!
ManDude: Thats not a answer Mr. Bla
Henchling: Bla!
ManDude: ...Moving on. Well the prices of training passes seem to have gone up again. A penny for your thoughs?
Henchling: Bla!
ManDude: ....Worst penny I ever spent. Anyway, why do you think that henchlings don't have sidekicks?
Henchling: Bla!
ManDude: OK what is this? What is "Bla"?
Henchling: Bla!
ManDude: Bla is not a answer.
Henchling: Bla!
ManDude: Is that all you say? Bla?
Henchling: Bla!
ManDude: Stop it.
Henchling: Bla!
ManDude: Stop saying Bla!
Henchling: Bla!
ManDude: Cut it out!!!
Henchling: ...
ManDude: ...
Henchling: ...
ManDude: ...
Henchling: ...Bla...
ManDude: STOP SAYING BLA! BLA THIS BLA THAT! ITS ALWAYS BLA! *rips hair out* BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA!!!!! *runs out of office screaming*
Henchling: *puts feet on desk and leans back* For the record, I say more than Bla.

Thank you Inside_Scoop for the idea of interviews and thank you Mr. Bla of the henchling society for volunteering.
Mr. Bla: No problem ole' chap!


Another Dispo Thing? Really? *sigh*

As the title says, this is another disposition article. Sure are alot of those puppies flying around huh?

Hero. What does it mean? To fly around buildings in tights? To lift a truck and save someone? To put someone else's life above your own? Hero is not a thing--but a person. A hero is someone who helps others, even in the smallest way. Take some time out of your life to give some money to a homeless man? Hero. Help a old lady across the street? Boy Scout actually but he's a hero because of that one good deed. Heroes are always there, always willing to help. There for themselves, there for each other and there for you. Even the villains occasionally. Point being, heroes are ONE OF THE kindest dispos you can find. If you plan on picking a disposition, try us .

Definition Distortion

It seems many people don't understand anything. They think vigilantes are Bat Man and nomads are random homeless people. I'm here to fix that. The real definition to the dispos are below:

Villain - Someone who commits crimes to gain what they want or simply to cause chaos. Will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Hero - Person who always beats up the villain in the end of the story. Stands for truth and justice!

Nomad - People who choose not to have a home. They wander, helping others. Some are herders. Others are tribes of people

Beatnik - Someone who expresses emotions through art and literature.

Vigilante - Like a hero, just don't care if they break any laws while doing it.


All the villains want 2 defeat the heros (zeroes)
So they can win and osmeliio is the greatest villain ever
But we r losin and the heros r now winning
And we need some newbie villains and
Other powerful villains 2 defeat the heros!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

>> Comics

What did mama bear say to papa bear?
You need to stop eating you're going to get fat and explode.


Knock knock
Who's there?
Pie who?
Pie in your face


Why was the girl going cuckoo?
Cause she had some issues with the cuckoo clock.

>> Sports
UrbOlympics Up Again

I decided I needed a break, so I went on vacation and I postponed the UrbOlympics for 2 weeks or so, I was still visiting urb when I had the chance to with my phone or a laptop with a good wifi connectivity.

Well it's back and rolling! Change back to your sport gears and warm up cause 100,000,000 urbos is up for grabs, who's going to take them?

Good Luck to all participating in the current game, Flingo Flango, and have fun!