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Issue 165

Jun 22, 2011

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>> Editorials

Hello Urbanville!

It's been a busy week here, in the Urbanville Chronicles office. The amount of article entries we have been given is great! Everyone, keep up the good work!

So in this issue, we have part 2 of the story that shook up last week's. Osmeliio releases Urbrey_Porter, yet he STILL thinks she's a guy for some unknown reason... poor villains.

Next is nina's interesting articles on the Villains and Heroes.

As always Jay_Rawker, has added a few exciting artcicles, all about the UrbOlympics!

And finally, from the No.1 writer in the Urbanville Chronicles office (sorry Urbrey_Porter), Ihave added a few articles in myself.

Enjoy reading this weeks Chronicles!

Porter Free?

I have decided to let Porter go since he is useless and no one cares about him...

*goes down to crib *

Porter you free to go, but if I hear a word that your disrespecting the villains in anyways there will be consenquences.. am warning you now!!!

*gives him a good old smack*

Ultra let him go

So now I'll be looking for someone worthy of kidnapping, someone who is very very important to the site someone that is powerful.. hmmmmm who can that be?????


Villians 2

If you're a villian you might like stealing things like computers, tv, money, purses, and wallets and you might like kidnapping people, hitting people, and robbing banks.


Heroes like protecting people, heroes get in battles with villains and the heroes always won but the villains were having enough of losing. So one day they tricked the heroes by telling them they want to be heroes. Then the other day the villains grabbed all of the heroes' weapons and started to attack the heroes. But the heroes pranked the villains and switched the real weapons with the fake weapons and the heroes won again and sent the villians to jail. The heroes saved the earth again, people were so happy the villains were sent to jail.

We Are Free!

Finally Cinco De Mayhem is over!
So the mayor has finally got his alter ego back, the assaults are back to normal and no sign of goatfist! Finally, I’m glad it is over.

But, as always your homey Inside_Scoop has the latest lowdown on why everything is back to normal. I was sitting comfortably in Love and Oracles cafe, sipping my delicious cappuccino, when the smelly goat (yes I could smell him and the door was closed), was strolling down the street. He was causing havoc; he even broke a nail doing so.

Luckily for us, our loyal Mayor, who has recovered from the hell GoatFist and his followers put him through, was following him. Disguised in casual clothes and a fake moustache, but still with that winning smile, waited until he sent his followers away. (At this point I was hiding in a trash can, you know, the ones just left of Speedy’s Java Hut? – Yes it smelt like week old panties!)

The Mayor hit GoatFist with a big winning smile, all that I saw was a shining light, then Goatfist lying on the floor. Swiftly, a few Henchlings, ordered by a Sparky grabbed his body and moved into the darkness. All that the Mayor said was, “Im here, for this town, we are united no matter at what cost!” and just disappeared.

We are free again! But I tell you what, for one that winning smile has a major effect – Gah! Anyone got super strong pain killers? Then secondly, don’t go hiding in a trash can, I’ve had 10 showers and I still smell!

Your Homey,

Gallery Entries!

We have recently had many strong entries from Dark_Oracle and ManDude in the Gallery, but what about anyone else?

I want to see all of you send in a gallery picture this week. It has to do with the theme 'Disposition'.

 You have from today 22nd of June until 26th June to come up with something.

There will be a nice prize for all the enteries.

Your Homey,

>> Sports
Interview with the Athletes

My first interview is with dark_oracle, member of 3 Cool Urbaniacs! Oracle took gold in the boombox game! Let's see what's she telling us about this.

*You are doing great in the UrbOlympics! Any predictions on your team?
- There are a lot of tough competitors in the UrbOlympics and it is quite hard to make predictions for my team.
Anyway, I think that we will continue to earn some points for our team. Probably, we could be on the top in the latter part of the games.

*Your score on Boombox was amazing, how did you do it?
- I just kept playing Boombox when I have the time. Also in playing the game, I tried to make a big group of colors (mainly blue) to earn more points.

*Does your team have the skillz to take 100,000,000 urbos to your bank?
- It is really going to be tough, but I think our team have the skillz to bag the 100,000,000

*Well, good luck and have fun!
- *smiles*

Well good luck to 3 Cool Urbaniacs!

Interview During Action

Patar, member of the Nomadic Tribe is here to talk to us:

We came to win. And that's exactly what we're going to do.

Haha well it took me hours to get that score, and it was pretty much the luck of the draw.

Oh fer suree. We definately have the skills to take all those urbos.

Thanks !

Good luck to Nomadic Tribe!

UrbOlympics So Far!

As promied, I have the low down on the UrbOlympics!
So currently the table stands like so:

Nomadic Tribe 2.......16pts
Nomadic Tribe 1.......3pts
Crash & Burn..........0pts
Evil Bros ...................0pts
Face_Crew ...............0pts
Phoenix .....................0pts
The Urbtastics ...........0pts
The Bananu BoyZ .......0pts

So as it seems, the Nomads are controlling this UrbOlympics ahead by 6 points, 3CoolUrbaniacs are also catching up, after grabbing 10 points in the last game. It seems so far as it is between 5 teams, Nomadic Tribe 2, 3CoolUrbaniacs, TunsaJuicyMilk, Nomadic Tribe 1 and UltraButtVillain.

The Nomadic Tribe, whatever happens will have a team in the top 3, just because theway they are playing! They have the skill and fire power to do well. Also they are the only dispo who seem to have 2 strong teams. My view, it’s looking like The Nomadic Tribe 2 is looking to be the winners.

Next, we have TunsaJuicyMilk and 3CoolUrbaniacs. I can see these 2 as a pushing fight at The Nomadic Tribe. They both have Urbaniac players who can all play a skill set of games, but also work well in putting up a fight. Either one of these will get first or second.

And the dark horse of the top 5 is UltraButtVillain. UltraUrb gathered them 3 points recently by coming 3rd in the BoomBox challenge, missing out on 2nd by 57points! Its a tight game, and they are battling it out to still be in the game.

Now each week I am going to make my predictions of the following weeks top 3, here is my prediction:

1st –TunsaJuicyMilk 16 points
2nd –Nomadic Tribe 2 16 points
3rd - Nomadic Tribe 1 13 points

Good Luck for this week!